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Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Drake Going To Sue Young Money?

Let me start by saying…I don’t believe this one at all. Well, lets just say there is probably truth in the rumors surrounding the case, but will Drake sue? Doubt it. First of all, this stems from J. Prince Jr. suing Cash Money.

READ: EXCLUSIVE: J Prince Jr. Sues Over Drake, Files Lawsuit Against Cortez Bryant, Young Money

But in the lawsuit that J. Prince Jr. Has filed, he claims to unearthed that Drake is being swindled out of millions of dollars! Now, Drake just bought a home worth a reported $7 million, I believe. But that’s not stopping them from doing their legal diligence. On the flip side, Cash Money’s past crew has never been quiet about their money issues with Cash Money. People like BG and Mannie Fresh have said that the cash money they got from Baby was crazy “Slim.” You like that play on words. Don’t bite, rappers! Anyway, some insiders speculate that Drake is going to have a “coming to Jesus talk” with his money team and realize he could be getting much more money.
But, I don’t know about that. Do any of you remember when Lil’ Wayne once upon a time allegedly tried to leave Cash Money? That was NOT pretty and Weezy ended up staying put with the quickness. I think YMCMB is going too strong to fail right now. They will work it out.

Hopefully, J. Prince Sr. doesn’t need to get involved.

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  • Wtf I s y’all doin tryin 2 break up the empire known as YMCMB 4? Drake ain’t suing nobody dis is not just a label we family on dis side bee lee dat niggas luv 2 divide and conquer shit but nah it ain’t gon wrk everybody on da team is eatin good I didn’t here j prince jr when so far gone wuz out where wuz he at den? Now drake over here eatin million he wanna sue cuz he c a cash cow gtfoh peon

    • immackulate

      niggah you HIGHER THAN HUBBLE (spacecraft) talm bout “family on dis side – over here eatin'” — who the phuck is you – you must be nicky minaj’ penis typing ^^^ that shyt

    • shayleshay

      lmao..delisuions of grandeur at it’s finest ladies and gentlemen.
      “we family on dis side bee”
      niggas wish they was really affiliated with young money. you must be SoICYbOI from that other hip-hop website that I won’t mention, cuz allhiphop be trippin like sum ex-girlfriends.

    • junioray

      They were family when the hot boys were running the industry. Where did that leave them? Oh, my bad, you wasnt born when they were Hot.

    • therealest1

      Hey, leave this dude alone, he’s YMCMB’s official spokesperson. (sarcasm)

      • If he was really eating, they would have spent some dough on his education.

      • timwest1000


  • RichFromBX

    that’s why these cats are foolish when they think if they sign with labels like Cash Money, MMG and what not that they cool and they not going to get robbed…YEAH RIGHT!…it’s not just the major “corporate” labels that rob artist, they all do…rule #4080 record companies are shady (at any level)

  • King Cold

    yall days late on this story so slap yall selves AHH. bottom line is drake didnt buy the mansion he’s renting it. second, cash money has been known for years to be funny with the money and thats why the hot boys reunion album will never happen. only ones eatin over there is Baby and Slim…

    • junioray

      You hit it right on the head. These young cats sign with the hottest labels and when they get older, they realize they are missing on some dollars. Look ay CMR’s track records, Juvi, BG, TURK, Mannie, all left and said they got hustled by Baby and Slim. Wayne almost signed to the ROC until Baby let him start his own label.
      Its easier to hustle young broke cats, and hard to keep the wool over their eyes when they get older.

      • King Cold

        exactly. smh at cats not readin contracts and not keepin up with their money. looks like Baby and Slim gon have to give Drake his own label too lol

      • therealest1

        Like my good friend said, you get what you negotiate. These new jacks are just too happy that they’re in the game but neglect to reap the benefits that can be had on their ends. Most of them are ignorant and just take what’s presented to them upfront, i.e. material things cars, etc. But they don’t think about the future like how Magic Johnson did.

      • Well at least it’s more than the old days, with a 40oz, gold chain & hoochie mommas.

  • Smashit

    IF this becomes true then you know they really taking money from the artists and it all leads back to BABY with his wanting to be forever young old ass – hopefully it’s just a rumor because they making too much money not to pay anybody what they earned

    • That’s how they make it!

      • Smashit

        True – but damn it’s enough cash to go around

  • F@#K THAT M.O.E.

  • Kevin Farley

    classic bg line on rap city………..man the birdman was tryin to bird feed me

  • therealest1

    Birdman will only hook up and pay anyone on the label who is the same gender as him and is the willing to kiss him in the mouth. See Lil Wayne.

  • “the cash money they got from Baby was crazy “Slim.” Good One!!

  • immackulate

    er’body gotta PAY DUES literally – drake may be signed to 1 niggah thats signed to another niggah thats signed to some rich white company HOWEVER he still getting money hand over fist easily more than he was making on DeGrassi – now with that being said – dont think he signed for as worse a deal as WAYNE did when wayne got put on – but just like when WEEZY seen the light and was able to renegotiate when he analyzed his self worth and played around with his options – um pretty sure DRAKE who seems to be a little more business saavy will get his opportunity even sooner to renegotiate and eventually be his own man – hell WU-TANG first signed and had to split like 25k between 9 different dudes – basically unless you start on some GRASS ROOTS – IM MY OWN BOSS “NIPSEY HUSSLE” / “THE REAL ROC-A-FELLA” / “E-40” than you gonna take THE BANANA IN THE TAILPIPE figuratively and literally until you smarten up outta that contract

  • brotha_man

    I guess Pusha T was right.

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  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    yeah this is not no news, if you think drake & nicki been been getting their fair cut of that doe you crazy. told yall a long time ago baby be buying all that flashy stuff with they royalty checks.

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