No Joke! Key & Peele List The Funniest Comedians Of All-Time

Key & Peele reveal their favorite comedians of all-time!

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have never been afraid to use their television series to put a comical spotlight on serious social issues. Following in the tradition of Saturday Night Live, In Living Color, and Chappelle’s Show, Comedy Central’s Key & Peele often plays like a live action political cartoon disguised as a sketch comedy show. It’s an exploration of the human condition wrapped in humor.

For four seasons the two MADtv alumni have challenged viewers to question their views on often contentious topics like race, homophobia, and politics. The upcoming season finale continues the program’s tendency to blend comedy and social commentary.

Key and Peele open the finale with a Crossfire-esque sketch that points out the über-partisan lunacy often displayed on cable news channels. Other spoofs in the episode titled “Terrorist Meeting” include amusing takedowns of ISIS, gang culture, sibling rivalry, and movie dates.

The future for Key and Peele is set to feature a reboot of the 1980’s movie Police Academy. Before the Peabody Award winners jump into forthcoming motion picture endeavors, wanted to get Key and Peele’s thoughts on their past inspirations.

Every comedic genius stands on the shoulders of legendary performers that previously broke down doors in TV, film, and stand-up, so discover which funny men make Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele’s respective lists of comedians that left a memorable mark on them.