21 Questions with Big Meech:’s EXCLUSIVE Two-Part Interview

Big Meech was once the biggest cocaine kingpin in America. The United States government alleged in his notorious 2005 indictment that the Black Mafia Family (BMF) had generated over $270 million in drug sales. In fact, in addition to his incarceration, Meech has been ordered to repay $270 million, virtually guaranteeing that he will never earn an income from his infamy.

He’s now incarcerated under a 23-hour lockdown. Unable to have phone calls or visits until early 2013. However, he does receive dozens of letters regularly. And he answers them.

When interviewed BMF founder, Big Meech’s ex-girlfriend, Sabrina Peterson, we expected to learn a little more about the man behind the myth. Little did we know, we would learn it from the man himself. The BMF boss cleared up a few inaccuracies in the Peterson story. For example, there were only 20-25 inmates in his former prison with BMF tattoos, and he has not been incarcerated for four years, but seven. After hearing about and getting a copy of our interview with Peterson, Big Meech wrote to tell his story.

We sent Big Meech a series of questions, asking his opinion on his prison sentence, and his relationship with Young Jeezy, which strangely enough, appears to be on rocky ground. We even got his opinion of President Obama. Here are his answers, edited only for spelling and grammar (at his request): Do you regret any of your choices?

Big Meech: No, because the risk has always been worth the reward in most of the choices I made in life, and not all things are by choice when you are a child growing up in the ghetto without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. Why did you start selling?

Big Meech: My brother, sister, and I grew up in a household with both our parents. Neither of my parents had any type of drug or drinking habits. We were raised in the church, so we prayed for everything. When the food stamps and the WIC program box of food was late, then we pray. When the electric and gas got cut off, we pray and to pray is to have faith that God is going to help you or show you the way to help yourself, faith without works means nothing so after many nights with the gas and lights off and going to school with holes in the bottom of my 2 for $15 Payless shoes, and my brother and I wearing the same clothes every other day. Then, we had 30 days to come up with $7,500, or else we would be put out in the street. My brother and I had to find a way to make some fast money, so we hit the streets and came up without having to rob and kill someone. It was supply and demand, simple as that.

I feel God has always watched out for my brother and I, because he knows our hearts. The government sells liquor and cigarettes along with prescription drugs that help one thing and hurt another every day. I haven’t read one drug law in the Bible or in any of the 10 Commandments. If you do a survey, I guarantee you there are more people addicted to prescribed drugs than street drugs. So, long story short, I did what I felt was necessary for my family and I to survive at the time.

What’s funny is as long as I was just selling drugs, I had no problems. Once I went legit, all of a sudden, I have a 15-year conspiracy indictment from 1990-2005 out of the eastern district of Michigan, where I hadn’t lived since 1989, so I still can’t understand how I got indicted in Michigan. What would you do differently?

Big Meech: Absolutely nothing, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “experience is the best teacher.” I’ve learned some of life’s most valuable lessons; I’m still learning something new every day as long as I keep living.

Big Meech and Nelly Why do you think people idolize you?

Big Meech: I’m not sure it’s correct for me to give an specific reason of why people idolize me, because it’s a matter of opinions and those opinions vary in different age groups, from as young as 10 years old to elderly people. I think everyone has an idol or has someone in their life or in the movies that they idolize. Do you think they should?

Big Meech: I think to say yes would make me seem very arrogant, but to be looked upon as an idol is a great achievement for all of the years of sacrificing, hard work, and dedication building Big Meech and the BMF reputation and brand. I can’t think of any other man incarcerated for the last seven years that’s still relevant or influential, which I’m not sure if you noticed that when Big Meech and BMF fell so did the economy (LOL) and seriously, that’s not a joke or laughing matter because there is nothing funny about people struggling, I just wonder if you notice the major impact that we had and drastic change for the worse in America’s economy after our incarceration near the end of 2005. What went through your mind when you heard your sentence?

Big Meech: First, I was told by my lawyers that the judge would probably sentence me to between 20 and 30 years, and with it being my first time, I thought that would mean something. But, the judge seemed to have a problem with my brother and me. At every court proceeding, he was on the prosecution’s side instead of being the mediator that a judge is supposed to be. My brother got sentenced to 240 months for money laundering and 360 months for CCE (Continuous Criminal Enterprise) to run concurrent, so I had to keep my composure and a smile on my face for my family and the standing room-only courtroom.

