Breaking News: Eminem Associate Chaos Kid Commits Suicide


(AllHipHop News) Sources in Detroit have confirmed to that Eminem’s former group member and associate Chaos Kid has committed suicide.

While details are sketchy, sources told that Chaos kid took his life some time earlier today (October 5th).

According to his bio, Chaos Kid befriended Eminem around 1988, while working with producer Mike “Manix” Ruby, who was making music for a young Eminem and Chaos Kid.

They worked together under the production team “Bassmint Productions” from 1989–1992, and they performed a number of shows together as well.

The pair also recorded a number of unreleased tunes together as part of a group called “Soul Intent,” which recorded a demo tape around their senior year of high school.

Chaos Kid also defended Eminem when controversial demo tapes surfaced featuring the rapper using the N-word and disrespecting African-American women on a song titled “Suckerin’ Rhymin.”

“Marshall Mathers is not a racist,” Chaos Kid told MTVNews. “Although the songs were in bad taste, they were not intended to be taken seriously or even heard and do not represent the true sentiments of Eminem.”

More details on the Chaos kid will be released as they become available.