Joe-N-Box – "Walk This Way"

All Def Digital Presents Joe-N-Box, “Walk This Way”

Meet Joe-N-Box, two Jersey bred rappers who just might teach you something. The dynamic duo was introduced to the art of hip hop by Box’s older brother, Justin, who sadly passed away from a heroin overdose in 2011. To honor Justin’s memory, the two decided to find a way to turn their hobby–hip hop–into a profession. They also decided to spread a different a message in their music: unlike so many other rappers, they refuse to advocate lean, pills, and any other “hard” drugs.

They set themselves apart in other ways as well. They refer to themselves, their friends, and their fans as The Swines; a group of open-minded, unique individuals who live by the phrase “F-ck Being Ordinary”. The Swine logo is a flying pig, used to represent accomplishing the impossible, based on the old saying “When pigs fly.” The Swine ideals are found throughout Joe-N-Box’s music as they rap about things like refusing to be ignorant, refusing to conform, and never growing up.