When the judge asked me did I have something to say, I said, “I’m not going to say I’m sorry, because I’m sorry is for people who got caught.” The judge gave me the same sentence as he gave my brother, and I walked out with a smile. It just broke my heart to see my mother break down in tears while the U.S. Attorney laughed. At the end of the day, I feel God won’t allow me to do 30 years, and I was glad to get an outdate because every day down is another day closer to home. Why are cocaine kingpins so severely punished?

Big Meech: I’m not sure why the government and federal agencies love to hate “cocaine kingpins.” Seventy percent of the people the government allege to be kingpins have never seen a whole kilo or made a million dollars, so evidently the government has no criteria to determine whether a person is a kingpin or not – because I have met crack dealers who had only a few eight balls and ounces that have kingpin time. Just like when the government tried to charge DJ Drama with the RICO for selling mixtapes. I think someone needs to police the government with their judiciary misconduct and abuse of the constitution and laws. What do you think your punishment should have been?

Big Meech: I definitely don’t think my punishment should have been this severe. Thirty years for my first time, and that was the plea deal (LOL). I would have gotten a life sentence for ghost dope, and one witness testimony if I had went to trial. I think a few years in prison and community service, detouring children and adults from crime and drugs would’ve been much more sufficient, and I could’ve used my influence in a much more positive way.

Check back for Part Two of our EXCLUSIVE interview with Big Meech, where he talks about his relationship with Young Jeezy, his opinions on Rick Ross, and how he feels about President Barack Obama.

  • Baby_Bluez

    Well spoken…Stay sharp and positive Meech

    • Jack Johnson

      rescind my downvote.

  • hoeyuno

    Yea I will agree that there are more people addicted then proscribed drugs and in the last 10 years young people have developed huge problems from morphine and oxycontin but I think that’s irrelevant to meechs situation. Drug money is massive in america and the government will never have a plan to stop that. But what they do need to do is lead people into believing that there goal is to make america drug free by making examples if high profile dealers like meech. Addicts are huge money . And not just for dealers. One of those addiction recovery houses makes 1000s a month of each addict alone. When they have 30 to 100 people at any given time that’s big money. So they don’t want to cure the addicts but simply patch them up till there next relapse. Not to mention all the health problems that come along with addiction. Addicts help the world go around.

  • RichFromBX

    and this is everything that’s wrong with (a good portion of) black America…idolize this dude?? seriously??

    “I think a few years in prison and community service, detouring children
    and adults from crime and drugs would’ve been much more sufficient, and I
    could’ve used my influence in a much more positive way.”

    really? dude said he would’ve changed nothing about anything he did and that he has no regrets which means there’s a complete absence of remorse…all those people you killed or had killed, families you contributed to ruining mean nothing to you even now but somehow you would’ve been a more positive influence.

    I’m sorry, but I can’t get down with giving this dude an opportunity to speak and have his voice heard if all he’s going to do is say how he would change nothing, no regrets for anything he did…there are plenty of people out there who came from the same place he did that went on to become (positive) contributing members of society why not do interviews with those people…lets hear stories about how people got up and got something without resorting to drug dealing and whatever illegal activities.

    For him to even liken what he was doing to prescription drugs is a joke…last time I check Pfizer didn’t kill anyone over at Novartis for control of some corners…

    I know there a going to be a few on here that get at me for everything I just said but fvck it…

    • acewonders

      He was a trafficker/distributor. He wasn’t killing people for corners either.

      Also, google “Oxycontin robbery murders” murders over prescription drugs is very real in this day and age, you don’t blame Purdue Pharma for these murders because they created and distributed a potentially very addicting and deadly product? Why because their drug isn’t prohibited by the government?

      • RichFromBX

        You don’t get to selling almost $300 million in drugs without killing someone for something. You don’t go from from sharing cloths with your brother to rocking mink coats and gators over night…you have to put work in and make sure people fear you…if you want to believe he didn’t kill anyone or have people killed then you go ahead and do that…keep believing this dude was an innocent victim of the larger and more evil government…

      • acewonders

        The whole rundown of the federal BMF operation/investigation is available online. He was capable of making 300 million because he had an extremely lucrative connect through the a Mexican Cartel. The only thing he had to do if find buyers for the cocaine and get it to them safely. He wasn’t dealing with petty dealers, he was an upper level distributor.

