Year-End Notes From Oz

At this point it’s confusing as to who calls the shots of who’s who and what’s what in this hip hop game. I’ve seen scavengers pillage, hustle and rape this thing like nothing wrong. Those that have the attitude of making a killing instead of making a living at this should get the tag of […]

At this point it’s confusing as to who calls the shots of who’s who and what’s what in this hip hop game. I’ve seen scavengers pillage, hustle and rape this thing like nothing wrong. Those that have the attitude of making a killing instead of making a living at this should get the tag of ‘poachers’. Scavengers digging their claws in the game with little or no replenishment to the well.

The SOURCE is anti-EMINEM thus 50 CENT. Ok. But for some of the wrong damn reasons. While in SYDNEY we all rode out to the 50 Cent/OBIE TRICE concert in the new Olympic ARENA, the same one VINCE CARTER rolled his nuts across FREDRIC WEIS face while dunking OVER him, yeah same place. Filled to the rafters were 20,000 Australians, mainly youth who were following every stitch of corporate game hip hop. This in certain ways is an advancement for the rap game because here was a current rap star at the peak of his frenzy not being lazy in the states and taking his thing abroad. Fearless I’d say. The EMINEM camp gets props for seeking out of the box, it’s something that I’ve been waiting for cats to do since we did it unconditionally in the 80s. Backstage before the show we met with OBIE TRICE who really seemed appreciative yet in awe of it all so soon, and 50 who as I’ve said is a really brilliant, well mannered thought out cat. We shook hands, talked, took the customary pictures etc and I told him that I would like to see him do his thing for a very long time, none of this short term thinking. I don’t know if it penetrated the swirl but I feel it did.

This brings me to what I didn’t like. The show had mad energy, 50 has a great stage presence and timing, as well as the standard/best biggest production stage set going around. It was that the theme of gunshots were played upon, even that was what it was but the street chants of ‘Getting N##### Got’ were a bit much especially when there were 20,000 screaming white kids yelling it. Beyond 50 Cent the business of Black Death has found a cinematic theme thru hip hop. This was a different generation of hip hop white-kid who although being told by a blackface to ‘smoke a n#####’ were integrating a familiar theme of black death inside their minds and souls while their bodies rode the rhythms of super amped arena-beats.

As I looked stories and tiers full of kids knowing that this was IOWA, TEXAS, and JERSEY as well as 12,000 miles away, I couldn’t help to think about how some of these kids would think 15 years later, when some of them will be administrators, CEOs, law enforcers and possible politicians. Would this be another flying teenage fancy? If so then how good is that really for the music and culture itself? Then again 14 years prior another generation of white-kid amongst others found what society felt was highly offensive, to be quite essential to the cultural makeup of that same person.

To this day people in their 30s come up to PE and KRS ONE and say thank you. We are also 15 years post NWA, which spun off DR DRE, which hatched SNOOP DOGG, thus launched DEATH ROW, which propelled and killed TUPAC, which legitimized EMINEM and led to 50. There’s a lot of blood on that money either way you count it. But besides that what disease/virus has permeated the rap stream? Is there the possibility that this self hate can reignite young white kids into thinking of black life as disrespectfully as their predecessors 100 years ago? Could this be some twice reversed psychology by the puppet masters of social order, to have corporations using the sake of making money as a front to have black faces steer black youth into accepting inferiority while ushering in the aura of white supremacy all over again?

Not trying to get deeper than analysis but it’s as alarming if these questions zoom above and past the head of headz, some who have open mindedly accepted ‘dumbassification.’ Thus peep it when the society gets numb to it all and doesn’t recognize the powers that be have sold and reduced the masses into them a####, then it’s time to question what’s being drank from the jug. The business as usual by any means necessary will lead black folk back into slavery first. This system of haves over have nots will try to caste-system lead have nots into first mental, soul and eventually willing physical slavery this ten year period, but the fear is black folks will follow the face of our packaged, marketed, pimped and endorsed by Amerikkka culture down the drain of a new intangible holocaust with tangible one sided worldwide results. The advantage of all of this for culture bandits is that these answers and theories will be dismissed as crazy and too heavy to believe much less comprehend. Still I looked at 20,000 white kids unafraid to say ‘n#####’ because a blackface was giving it the go-ahead. Eventually a blackface won’t be necessary.

Fifteen years from now a monster returns to a past with a blackface signature. The un-elevation of a so-called inner nation is creating twisted effect. The scale of anything goes, rivals alongside the thought that you can do almost anything to black folks past, present, future, women, children and community. And thus we must know from the bowels of amerikkkan capitalism where black physical & mental slavery was a driving engine, a Negro is formed and created to be a figure in it all. In blackface. Make the symbols seemingly rich to silence their forwardness and allow the stupid paid to be the loudest while remaining stupid in order to show everybody how much they are paid. Make those in the middle seemingly content to grapple slip, slide and climb to the illusionary status of the fat Negro, and have the poor at mind, body and soul fight amongst themselves while many get out trying to climbing the ladder of n##### to fat Negro status. Yes slavery had many a happy slave who thought they were the most paid and showed it off to where they formerly slept. It’s all relative.

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