Yusef Reown is the Powerhouse Marketing Executive Behind Spiritual Word

Yusef has overcome obstacles by taking everything on the chin and choosing to learn from each challenge.

Confident. Powerful. Outgoing. Yusef Reown was born a natural leader. A product of Texas (birthed in Dallas and raised in Waxahachie), the prideful 27-year-old possesses something deep within that is uniquely special. He has built himself into an authentic multidisciplinary talent with a range of titles that include marketing guru, standup comedian, entrepreneur, and actor. Rising up the entertainment ranks on charisma, formidable hard work, grit, and determination, Yusef is a bonafide businessman and brand.

Yusef has developed an unparalleled work ethic as well as a mind for business, particularly studying social media trends, algorithms, and ways to monetize his various Twitter and Instagram accounts. A mad scientist about marketing – from growth hacking and branding to content strategy and SEO, Yusef’s intense passion for all things digital has put his name in rooms he has yet to enter. 

The marketing guru received a Bachelor’s and Master of Science degree in Psychology from Grand Canyon University, which further emphasized his intrinsic ability to relate to and connect with individuals from all walks of life. In 2018, Yusef aligned his skillset with SpiritualWord, a globally-recognized digital platform that bridges the gap between culture and Christianity. As the Director of Marketing, the creative risk-taker helped to accelerate the company’s growth to over 2.4 million online followers using his innate strengths of amplifying businesses and their bottom lines.

Yusef has proven to be successful in generating revenue through gen-z research and increasing traffic by implementing initiatives that resonate with their audience, improving company policy, and spearheading collaborative partnerships with legacy organizations. He’s a solutions-driven expert who contributes wherever an impact can be made. 

Yusef’s resume boasts campaign work with esteemed brands such as The Shade Room, REVOLT TV, Get Engaged, FashionNova, Roc Nation, Quality Control Music, LVRN, CMG, A3C, Netflix, BET, Interscope, EMPIRE, Live Nation Urban, Republic Records, Motown Records, Atlantic Records, RCA Records, God Is Dope, CURLS and more. Yusef also engineered a grassroots rollout for Glorillas “FNF” campaign that went viral, which lent to the exposure that assisted in her landing a record deal with CMG.

Yusef has overcome obstacles by taking everything on the chin and choosing to learn from each challenge. “I will always believe in myself first when it comes to my dreams and goals because I constantly remind myself that whatever I put my mind to, it is already blessed. And I’m just scratching the surface; I’m only getting started. Everything is aligning for me and I can’t wait to show the world the many different hats of Yusef Reown. With my driven ability and God on my side, I will never lose.” 

Follow him on Instagram @yusefireown and @spiritualword