        Also, it was noted during the investigation that Meech specifically gave orders against murders and violence, to avoid law enforcement attention. The card tower began to crumble when one his underlings had a conflict and committed a murder completely unrelated to the organization.


    • jsj23

      Richfrombx,Bro, look up Pfizer and its Chantix drug (used to quit smoking) look at the statement Pfizer was forced to put out about the drug…Get a life, get your bread up and build something, than open your mouth…Learn how the larger corporations do business. That is all I will say…

      • RichFromBX

        get a life??? wow, you got me on that I was thinking owning a house with a great job was having a life…guess I should’ve sold drugs and got locked up for double digit years to really know what life was really about…get the fvck outta here…

    • RichFromBX

      You clowns make me laugh…y’all coming out an defending and standing up for this dude as if he’s something to grow and aspire to be…y’all go ahead with that and do you…I ain’t a groupie to cats like this…this cat is a victim of his own decisions and nothing else…I’ve never looked at the next man and thought “well, he’s moving drugs, he got fiends around him…fvck it, I’m gonna do that too” even if the other man is a legal drug company or not…so go on and follow in dudes steps maybe if you’re lucky enough you’ll get a cell right next to him and you’ll get to svck his d!ck for real there like y’all doing out here…

  • $28825362

    This guy is a joke. I had the same background this guy had; same circumstances. My family was poor (not broke… poor). We NEVER had money. I always wore the SAME clothes to school every damn day. The difference between me and this clown is, I finished High school and worked as a work study student when I went off to college. I worked at Pizza Hut, I worked at Burger King, I bused tables to pay for my college tuition. Did I get laughed at? HELL YEA! I rode the bus, I walked in the rain, one time I borrowed a bike with no sit; I did whatever I had to do to get to my classes on time. I stayed up at night studying for exams and doing homework. I ate top ramen and when my money ran out, well… some nights I just didn’t eat. I skipped out on going to the clubs, hanging with the females, and just posting up on the block. I graduated college and became a Radiation Therapist. Did I have the chance to sale drugs, yes, just like most black men, but did I?… HELL NO!! It’s a choice. This guy gets no respect from me at all. Rot in jail!!!!!

    • tbirdandkoolaid

      damn, home skillet i posted my comment before reading this…

      we always say ‘i not working for the white man for minimum wage, but i sell drugs for him..aha

      and eating ramen, all night studying is WHAT one should do to aquire i lavish lifestyle.

      WE as people always blame the white man.

      i would say good job, but you’re a grown man or woman. so you shouldn’t expect compliments online.

      • $28825362

        Man I could give a damn what people online think of me. I was never seeking a compliment. Just posting my story

      • tbirdandkoolaid

        I know everyone else was coming at your head….

        I was in my way

        i wasn’t being an ashole.

      • $28825362

        Its all good kid. I’m old enough to understand that when you make a statement saying you are living in a positive way and you denounce people who may have taken a different path like Meech you are going to get people who disagree with you. You will also get some people who try to tear you down and mock you for living positive and speaking out against selling drugs and destroying others. But thanks for the hit back kid. Stay up

    • acewonders

      That the reason you live a broke mediocre life. To be a king and live for 20 years >>> to be a serf forever.

      • $28825362

        Man I’m far from broke now. LOL. I was back in the day though. LOL. Let me stop lyin, I wasn’t broke in college I was just poor. But I would rather have my story of struggle and live for 90 years and have grandchildren than die at the age of 20.

    • Sexy_Sabe

      Good for you, black men like you make me proud. Im a young black woman an Im trying to make it too, I have friends sliding down the pole with men throwing balled up ones at them. i get ppl telling me I have a sexy body an I could do it too an make more cash then most blk women make in a yr, in a month. Yet I Still I work my retail job an im picking out my classes for next semester. I knw just like you my decision to respect myself an take the hard route will pay off later in life. Much Luv 🙂

      • $28825362

        I hope you stay in a positive lane. Just understand that when you make your mind up to go against the grain you will always be a target. Yes, people are going to talk about you and hate the fact that you are trying to do things different. Keep taking classes, keep working, and in the end you’ll be proud that you did things the right way. Much Luv.

