PREMIERE: LUVK – “Trouble”


LUVK is a real girl of the year 2015, in a era where masculinity is declining, the women of our generation are toughening up. Luck represents the new image and the new generation of modern independence, where the perception of what a woman should be has been completely destroyed and re-vamped.

Totally fearless; cannot be controlled. There is a new breed emerging on the scene. Some would see this woman as trouble, Luck purely represents truth. The women of now take charge in an era where courtship is almost nonexistent. It has forced the girl to be everything she needs to be for herself. Free of guidance, free of chains… Thus trouble.

Catch Luck and her squad plotting on their next come-up. Girls in control without breaking thought or sweat all while maintaining grace. From the Karl Kani Denim Jack grunge to the all striped-street sexy swimwear piece, this marks no era but now. Luck flips the script from the seductiveness, to the in your face rawness. These girls represent our new women, they represent NOW.…..ya ready???!!!!

LUVK aka Ashlie Luckett is a new artist to us, but she’s a well seasoned performer to the world. Traveling extensively internationally, in 5 countries and over 3 continents. Alongside some of music’s greats such as Chris Brown and Wyclef Jean. Check her site to learn about upcoming shows in your tri- state area.