Why The Criminal Case Against Cosby Is Falling Apart


According to CNN, there is new information in the Bill Cosby case that may exonerate Mr. Cosby from all criminal charges. According to the information in this video it appears that the case may be thrown out after there was a behind the scenes deal with a former DA Bruce Castor and Cosby’s attorneys involved in the case.

Ironically, audio that surfaced of Bill admitting to the drugging women for sex was only given by Bill because it was agreed by all parties that it couldn’t be used in a criminal case. Due to that deal with Cosby’s attorneys the case might be a wrap.  It’s all coming to the surface, so we will see what holds true, but things are def heating up.  We also know now, as suspected that there was some sort of behind the scenes deals going on. Check it out below in this exclusive by Michael Smerconish of CNN.