    • jetlife54

      u want a cookie ?

      • $28825362

        Dude you know how much I make a year. I can buy all the damn cookies I want. Don’t need shyt from you son. I did my shyt my way. Do you kid and just live with it.

      • Richie_Ochoa

        Well go buy some them and stay off this site

    • jsj23

      Are you now in a position to hire others? Is your job “secure” or will they toss you when they get tired of you? Do you own that position? Do you think you have “made it”? Keep dreaming…

      • $28825362

        My job is secure. I’m good. I’m also one year away from getting another degree in nuclear medicine. My long term goal is to open up my own cancer treatment center, but it doesn’t happen over night. So do I OWN my position? I own my RT License. But yea someone had to hire me. Do I have my own Cancer treatment center right now that I own, No, not yet. You told me to keep dream… I’ll be honest with you man… I never stop.

      • jsj23

        This is all good and dandy, but don’t knock those who took a forced path, and accepted the consequences for both their failures and victories. Hell, you might as well knock J.F.K’s father for selling alcohol during prohibition, you might as well knock the Rockafellers for jails and soon you better knock the pharmaceutical companies for their handling of drugs and CANCER! But I don’t think you would, you seem like the type who would glorify them all…

      • $28825362

        Man I think it’s great if you own your own spot. I’m not there yet, its a dream that I’m chasing. I stated my opinion and my story and that’s all. If we were closer we could grab a beer and some wings and chop it up. As far as any crimes that take advantage of other people, no I would not glorify that. I wish you the best in what you do dude. No hate on my plate for you. As far as ANY drug dealers… no respect from me. So I stand buy my statement.

      • jsj23

        Look, I wish you all the best, but you are probably only 1/4 of the way there. You still have much to learn about what it takes to build your own…I hope your good with grant writing and you have a set of knee pads, because you are going to have to do a lot of begging and conforming to get that cancer center going…Again, I wish you all the best.

      • $28825362

        Anything worth having is a struggle. You’re either built for it or you’re not. Only time will tell. Peace kid

      • jsj23

        And that is what Meech understood…Peace!


      • Joe Lovick

        to have anywhere near the amount of money and power Meech or anyone else has/had you gonna get dirty… Meech was caked up but he was just a normal dude. The guys above him had the real money and when he so called went legit, he over stayed his welcome within the circle of power that protected him and was no longer of use. I applaud him right or wrong he did what he did because he believed he was doing something good in a world of evil.. took care of his family and friends.. did what he did .. got caught up and took his verdict like a man without playing the tattle tale game. There was alot of shady dealings on the so called legal side to get him those years. with time and alot of money i believe there will be a reduction of years he sees behind bars.

    • marcus wallace

      And you have made how many millions and helped out how many people and u had to pay property taxes at 15 this is clearly not someone who was able to live at home with. His parents like u. People like u disgust me ur the reason y someone could do 15 years for rape murder or child pornography but drug dealing will get you 100 years. No one is here is arguing for the legalization of cocaine. Don’t b mad cuz nobody would give a shit about u going to jail n he still got fans after being down seven years Anybody that disrespects his own in front of others for non violent victimless crime is a coward. And stop fronting cuz u r not from the hood.

  • ccwaterbound32

    this s*it is deep…. and i talking about big meech because he’s just the tip of the iceburg, im refering to the government, the judical system, the media, this s*it gets s*itier with every step you take….

  • The drug trade is government funded by the cia they funded the contras but I remeber when birdman use 2 deal big kilos before he went legit in the early 90s he wuz the big meech of new orleans but now he and slim is da kingpins of the music industry with lil wayne takin the crown next wit the empire known as YMCMB!

  • tbirdandkoolaid

    I know cats see that 270 milli and think damn, he was papered up.

    now compare that to that cats who cashed out on facebook.

    and before you say. oh he was white blah. blah.

    STFU…what’s stopping you from creating a product or service that pubic needs.

    drugs and entertainment isn’t OUR only way out…

    270 mill and in the joint for 3 decades.

