William Diaz, aka vvill, Is Motivating Others to Follow Their Dreams

William Diaz top priority is to fulfill his dream of playing at music festivals across the world within the next few years.

Music is a universal language that can be found anywhere. There’s something for everyone, no matter your taste and preference. From all the different genres of music, you will always find something that speaks to your heart. This is why music draws people together, whether they’re singing or dancing at a party. Despite the language, you can easily pick up and understand the words to your favorite albums. It is a complicated and powerful force that might make us feel happy and alive or make us feel melancholic. Music can also bring comfort in difficult or sad moments. It’s also fair to say that music can inspire, unite people, and create lasting memories.

William Diaz, aka vvill, is a talented artist leveraging the power of music to impact change in society. The gifted singer and DJ is known for his inspiring and uplifting music that speaks about hope, courage, and resilience. Almost all of vvill’s songs can be described as inspirational pieces that motivate people to follow their dreams.

An independent artist, vvill use blockchain technology and NFTs as his artwork. He sees so much potential in the technology and has become part of a new wave of musicians using the power of blockchain to fund projects such as albums and music shows. His goal is to connect with fans in a more meaningful way and bring them on as co-creators; they’ll have the chance to invest in art and earn alongside their contributions. But this can also be achieved thanks to the decentralized nature of the blockchain.

“I’m a young entrepreneur venturing into my creative side with electronic dance music. I have a variety of tracks coming out that I’m super excited to share with both the EDM and blockchain communities,” vvill explains.

Through music, vvill believes he can speak to others and help them overcome life challenges. He often shares his journey through challenges and how he’s overcome every hardship by being relentlessly persistent and working hard without giving up. “You must work in the dark for your light to shine.” — Russ.

“Surrounding myself with other like-minded individuals and consuming inspirational and biographical content is what helped me get through the most difficult days. Now that I’m entering the music industry, I’m sure I’ll encounter similar experiences, but it’s important to never give up,” vvill says.

vvill now wants others to know that failure, rejection, and glass ceilings are constants when trying to achieve your goals. You have to be extraordinarily resilient and optimistic because no one else will do that for you, not your family or friends. There’s the 10,000-hour rule that states that to be great, you have to put in the time. He believes this is the sacrifice needed to breakthrough in your career, so never give up.

vvil’s plans for the future entail releasing more music while also expanding his audience to reach as many people as possible. His top priority is to fulfill his dream of playing at music festivals across the world within the next few years.