Soulja Boy Denies Los Angeles Robbery and Has Some Tough Talk For 50 Cent


(AllHipHop News) Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy is hitting back at 50 Cent’s claims that he was robbed in Los Angeles last night (January 6th).

Soulja Boy addressed the growing speculation that started when 50 Cent posted a clip of himself on Instagram, claiming that Soulja Boy had just been robbed of a chain.

“Rob who take what somebody tell Curtis Jackson to shut the fuck up,” Soulja Boy posted on Instagram, posing with what appeared to be automatic rifles.

In addition to flashing off his diamond SODMG chain, Soulja Boy claimed part of the reason Chris Brown was mad was because he “f##ked so many” of Chris’ “b##ches.”

Take a look at the post below:

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21 thoughts on “Soulja Boy Denies Los Angeles Robbery and Has Some Tough Talk For 50 Cent”

  1. i think dudes be wanting to smash other dudes girls because for them its like they’ve been with the dude. whats the point of bragging about smashing someone that someone is no longer with. that’s like saying haha i ate your leftover pizza!

  2. If this is the continued global representation of black males then black people are finished on the world stage unless we make drastic and immediate changes.

    1. Only a dummy would actually think 2 black males are a representation of all black males or black people for that matter. I guess you are ignoring the millions of us blacks who are hard working, contributing, tax paying, successful, educated, and smart enough not to judge millions of a race of people, due to the actions of a few.

      1. I’m ignoring no one. I suggest instead of hurling insults you engage in dialog. If you would read my post and try to comprehend instead of instantly taking offense perhaps an information exchange could occur. First off I’m not limiting this to two men. I said if the global representation of black males is limited to media imagery of this type of behavior exhibited by 50 and SB ( and many, many others) the the ability of black people to take their place on the world stage of politics, economics and the sciences is doomed. Whether you like or not the actions of a few often determine the circumstance of the majority. If the world continues to receive the images of black men being buffoons then we will continue in our present dismal circumstances. Do you have a rebuttal?

      2. Soooooooo, ignore all the murders, pedophilia, drug overdoses, suicides, other races commit and lead the nation in, and only focus on buffoons? So the world ignores the images of other races of buffoons? Or does the world only focus on the black race? Is it the world or just you who are focusing on this nonsense?

      3. I see you clearly have comprehension problems. I’m not worried about what other races are doing. I’m worried about fixing the problems BLACK people are facing. If you consider improving the current position of blacks in the U.S. and worldwide as nonsense, well it’s obvious you’re not worthy of further discussion.

      4. Didn’t say it was nonsense, what’s nonsense is using two people as an example for an entire race, while not doing the same with the many crimes, foolish behaviors, and immorality of the many people from other races.

      5. “Didn’t say it was nonsense”

        Really, so who said this?:

        “Or does the world only focus on the black race? Is it the world or just you who are focusing on this nonsense?”

        For the last time I will repeat this so that it may finally sink into your skull. I’m not saying these are the only two clowns who exhibit this behavior. I’m saying this behavior is endemic among the people that are in the media’s attention and scope of visibility. Forget what other races and people are doing. It is of the utmost importance that we fix OURSELVES before whining like children about what others are doing.

  3. 50 cent is pulling these little dudes strings, and they too caught up in trying to be “gangsta” to even realize they being played, pimped and profited off of.

  4. Dang was not Soulja just last week sayin how 50 had his back? SB don’t want to see 50 in any capacity, not physically nor fiscally. He better stick to beefing with Chris Brown…
    I say put on the gloves, catch the fade for charity. Give the money to kids in the hood, do some positive with this negative energy… No gun play is needed… SMH…

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