Chris Brown

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Chris Brown Join Illuminati Or Is He A Wanna-Be?

Over the weekend, Chris Brown debuted his new tat and boy did he get the people talking. He had a very detailed, ferocious snake on his back, but the rattling reptile had a distinguishing mark. On the tail, where there should have been a rattler, it had a red pyramid eye. Speculators saw it and immediately said: this dude joined the dark, shadowy organization called the Illuminati!

Or did he?

People that I talked too said that dude really didn’t do anything of the sort. In fact, they said the big homey is just a wanna be. These rumors are nothing new with Chris Brown. Remember when he was red flagging a few years ago and was a purported red member? Well those rumors were never confirmed or denied. I’m not Illuminati expert, but I don’t think actual members go around and publicize their tattoo (if they even get tats!).


Maybe this is how he gets his weight up in his battle with Drizzy Drake? ka-KAW!


I’m not KIDDing. Don’t drive drunk!!!!

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  • johnblacksad

    I just clicked to see who this rumors was from… these days, you never know, even illseed could be dropping ‘rumors’ like this one above… wait… hold up… oh no….

    do you really want me to tell ya’ll what the fail of the day is?!

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  • Hmm … I Don’t even think it’s Illuminati at all. Well maybe a bit, but people overreact too much. That like saying … When you draw Triangles in Geometry class, that makes you part of the Illuminati. 😛

    • sort of im sure when he was thinking of this tat its a better chance that he was thinking illlumati than Geometry lol …. however the illuminati symbolism and geometry imo def go together cause there is alot of math in thier symbolism …..

      but the fact it has an eye in the middle seperates it from being just a geometry thing lol 😉

      • its the eye of Ra, a symbol that has been used by the illuminati but it comes from egypt not illuminati

    • a snake eating its own tail is illuminati but this one isnt

  • Why do guys tat stars on their necks ? Zesteeeey

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  • RevrendIke3x

    That’s not a pyramid. That is a M.C. Escher triangle.

  • KingChandler

    I read more bullshit about illuminati on hip-hop sites than any other site. Honestly I wouldn’t even know what illuminati was if it weren’t for hip-hop. Never knew that being a fan of a certain kind of music gives you knowledge into a secret society. If there was or is an illuminati, do you really think “YOU” would be able to find out who they were? What if these people aren’t really illuminati but an even more secret society that’s throwing all you know it alls off by making you think it’s illuminati so your not on to the real plot. Conspiracy theorists are sooooooooo corny, problem is they’re too far gone in their own brain to realize how stupid they look so they just post reply’s to comments like these with shit like “YOUR SO BLIND TO THE TRUTH”. lol, at least people like myself get a good laugh out of it. Hopefully there’s a couple of them reading this that can drop some knowledge on what’s “REALLY” going on in the world for ya boy later, it’s a slow day and I need a laugh so make it convincing, even an edgy 2 or 3 word post would do.

    •  dealing with human beings i would say yes … eventually someone starts to talk they always do … its virtually impossible for folks to keep a secret … however its so much info out there on the subject we will never totally get it right until thier exposed ,……. if they do exist ……… however i know there is an agenda for 1 world 1 goverment … not sure if they call themselves the illuminati …. but that agenda exist and right now Obama is carrying out that agenda …. Muammar Gaddafi was def killed in persuit of that agenda …………

      • EL_BARK

        Amen. (Meek voice)


      We have received/reviewed your post. A representative will be contacting you soon. /•

  • immackulate

    this niggah aint got enough bread or intelligence to be in the SECRET SOCIETY

    puppet masters?!?!?!?

    …and whoever walked JASON KIDD out of the party and let that niggah attempt to drive himself home is a punk azz beyotch

  • wtf…. Illseed, please link me 100% detailed proof that the Illuminati is real and not just a fear thing… please…

    • the illuminati is very real. they just dont f with poeple like chris brown thats absurd. bill gates yes, kissinger, rothschilds, bilderburgs, rockerfellers//// no musician is even close to that level///go to library

      • You might be interested to look into Jesuits… illiuminati is like a basic thing, your only brushing the surface with that.. theres more powerfull, older groups.

  • LOL trust me the ILLUMANATI is not excepting everyone who is a muscian, actor or athlete. It wouldnt be a secret society if that were the case!!

  • La Femme

    Illseed your so stupid! Thats the impossible triangle! Your dumbass should know that since you got this pic from his twitter page where it says “THE IMPOSSIBLE TRIANGLE” Stop trying to start dumb shit & make it seem like it’s all about the Illumanati! Smh

  • well he has a black flag & a fork

    • dont b quick 2 judge brizy coz u never knw wat happens bhind the scebe….

