ALL ACCESS: Mayweather vs. Berto | Episode 1


He’s made headlines as of late for buying nearly a 5 million dollar car and for his public beef with Ronda Rousey, but make no mistake about it, Floyd is headline worthy on his own. Just watch this video below and you can see all the ammo that Floyd gives the media and the public to twist and turn into material for headlines that ultimately makes him money.

And so Floyd continues on and continues to make more money than anyone ever has in the sports world. Mayweather and Berto are getting ready to square off and after how the last fight went, many people are starting to wonder Berto was really the best opponent for Floyd to prove his prowess. Is Floyd going to be able to see his undefeated record going? Some experts think this will be no contest, but who is Berto? What is Floyd’s mind-state going into this fight? Perhaps all these questions are what keep us guessing and watching Floyd as he continues to fight to remain undefeated. Find out more below via Showtime: