Lil Mama Talks Famous Power 105.1 Breakfast Club Interview, Memes & Nicki Minaj Beef (VIDEO)


Two time hip-hop sensation, Lil Mama, strikes a comeback after years of public ridicule from a stunt and interview that stagnated her career. By now everyone has seen, in some shape or form, the memes of Lil Mama breaking down in tear on The Breakfast Club. Not only have you seen the breakdown but we’ve also laughed at the various memes that have surfaced, including the artist whose “Lip Gloss” was pippin back in 2005 and had the world screaming “Sausage” throughout the summer of 2015.

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When asked if she felt disrespected by Charlamagne Tha God and the memes made to mock her, Lil Mama had no response other than, “Im laughing at the jokes but not the person.”

NewScope Live! host, Nasir Ellis, delves in deep into the creation of the EP “Take Me Back” and who she is as a person, not a persona.  She silences everyone, fans and critics, with first track “Memes” which quickly addresses her sentiments about public ridicule.

Watch Parts 1 & 2 of the interview below.