Young Blake Ft. Snootie Wild- “N***as Hate”


Young Blake’s
music exemplifies his experiences growing up. He is a versatile artist capable of making Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop music. Young Blake has also always had a keen ear for music as he also plays the piano, drums, sax, and guitar. His latest single is a collaboration with Snootie Wild. Young Blake reached out to Snootie Wild on social media and the rest was history! Within a few weeks the two were in the studio together.

“We wanted something real, we wanted to do it the right way..not sending a track to each other you know but being in the studio with a producer and vibing.” says Young Blake. “My team was introduced to Rob “Push” Coleman a consultant out of Atlanta who put us with Grammy Award-winning Producer Magnedo 7 of We Got Hits. Magnedo constructed the track on the spot while we thought out our ideas and began writing. The vibe was great making it easy to write, resulting in us recording it and finishing it that night.”

Check out the video for the single below.