    • EBZAR

      I hear you tbird but I don’t think creating a product or coming up with an idea is the problem. Young “minority” kids have ideas all day. Its implementing or getting someone to finance a project that’s difficult. I also agree w/u when you say drugs and ent. isn’t the only way BUT its a way to finance the next move. Zuckerberg, Jobs and Gates all were Ivy league students with access to venture capitalists that 99% of inner city kids don’t have.
      50 cent took his 1st advance and bought more drugs to sell to keep his money going – when he made enough to invest big and started networking with those venture capitalists he invested in Vitamin water, Pepsi bought that and he made a killing.
      If you look back at the fortunes made by people, EVERY fortune made in THIS country came from doing something NOT necessarily legal or ethical.

  • acewonders

    Some of you people have such a limited view on crime and punishment, that you’ve been condition to thinking drug dealers are the scum of the Earth. Selling drugs is providing a product for a demand, the product may be harmful but then you should target the demand, not the supply.

    Food for thought: 80 years ago, selling beer was the exact same thing as selling cocaine is today. Time progresses and beer is considered as American as the Bald Eagle. Right and Wrong are a product of culture and society, and cultural absolutism is a myth. Hell, majority of the drugs that are illegal in the U.S. are completely legal in the Nordic European nations and their countries are still prospering with the highest standards of living in the world. Don’t blame “Big Meech” for the problems in the community.

    He took big risk, gained big rewards, and in the end suffered a big punishment handed down by the society he’s a member of. He can’t be mad about it, and he doesn’t seem to be mad about it. But some people need to stop acting like he walked into your house and killed your mother or something, because your hate for this guy is way too personal.

  • Jack Johnson

    Young black men idolize ‘big meech’ but have no idea who Neil deGrasse Tyson is.


      Blame the media for young people not knowing him… Plus Why would they know who he is?… There is nothing inspiring with his life… Dude is very smart , doctorate and everything….But Most Young Black men are living what BIG MEECH life was when he was young… So would MR DEGRASSE TYSON have done the same thing if he was living Young Big Meech life? …. If Mr Tyson lived in Big Meech shoe when he was young,and achieve that then that will be INSPIRING to most young black men… ANYTHING THAT COMES FROM ZERO STRIVE AND ACHIEVE SOMETHING IS INSPIRATION…

      Now I DO NOT Agree with the BIG MEECH Way of doing… But His Life can be use as a way to teach young people out there WHAT NOT TO DO… To ME He is an example of Retailing Success but he choose the WRONG product to achieve that…

      Actually I believe with His story that I would rather be creating the right product rather than being the retailer… Like I would rather be the Creator of OREO for Instance rather than being the small shop selling it … If Dude was ABLE to make 270 Millions by being a retailer, I wonder How MUCH the WHOLESALER is making lol…

      What Black People Lack is Unity, people try But EGO gets in the Way all the time… SEE I believe If all Those Ballers, Megastars and Billionnaires were willing to make companies creating great products like OREOS or VITAMIN WATER… there would a LOT LOT Less waste of Talents like BIG MEECHS…

      That’s WHY I appreciate 50 CENT … Dude is doing the right thing he creates Products, promotes it and Sells it himself… What 50 AND FLOYD are doing right now in the boxing Industry is Also a good example of two black man working together … HOPEFULLY EGO doesn’t get in the way


      • Jack Johnson

        There’s nothing inspiring about a brilliant BLACK astrophysicist? He’s
        living proof that with a proper education, a black mind can be as bright
        and go as far as any white/yellow/brown/red/green mind. Seems to be a
        positive, inspirational brother to me, considering that the media is hell
        bent on portraying blacks as intellectually inferior animals.

        Now, I concede that most young black men are living lives more similar to meech’s early life than deGrasse Tyson’s; that’s a fair point, and perhaps an example from more humble beginnings than Tyson (i.e. Ben Carson, renowned neurosurgeon raised by a single mother in Detroit) would’ve been better.

        I agree that someone who goes from nothing to something is inspirational, but that’s NOT what meech did. He went from nothing, to a destroyer of his own people for personal profit, to being sentenced to 30 years in a cage. Poisoning your own community in the name of you can throw green pieces of paper on strippers and buy diamonds, fur coats, expensive alcohol, cars, etc, then become a slave to the system. This seems more shameful than inspirational, at least to me.

