Breaking News: Eminem Associate Chaos Kid Commits Suicide

(AllHipHop News) Sources in Detroit have confirmed to that Eminem’s former group member and associate Chaos Kid has committed suicide.

While details are sketchy, sources told that Chaos kid took his life some time earlier today (October 5th).

According to his bio, Chaos Kid befriended Eminem around 1988, while working with producer Mike “Manix” Ruby, who was making music for a young Eminem and Chaos Kid.

They worked together under the production team “Bassmint Productions” from 1989–1992, and they performed a number of shows together as well.

The pair also recorded a number of unreleased tunes together as part of a group called “Soul Intent,” which recorded a demo tape around their senior year of high school.

Chaos Kid also defended Eminem when controversial demo tapes surfaced featuring the rapper using the N-word and disrespecting African-American women on a song titled “Suckerin’ Rhymin.”

“Marshall Mathers is not a racist,” Chaos Kid told MTVNews. “Although the songs were in bad taste, they were not intended to be taken seriously or even heard and do not represent the true sentiments of Eminem.”

More details on the Chaos kid will be released as they become available.

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24 Responses to “Breaking News: Eminem Associate Chaos Kid Commits Suicide”

  1. Drucifer1

    Damn, how many people that Em knows done offed themselves, I know 2 of his uncles did, an d aint his wife try to slit her wrists or summin??………..SMH, and people wonder why dudes always miserable

    • TaTa_U

      What Tape; You mean the one from The Basement Racist Freestyle Hour show.

      That tape?… The Tape that Eminem filed and served The Source magazine with a court injunction to stop them from distributing a free copy to their subscribers Tape?… OH That Tape!

      The Tape that Eminem’s homeboy delivered to The Source and then died tape?

      That has to be the tape you are referring to.

  2. Kelly Clark

    This is Chaos Kid’s cousin…yes, Chaos Kid did take his own life however October 3, 2011 was the day he was found however September 28, 2011 is the actual date he died…Viewing and visitation for Chaos Kid (aka James Deel) is on Sunday, October 9, 2011 from 2pm-9pm at Harry J Will Funeral Home (Newburgh and 6 mile) and Memorial Service will be on Monday, October 10, 2011 time and location TBA. For further information please contact Harry J Will Funeral Home…Family and Friends of Chaos Kid are welcome to stop by and pay their respects. Thank you, Chaos Kid’s Family.

  3. YaheardSyndicate

    R.I.P homie. Ill tell you what though. They had some flows. even back then. They shouldve been signed then. I kinda like their old style, better then the new stuff

  4. mark

    it is very sad that talented but mis understood people, put there passion and heart and soul into being succesful in the entertainment world.  Fail, or just dont get a big break or know the right person to share there talents with the world.  I am in the family by engagement.  heard he also carried his pad and paper around back in the day just like em.  they were friends in there innocent youth..  wish I an enspiring writer could have met him in person.  but i cant becuase he left the world most likely feeling no worth.  shame.  but to anyone else out there feeling down and not worthy i say. let go, let God.  He put you on this earth, to be an influence, or ispiration to someone in need. no matter what your social status may be.  Help others in the name of christ Jesus.  condolonces to all in the family, im sorry to my love Kelly for your loss. I hurt with you and for your family and the worlds loss. I will finish with this if you see someone down or in need, in any aspect of life help them or get them help.  It can be as simple as a word of encouragement, or just a smile to let them know you care, and it will be all right with a little help and guidance from a friend, may God touch all our lives and not let this sad event happen without saving a life or redirecting a life in the right direction. RIP. God help us all.

    • Kelly Clark

      Thank you very much for you thoughts and prayers to the family. It is much appreciated and cherished. He was still carrying around his notebook just as he always did until the morning he left.

  5. Robert Claus

    i’m going to miss you brother i lived with jame’s at the novara house and we had i lot of fun time in the house with eminem, jame’s,butterfingerz,me dj rec and all the people that lived at the house [r.ip.chaos kid]

  6. Jamie

    It’s tough when you hear someone has taken their own life. My heart goes out to his loved ones. <3 RIP Chaos Kid, you will be missed, but never forgotten. 

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