EXCLUSIVE: T.I. Gives Tips To Come Out Ahead Of The Pandemic

Rap star T.I. drops some knowledge for AllHipHop’s loyal readers to absorb during the national lockdown caused by the coronavirus.

Hey, what’s happening? 

Tip T.I. Harris here urging you to stay home to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Shelter in places, they say. Only essential business, man. Leave only when you have to. I mean absolutely must. 

Okay. I know what you’re thinking, man. What did we do to deserve this? This is all of a sudden. This is a unwarranted. This is unnecessary. And you might be right, but that don’t change the circumstances. 

Let’s look at the circumstances as they are so we can get through this thing together and be better people on the other side of it. But the good news is man, there’s tons of things to do in the process. Okay?


Catch Up On Your Reading 

You dig what I’m saying? I got a lot of books that I’ve been intending to read and I haven’t had a chance because I was always ripping and running. I’m sure you do too. 

So I’m going to catch up on my reading, writing. I have scripts that I was supposed to be finishing, projects that I was supposed to be finishing in production and as content creators, man, we can create content about anything, anywhere. There’s nothing stopping us. You dig what I’m saying?


You Can Also Create

Somebody’s creating a masterpiece right now. Somebody’s at home using this time to their advantage, creating a masterpiece and that somebody could be you. 

When this thing is all over with man, whoever has been planning, strategizing, organizing themselves to be prepared for opportunities on the other side of this, that’s what going win. 

That’s who going to be the real MVPs. And I’m hoping that’s going to be you. You dig what I’m saying? 

And when you get through, on your downtime, when you’re not strategize and planning, or for some extensive research you may be doing. 

Go to expeditiously on the YouTube page expeditiously and check us out. 

Tons of visual episodes will be coming as we all sit searching for s##t to do. All right, so again, man, I appreciate your time. 

Thank you for staying healthy, safe, and staying home. All right. Shelter in place to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Love and respect.