        Our priorities and morals are all fvcked up. We idolize ignorance, death, destruction, greed, and irresponsibility (financial, sexual, parental, communal); we look down on the intelligent, those who seek education, and those who try to build their brothers up.

        Anyway, I’m just rambling at this point, since I agree with most of what you said outside of NeiL DeGrasse Tyson not being inspirational.

        ETA: Appreciate the Aliko Dangote reference, another inspirational brother.

      • Kenneth Jones

        I feel totally where u coming from but all I ask is to dig deeper than the surface. Look at the traits Meech displayed to be able to do those things like making it rain on strippers and buying diamonds and fur coats and expensive cars. These are the same traits all of us would like to have and our kids to have. Leadership, ambition, business savy, and hard working.

      • Jack Johnson

        Fair point, I agree he is certainly a very intelligent businessman who worked hard to build his empire. The brother below me, acewonders, made a good point about Aliko Dangote as well, but I guess the site deleted both his comment and my reply. This is a complicated issue with many layers, and it’s good to see some of the brothers on this page able to disagree without being disagreeable.

      • Twonpass

        the funniest thing about drug dealers, is people try to vilify them, ummm last time i checked they never force anyone to come to them and purchase drugs, send the blame to the correct place, the people who use it or feel they need to use, they destroyed their own families, now any violence associated with the transactions is where he is to blame, but never for the personal choice of a grown ass individual that chooses to do drugs…

        I come from first hand experience. The drug user is the one destroying they own…the dealer is merely a dealer, a proprietor of goods or service….didn’t you learn that in school….

        SMH education is failing at a rapid pace, more dummies today then ever before….

      • L.T.

        Ego stopped that. #2013Update #SAD

      • “Blame the media for young people not knowing him”

        You apparently have no understanding why white people don’t respect blacks. Always blame someone else. That argument gets old and pathetic.

      • Twonpass

        here let me say this, when white people own up to everything they have done and continue to do, the we can stop using that card, but that will never happen, so it will always play a factor, Everything in amerikkka is a racial issue whether you want to take your head out your ass and pay attention or not… good luck with all your reverence as it does not hold any water to the facts…

        PS they dont respect black people because they never have and never will. Who are you fooling?!?!?!?… History can show you way more evidence of that, no where in history has a white man not hated the black man…

        please show me the proof that white people had love for black people, no where in history…..

        Ill wait for your proof,…….
        didn’t think so…

        and for the record, I don’t give a damn about any response…

        just stating what most wont admit

        Ase ( i know most of you all don’t have a clue what that even means…..)

    • Okae

      Amen Brother, Neil is the man. Your short comment is the most intelligent post I have seen all day today. Good work…

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  • Kenneth Jones

    All these commets crack me up. Yea he sold dope and yea he may have had people killed, and that shit is wrong. But that man did what HE felt HE had to do. HE made HIS own choice in life. He made dat money and he got that jail time. Just because you dont agree wit HIS choices in life dont give yall the right to pass judgement on this man. As far as idolizing this man why not? There are so many black men out there in that same situation that dont do anything. Eventhough his methods were mis-guided, he did not sit back and do nothing. He made it so his family can eat. Im not saying idolize what he did but how he did it. With hard work, ambition, leadership skills, and dedication.

    • acewonders

      Exactly, even if you don’t agree with the morality of what he did. Don’t try and say it didn’t take an extreme amount of work and focus to build his empire, don’t strip him of that.

  • jsj23

    There has always been a thin-ethical/unethical line between doing bad and doing bad for a greater good. This is shown in all aspects of life. Before addressing the bad side, let’s look at what may appear to be the “greater good”. Meech was essentially a “stimulus package” for the hood. Killing/crime was kept at a minimum from what I understand and an entire community was making cash. His underlings should have had more business savvy to know how to diversify with that cash, but they didn’t, so now they are back to square one. At least 50 people were employed by him and making more than $100,000 a month! How many employees do you have? are you employed? are you capable of managing a staff? would anyone listen to you? can you handle heat from competitors and the government? 47% of the Black labor force is on welfare/underemployed or unemployed, waiting for jobs and many of them have several college degrees. Being a radiation therapist or the average worker will not support a single income family of 4-5 kids, nor is it a guaranteed position. Pharmaceutical companies are doing the same thing Meech has done! Trust me! but they cover themselves with insurance and sell to those who can afford it and couch it in medicine. ASK THE DOCTORS who really run the medicine field!
    I don’t support spreading drugs throughout the poor communities one bit. I am more of a Pablo Escabar supporter – sell the drugs oversees and use the money to build local schools, parks and sports teams – But from a business perspective Meech embodied all that you will learn if you take business classes in college – simple supply and demand, share the wealth and keep people happy! He was aware that he could have stopped pushing drugs and have gone legit, but it was too late and those around him didn’t have the wider vision. They blew all the cash.
    I run a small legit operation with 3 employees. am I always honest? Hellz no, I scam customers all the time. If I know some clients are willing to pay more for something, guess what? They pay more. There is nothing unethical about making more money! I would take Meech as a business partner any day!

    • Kenneth Jones

      And thats what im talking about…finally someone that is connected with the real world and how the real world actually work and not caught up on sounding politically correct….PREACH

    • $18592567


    • tbirdandkoolaid

      Being unethical is being a business man.

      Selling ‘illegal’ drugs for the sake of balling is a crime.
      Selling ‘illegal’ drugs to feed your family is unethical.

      We all have a choice. I’m stick of US saying the ‘white’ closed all doors so im selling drugs…

      Take a mexican. they work 2/3 jobs, save money, don’t spend money on sheet they don’t need (200 sneakers, 400 jeans, 2500 rims), then they buy a house or start a business.

      • jsj23

        Yep, those Mexicans didn’t give Meech any drugs, yep those Mexicans didn’t rat him out, yep those Mexicans aren’t killing innocent Blacks in California, yep those Mexicans are just the squeaky-clean “model citizens” we should all aspire to. Are you learning spanish bitch? SHUT THE F*CK UP! Don’t compare me or Blacks to Mexicans, Irish, Italians, Jews or any other people. THERE IS NO COMPARISON! And no one said anything about “Whites closing doors” stop force fitting everything into the House-Nigga mentality!

      • Richie_Ochoa

        Who do u think Supply the dope them same mexicans Get yo sh#t together

    • AMEN

    • He provided for his employee’s much better than Wal-Mart ever has or ever will, that’s for damn sure! lol

  • How many fmilys he ruined because the mother our father bought drugs except for food.Our people he killed.Just a loser I never had 200 million bought I´m free…

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Real smoke…as a cat who came up in the urban jungle and went astray due to the trappings of trapping and became a twice convicted felon (one state, one federal) I can definitely say I regret the choices I made…I used the anger almost every young black male in the ghetto uses as a crutch to phuck up their future as an excuse to live that bullshyt lifestyle…it was not worth the time lost or the heartbreak caused…and the sad part is I had the opportunities laid out for me and I squandered them and now all the opportunities that are out there for the non felons are closed off to me and my kind…there are no do overs so all I can do is manage with the scraps off the table of opportunity…so all you cats who are conviction free stay sucker free and eat all you can eat off the table of opportunity…college, all that…the prison system is no place for any human being and we as black people do not have the complexion for the protection…white America forgive their kinds indiscretions, they do not forgive ours so easily so do not blackball yourselves like myself and so many like me have done…the gangsta shyt is a mirage, drug money and the lifestyle evaporates instantly when the raid comes down and the cuffs go on…ask Meech…he talking slick cus he still early in his bid…ask him 15 years from now does he still feel the same way and he’ll throw thevword regret around so much you’ll think itsw the only word he knows…50 said it best…wet pillows in prison, niggaz cry in the dark, if they do it during the day, niggaz’ll question there heart…

