7A3 – "Pandemonium"

7A3 Releases Visual Of Their 1st Performance Of “Pandemonium”

3 guys from Linden Houses in East New York, Brooklyn who collectively were the 1st Rap group signed to a major label out of Los Angeles, and 7A3 and Dr. Freeze are coming full circle with their current release Pandemonium. Sean B., Bret B and Dr. Freeze, having inspired the motivation of groups like BBD, Cypress Hill, Color Me Badd, & Funkdoobiest, have carved a path in front of and behind the mic with a catalogue that includes BBD’s – “Poison”, Cypress Hills “Hand On The Pump”, Color Me Badd “I wanna sex you up”, Michael Jackson’s “Break of Dawn”, and countless others. The ensemble is back after returning from a European tour they have decided to have some fun for old times’ sake and do a song for the next European tour. This is their 1st release “Pandemonium” is striking just that on the international scene. . Check for yourself and experience the “Pandemonium”.