FRESH HEAT: Karega Bailey Ft. Real T@lk – “Last Kut” (VIDEO)


With Karega Bailey’s cross-country move from D.C. to Oakland complete, the emcee/poet/educator is back to work as not only the Director and Special Education/Performing Arts Coordinator of Roses in Concrete Community School, but also as a staunch preservationist of hip-hop culture. Bailey caught the attention of Public Enemy’s Chuck D in 2012 while they were both attending a conference in Atlanta. He’s been on the grind ever since.

His latest video for “Last Kut” bursts with classic hip-hop flavor and authentic musicality, including live horns. It also features a cameo from emcee Real T@lk, who Andre 3000 once called a “lyrical scientist.” The video shows Bailey and friends kicking it at the barber shop dressed to the 9s as they spit solid gold verses.

Simply put, “You only funky as your last kut is a reminder the work ethic and desire it took to get you there must be maintained to remain there,” Bailey explains. “And even then, no one remains ‘the one’ forever. Your last kut isn’t only a product of your work ethic and desire, it also includes what type of content you ingest that contributes to your output.”

With vocals from Brittany Tanner, direction from Bug Spray and production from Grap Luva/Roach Motel Films, “Last Kut” is a little bit A Tribe Called Quest, inspired by Outkast’s “Rosa Parks,” but overall another powerful statement from Bailey set to a flawless soundtrack everybody should rock.