15 Things Rappers Need To Know – According to Danny Myers

Danny Myers - Tip 15: Be Mindful of Your Words

Check AllHipHop’s this feature on the art of emceeing called “15 Things Every Rapper Should Know.” First up? Battle rapper Danny Myers

AllHipHop.com has built our over 20 year legacy of preserving Hip-Hop and rap music by listening to the streets, working in conversation with key stake-holders of the culture and offering our readers resources to guide them along this journey.

Whether we are spotlighting the East coast, West Coast, the South or Midwest, there is one thing that keeps the art form growing — the craft of emceeing. 

As a platform, we have recently started a series called “15 Things Rappers Need to Know” to help those who desire to hop on a track get busy and have a particular level of longevity.

Or at the very least, spit some fire rhymes with confidence.

The first edition features Danny Myers, a battle rapper from the West Coast, who takes this rapping thing super serious. Here are his top 15 tips that he believes rappers need to know.

Thank you.