HEATER OF THE DAY: Lexz Pryde Ft. Snoop Dogg & Blade Brown – “Motivate”


Hip-Hop icon Big Kap and music veteran Big Phil Gates team up with 47th&7th Media to promote new singer Lexz Pryde and her single Motivate ft. Snoop Dogg from her upcoming EP Cyberspace.

It’s not every day that an emerging artist has a chance to make a song with an established music legend. Often, the opportunity can be a vehicle to help gain valuable credibility and visibility. But when a song’s theme runs parallel with an artist’s struggle, success almost seems destined.

Such is the story of Motivate, the song artist Lexz Pryde envisions as “the catalyst for a movement with a mission to inspire people to pursue their dreams despite obstacles.” According to Lexz, the obstacles she had to overcome to make Motivate’s release a reality made her realize what success really is- it’s staring defeat in the face and still charging forward. This is the impact she wants “Motivate” to have on listeners, you CAN achieve your dreams. The video, which features Snoop Dogg, Blade Brown and street artist Styler Grey is living proof that dreams can come true. “Motivate iz not just a song.. It’z a movement,” confesses Lexz.

A chance meeting with music heavyweights Gates and Big Kap helped catapult Lexz into the spotlight. Since linking up with Gates, she has performed alongside DJ Self at the trendy No. 8. The NYFW Event, sponsored by Bartholomew Gold, Ranbeeri Denim, Denim Vodka and Jahlookova, drew celebrities from every walk of life. This summer, Lexz has also performed in South Korea, Croatia, and Ibiza, plus she will debut her new sound in Tokyo with Ultra Music Festival. Not a bad start for the pop sensation.