Rick Ross To Sign Shawnna or Somebody Else?

Rick Ross To Sign Shawnna or ????

(Rumors) So, on Wednesday Rick Ross is hosting some kind of big time press release to make a major announcement. WELL, the strong word on the street is that he’s about to sign Shawnna. Now, that’s interesting, but cool. Why? It’s about time the boss got a woman in the crew. I think that Shawnna is the one for the gig. Why? Lyrically, she’s bonkers. She’s just as or more lyrical than the guys in MMG. She’s shined in other places, i.e. her former affiliation with Ludacris. I’m not sure what happened with her and T-Pain, but T isn’t bringing the pain on the charts any more. So, that’s that.

Click here for the rest of the rumor…

[Source: illseed.com]

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48 Responses to “Rick Ross To Sign Shawnna or Somebody Else?”

  1. immackulate

    see the below comments prove niggahs was just hating on SYDNEY

    (TRUTH BE TOLD cuz aint none of the writers really ever coming wit it except THE TRUTH MINISTER – plus anybody that  cares if a RUMOR has grammatical, punctuation errors in it is either soft in the azz, or too damn invested in someone else’s life)

    and it wont be long before ILLSEED starts getting the backlash … again

    i keep telling you niggahs it aint the RUMORS –  it was the OLD FORMAT and the BLOGGERS responses that had this site snappin’ back in the gap

    • EL_BARK

      I co-sign

      When the sites was getting 400 comments a day.
      50 were about the rumors.

      The rest was e-beefing insults, jokes, and cats chooping.

      No one really came to read illcoon rumors, but the comments by posters always made this site pop.

      That and the debates, among some of the non-beef posters.

      illcoon rumors were always a day late & and a dollar short.

  2. CanYouAllHearMe

    is he trying to collect a bunch of throwaways

    i hear he is also coming clean about his character and his past and changing his name and giving up with the drug lord gangsta stuff

  3. EDOGZ818

    @google-ec7dc7bd6563abdefe181f6b14eff4b9:disqus : TRUE , the old format , with the first comment on top & the ability to post links, etc. had the board popping!
    Hope ILLSEED exerts his pull & makes it return, with that being said…..disquss upgrade = ???

    Sydney Lace was wack. Made even the staunchest ILLSEED hater clamor for his return.

    Remember the ” Sex with IPhone ” rumor????

    Can’t put Truth Minista in the same comparison with Illseed , maybe Davey D , but not the Rumors.

    Rumors = Illseed’s Lane

    • EL_BARK

      They been MIA since the new format.

      Mike still breeze through. He posted on the khaled thread.

      Gutter niggah makes a cameo once in a while
      Under amen-ra.

      Thats bout it, me, ND, edog. Scully, isk, water
      Only ones that still my post up, every once in a while or i guess when relevant.

      • LouieDaSaint

         Big El what it do fam?

        I hollered at Zee that fool cant figure up how to post lol slow ass Canadian shit…

        whats that Philly shit lookin like?

      • EL_BARK


        Wait. So you trying to tell me, that this dude can sit at a computer all day.
        Counting numbers, playing with math formulas, Pythagorean theorum and shet like that.
        But he cant figure out how to make an disqus account after 6 months lmao.

        PURE COMEDY…………..
        Pow @ zee . I hope he read this

        Everything chillin & grillin over on the eastside.

        White boys going flyer crazy over here.
        But me i am waiting for them summer leagues b-ball games to get cracking.

        And i am bout to start coaching this AAU squad for 14 & under
        You know EL loves the kids. ( no pedophile shet) lol

        If the dyckman game crack thid year. i am going to slide through them joints,
        But last year, its was the lock out. So the nba cats might not come out like they did.

      • LouieDaSaint

         That’s whats up El glad u doing good fam!

        SMH @ zee that fools stay LOST!

      • mike malarkey

         same ole same ole slim. whats poppin up philly?

  4. illymac

    That would be dope..

    Philly     -Meek Milly
    DC        -Wale
    Ohio      -Stalley
    NYC      -French Mantana…
    Rozay putting everybody on..
    all these other dudes is running around
    tryna find a white artist to add to their roster..
    Diddy     -Machine Gun Kelly
    Ti           -Iggy azalia
    50cent   -Pauly D from the MTV show Jersey shore
    YMCMB  -Limp Bizkit..

  5. johnblacksad

    Yeah yeah yeah… welcome back illseed and all… i know… but hmm… this rumor right here, i’d rather hear it from Sydney!



  6. Courtney R

    has anybody on MMG gone platinum yet? why are people rushing to sign with them. I understand young money, but why MMG, they haven’t shown any productivity yet.

  7. daveofthematthews

    Why Exactly is Shawnna posing with a gun like it’s the thing to do??? I can see her return is going to be short and probably not very sweet. She got some talent sure so why then choose that kind of image just to get street cred brownie point’s in order to impress people with no sense, I see she is going to be a great role model for impressionable young minds!!!    

    • Dontoure Smith

      Shut up. She’s grown and she can. What other reason does anybody need to do anything? It’s not her job to teach your kids from right and wrong. Thats a parent’s job

      • daveofthematthews

         And your exactly the kind of dumb ass person that probably thinks that picture is cool, And although i hope it never happens if one of your family members or someone you really care about gets shot and killed you will be crying like a bitch wondering who could do such a thing and the sad thing, it will probably be someone like you that thinks pictures like this are cool. Besides the fact guns are for straight up pussies again like yourself that are too scared to take an ass whooping they are also something to be respected in the sense they change and end lives in an instant they are not toys. I wonder what Trayvon Martins parents would think about this picture! i guess some people are just too ignorant to know any better or for a 3rd time like yourself are just too damn stupid to care. but hey i am sure the so called hip hop police will be chuffed after all they want us all to kill each other it’s just sad that it’s little penis holes like yourself that carry out their wish. now go read a book and teach yourself something you could obviously do with the education!    

      • EDOGZ818

        I’ll have to agree to disagree , true it’s not her job…..but it is her responsibility.

  8. John

    I still think that’s a good look for both people straight up! Now if he would sign Sean Paul from the Youngbloodz and Jeremih he would have a nice squad.

  9. D_Ably

    These rappers couldn’t run a crap out their bowls so who keeps givin them their own record labels? They just go around, sign everyone and then a year later everyone they signed is complainin about sittin on the shelf collectin dust balls

  10. docjambeats

    Every time I hear a rumor of someone signing to MMG, I immediately envision them rapping over lavishly produced tracks, with orchestras and female background singers. It always seems like a good idea whenever I hear of any rapper with past success signing to this label.

  11. jamaicanbornanbreed

    shorty is ok….but saying she raps as good as the mmg squad…dat aint saying shit…besides wale..and every now and then da bawse….rest of them iz ass cheeks

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