  • Romia Blue

    everything with a triangle and an Eye in the middle is apart of the illluminati…Y’all didn’t know that?

    Time to give up money! *blank stare*

    Y’all really and truly need to find a new subject to associate successful black folks to…


    i dont know about chris brown but i am in the illuminati…i am illuminated aka enlightened 

    • thaGOD83


  • Trish Taylor

    ……Its not a wanna be Illuminati tatt its his chinese zodiac.His chinese zodiac is a snake and the “the impossible triangle”  look it up.The way yall reach is funny lol

  • Chris Brown is NOT in the illuminati…he may be a freemason …but most if not all freemasons are not in any illuminati… like being half grey alien and half human is an ode to the pharaohs of egypt claiming to be half man half god.. half soul, half man, half spirit half physical .. the pyramids were schools which only few gained access to….the leaders of the world know this ..about the secret Schools and carry them down to today with secret society’s ..which dont even teach the real wisdom of the ages…

  • rocthisfella






  • johnblacksad

    I know ya won’t believe me, but my cousin is in the illuminati. He be goin at their meetings and stuff… told me he sees Craig Mack there all the time, he is good friends with Condoleeza Rice, they always sit next to each other he said, laughin and jokin.

    But yo, i don’t wanna get too deep into this sh!t on ya’ll… don’t want the illuminati finding out and getting my cousin in trouble, so please keep it on the hush… i ain’t said sh!t

    I’ma ask’em if Chris Brown be comin thru tho…. i’ll let ya’ll know

    and, oh, that big island i told you about, it’s still on sale… i’ll give you a good price!

    • Jummanne17

      Aye is your cousin honestly in the illuminati

      • johnblacksad

        no dis but… is your sarcasm detector broken or something?

  • Also the origins of freemasons are Jewish…all the hymns, words, people, and degrees and stories in freemasonary are jewish…if you study kaballah then you are closer to freemasonary then any degree can get you…

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  • Also people never put together that freemasons control the world some”how” and that jewish people are rich and control the media but never put the two together..when in fact ..they are the same …fremasonary is judaism…

  • Now here is where you use wisdom…if the origins of freemasonary are jewish..why do they use the pyramids as a symbol?..why would jewish people use anything related with egypt when Moses led them OUT of egypt?…This is why Rich Celebrity’s rappers, actors etc..dont come out and claim they are christians because they have come into a knowledge of a history thats hidden from most the world…

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    none of the celebrities yall think is a part of this organization has anything to do with anything, its bigger then having access to a few million dollars. symbols on Tats, Cd covers, hand gestures in videos is just a ploy something you read in a book. you would have to really open your eyes to get a glimpse of what surrounds us daily, I mean be truly awaken…..

  • Breezy is stupid….but smart, he’s being talked about

  • Darkfather504

    No membership for him – this is shock value!!!!

  • brotha_man

    stop confusing Illuminati with 5%ers

  • Q.

    Quick lesson:

    You suckas need to stop being scared of symbols. If you knew their origins then you wouldn’t hold that fear in your hearts, and could use them to empower yourselves for Good. Anytime you see a pyramid or Eye of Heru used in corporate media, they’re only paying homage to their idols, which are actually YOU (If you don’t know who “YOU” is, stop reading now). The so-called Illuminati, or Luciferians are those who rebelled against the Most High, by using the Light of knowledge to manipulate God’s children (YOU) into voluntary spiritual subservitude, i.e. expending all of your earthly energy worshipping fiat currencies, 3-D objects and stunting your spiritual growth through submission to base urges. They look down on you as slaves, because they believe they possess more wisdom than you. All they did was steal your divine symbols and attribute them to their own wicked agenda. They “hide” everything in plain sight because they think you’re too stupid to de-Cifer the madness. The celebrities and personalities who you see show allegiance to Lucifer are mere minions. They are telling you that they have pledged fealty to the social/economic pyramid scheme which their god Lucifer/Shaytan/Baphomet sits atop, all the while laughing at you b!tchazz slaves for following them and mocking the Most High. They traded their souls for fleeting riches, which will be worthless once the illusion ends. Luciferians realize that these are their last days, which is why they’re working harder than ever to keep you dummied-down, weeded up, cracked-out, mired in Hate/Fear, Lust/Greed, violence/suicide, trapped-in this little human sandbox of social reality that they’ve laid out for you. They feed off of you followers’ emotional energy like vampires, and you keep giving it to them. They know that their End is near, but they’d rather take you with them as a final slight to the Most High, à la murder-suicide, if you will… As they say, misery loves company.

