Jerry Heller Disses Ice Cube, Says “He Will Do Anything To Sell Records or Theater Tickets”


As we all take in the history of N.W.A. with the movie that released months ago and reactions afterwards, we are graced with a rare interview from Jerry Heller, co-founder of Ruthless Records with Eazy E. In a candid interview, Jerry Heller co-founder of Ruthless records speaks fondly on his memories of working with Eric “Eazy-E” Wright and Dr. Dre as members of the group, N.W.A.. Also at his side during the interview is Eazy’s daughter.

Jerry gives us some insight in to what things were really like during his time at Ruthless Records, and what Dr. Dre and Ice Cube were like to work with back in the day. He also shares stories about how he got in to the music business during the 1970’s and the acts he dealt with before N.W.A..

Later on in the interview Heller addresses the diss songs that flew between Dre, Eazy and Cube. He also says that Cube made an “anti-Semitic” song and that “No Vaseline” was a despicable song. He “resented” those songs, and despite the fact that he felt Ice Cube was not anti-Semitic, he felt Cube was strongly pro-Ice Cube and would do “anything to sell records or theater tickets.”

Some things never change – check it out below: