Tyrese Erupts About The Oscars “Blatant Racism” On Sway’s Shade45 Show


As you know, the Oscars have failed to include a host of Black actors and movies for this year’s Academy Awards. As such different members of the acting community are speaking out against the Feb 16th awards show demanding a boycott. This time Tyrese has some serious words for Chris Rock and The Oscars. Check it out, the man is kicking that knowledge!

“Lets talk about this. You ain’t got to agree, but I feel like its very easy to make this White people vs Black peopel. Thats not what the issue is. We are talking about blatant racism and discrimination that is happening and racism shows up in many forms,” Tyrese explained.

“There enough false prophets out here. You got 70-80 million followers on here and all you want to do is promote your s###. Get off your hands, stop running around here focused on you on a narcissistic level and lets talk about whats really going on out here. Because you probably not going to be known for you how many records you’ve sold, or how much you are worth and how many cars and chick you ran through. Are you going to use your God given stage of influence to affect change.”