     So the decision is yours: stand up and bring glory to God, or continue kneeling down to pleasure the Devil. What’s it gonna be?

    • thaGOD83

      get em mane, i tottaly agree, crazy folks the snake also represents the KUNDALINI force that rises from your lower chakras, look that up, to the top of your head, the crown, and creates the ultimate ascension to GOD-liness..the eye represents your pineal gland that creates your GOD self….your left brain/right react to symbols, for the simple fact that we were so advanced that there was NO language…those symbols THEY use are OURS…and they are using “trick knowledge” to scare you out of your MAGICK…
      thats why you go to certain stores, wear certain clothes, because of SYMBOLS…the sun is heating up and confusing you by using the media is their last, and i must admit potent weapon…..
      get OUT of church, school any institution and into YOURSELF..within all of US is unlimited power/potentials…THEY worship egypt or KEMET, because that is how they were created….note that ETHIOPIA  and plenty other advanced GODS were around first, but KEMET is the only “civilization” they can even comprehend, in which 33 degrees of knowledge was given to them…we have been around millions of “years” b4 Kemet, but they cant even break those codes…they still cant figure out how we built the pyramids, sphinx, so THEY replicate…this dormant time for US is punishment, for creating THEM, but also to give THEM the time to obtain a soul..and sad to say 90% of THEM havent…just look at this plan-et over the few hundred years THEY have temporarily ruled.
      We came back, incarnated, in this time to take things back to the ancient times, but some/most of US have become trapped in the physical (wealth, power, religion, fake family/friends) and WE rufuse to wake up…so as the matrix continues to crumble, so will those whom wont WAKE up…turn off the t.v.  get into you…watch sci fi if anything because it is about YOU x men, avenger, avatar, dark knight, ALIENS vs cowboys, etc…they give US tyler perry movies while the children go and learn about whats to come.
      all vampire movies, esp blade, take place in the NEAR future in which the SUN is so extreme that on contact, one without MELANIN wont now they are trying to create a new ozone to stop those info rays from coming to US, and they are breeding with US, HOPING TO OBTAIN THE “DAYWALKER” gene…stop fearin because it stops MELANIN…you have all of the answer within…no more shots, beef, pork, chicken, turkey, drugs, interracial sex…keep your gift from the CREATOR and rise…ASHE

      • Q.

        “this dormant time for US is punishment, for creating THEM”

        BOOM. Most aren’t ready for this level of Truth. But they need to hear it.

        “they are breeding with US, HOPING TO OBTAIN THE “DAYWALKER” gene”

        POW. Hence, the sudden surge of vampire lore and the over-propagandization of interracial relationships in popular media.

      • thaGOD83


    • Kevin Farley


  • its the eye of Ra, a symbol that has been used by the illuminati but it comes from egypt. a snake eating its own tail is also illuminati but not this snake

  • dont go to church on sundays. its sun day after the sun god lucifer. also stop going to mass on christmas. its nero’s bday not jesus

  • TDolla

    I would first and foremost like to say MAN YALL SOME DUMB MUTHAFUKA. I am a PHA Freemason and this whole ILLUMANTI shit is the most ignorant crap that niggas couls come up with. REAL TALK there is no such thing!!!! 

    Stupid muthafuckas

    • johnblacksad

      You prolly are one of the illuminati tryin to convince us they don’t exist, but we know tha truth bruh!

      • Biggahboy

        I agree with you bruh….the devils biggest achievement is making people believe he doesn’t exist. Faya burn illuminati, long live Lion of Judah, Jesus Christ

  • mel

    Chill Illuminati shit….It’s ri-DICK-ulus…….Let it go

  • Weedras

    i swear sometimes this dude illseed ain’t much better on the bullshit than Sydney Lace… smh…

  • Orignal Clova

    Realest thing someone has ever told me…Muthafuckas focus too much on negative shit,and never see the positive side of things.Trill Talk

  • Amazing writing up in here.

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  • hey trace live ur life….

  • saide

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  • saide

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  • Gabriel Lorenzana

    I don’t mean to burst anybody’s bubble, but blacks cannot join the illuminati. They are all white, and consists of 13 different bloodlines. You have to be part of the family. Celebrities are just puppets, nothing more, nothing less.

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