PREMIERE: Rubber Band Blacc "One's I Lost"

PREMIERE: Rubber Band Blacc’s Video Shows America Race Relation Strife

Rubber Band Blacc chose to express his frustration on current race relation in this introspective song of our about what is going on today in America. This video was shot on the heels of many high publicized protest surrounding police killings of unarmed civilians.

Rubber Band Blacc includes all walks of life and visualizes the NYC protests with a broad representation of people.  Thousands of people of all races protesting as one…

blacc art

Rubber Band Blacc message is this: Protesting Police & Race Injustice. We are living in a colorless America. No matter the race, education, gender, job title… We all should be held accountable for our own actions. is proud to premiere an MC that takes his frustration and outs out thought provoking music to help us understand and heal.