2 Chainz Restaurant Back On Track; Rapper Blames Neighbors


(AllHipHop News) 2 Chainz has cleaned house and hired new managers at his Escobar Restaurant & Tapas in Atlanta.

The restaurant, which opened back in December 2016, failed its first health inspection last week.

The Escobar Restaurant & Taps was given a measly score of 59 from the Georgia Department of Public Health, causing the place to flunk the inspection.

Inspection said expired milk and raw hamburgers were stored above collard greens and found the mold-like substance growing in the kitchen area.

TMZ.com caught the rapper on camera revealing some good news about his fledgling business.

“I’m very happy, it took less than a week,” 2 Chainz said very calmly. “It took less than a week. As you know, I am a first-time restaurant owner. We had some issues last week that really wasn’t no issues. It was a random inspection on a Friday, one of our best nights.”

The rapper blamed people in the neighborhood for drawing attention to his restaurant, although he did not elaborate.

“You can’t stop what God already has planned for you, so yeah. No one gave us any news credit when we scored a 99. Some people just want to see things go down. Never once did I discredit anybody, it’s a team thing.”

2 Chainz also revealed that he may be expanding Escobar Restaurant & Tapas, which is now offering brunch.