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    A word to the wise…ash-Shaitaan (the Devil) is also known as the waswaasil or the one who whispers then withdraws from his whisper…his only power is to whisper into the hearts of man, stir up those hidden desires until they are cemented at the forefront of ya mind, body and soul and then he withdraws from you and leaves you to your own devices.
    .you make the choices you make…so the devil has no real hand in the good or the bad you do and neither does the white man…the white man puts crack and dope in the hoods worldwide but he doesn’t make you sell anything…it’s a choice you make…like shaitaan he uses the quiet whisper…he dangles facades like bling, big booty bad bytches, stacks of racks made at rapid fire speeds, and exotic whips in front of you and you bite the bait like Adam and Eve bit the forbidden fruit…if you chose the fast life you deal with the ugly consequences in the end…but if you take the high road and walk the righteous path and go thru the ugly struggle and hardship of sacrificing and striving via education and working those mediocre iobs while pursuing that degree you taste the sweet rewards the convicted, imprisoned felon dream chased while duped by the false desires the devil invoked in him…work hard, struggle now…SMILE BALL OUT LATER WHEN ALL THAT HARDWORK AND SACRIFICE PAYS OFF

    • Okae

      The white man puts crack and dope in black neighborhoods? So I guess you consider Mexicans/Columbians white since they control 90% of the worlds cocaine. As for dope close to 90 percent of it comes from the Taliban and other Afghani groups who are Arab, or do you consider Arabs white as well?

  • Montezuma1

    What a dicc. He’s doing 30 yrs and has no regrets? You mean there’s NOTHING he would do differently? Then he’s as dumb as he looks. I got a few questions of my own for this clown.

    1. Who’s braiding your hair these days?

    2. Were you born that stupid or did you use your own product to get that way?

    3. Were you so attention starved that you were willing to die for it and/or spend your life in prison?

    4. If you’re so smart why didn’t you do something else?

    5. Are you a pathological liar?

    6. All that money and your legacy is cheap women, expensive cars and strip clubs. Do you consider yourself an underachiever? People with sense do.

    7. You did all of this to get into the rap game? #FAIL

    8. You do realize your lust for abnormal amounts of adulation indicates a major psychological flaw?

    9. Why are you ONLY serving 30 years when people who end up on wiretaps just talking about drugs with no possession get close to the same time.

    10. Why did it take over a year for you to get sentenced after you took your plea?

    11. Why were you held in the county jail for that time instead of the feds?

    12. Why were you sentenced to an FCI instead of the pen?

    I can go on but your whole shyt is SUSPECT, as a man and a hustler but keep styling for these lames who learn about the streets from music and DVD’s. You have more in common with them than real ni99as anyway.

    • Michael Howard

      you’re an idiot county jail is worse than FEDS FCI is because he’s high profile and would be a target in the PEN and you know nothing about a street hustler or a hard life obviously. You make sacrifices to make money and put FOOD on a plate. Grow a pair or talk when your balls drop son. Wiretaps and no possession never leads to 30 years either. And he didn’t get caught with anything on him. Dumbass.

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  • daveofthematthews

    Did this guy seriously just say that the global collapse was in part down to him going to prison?……”I’m not sure if you noticed that when Big Meech and BMF fell so did the
    economy (LOL) and seriously, that’s not a joke or laughing matter
    because there is nothing funny about people struggling, I just wonder if
    you notice the major impact that we had and drastic change for the
    worse in America’s economy after our incarceration near the end of 2005.”……. well i that is pretty conclusive…..Hahahahahahahaha this guy kills me.

    • Michael Howard

      lol you know nothing about bmf obviosuly this group had ties in and out of the system and helped boost economically with growth expotentially.

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  • Dudes check out our first remix pliz!!! Hope u like it!! Comment and suscribe if u want 🙂

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  • Lisa Smith

    Big Meech can save Rick Ross if he wants too – Google Doyouvideos

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  • Lon

    It’s easy to criticize someone else, and derive our own suggestion on how we feel about the matter. I guess if all options were available to achieve a meaningful and successful life things would be looked at differently. So with that being far from the truth, and the nature of some humans follow a destructive path (not all) it just is what it is. Life has no real right or wrong path just good and bad ones. We all make choices, Hitler, Gotti, Bin Ladin, Malcolm etc…and it creates this great world and the sinful one we live in…sometimes good and sometimes bad…with a story to tell. The Bible itself has all of this stuff in it, tragedies, betrayals, prostitution and some. Meech has a story as well. What is your story of triumph or failure? Before you choose to criticize. Tiger Woods,

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    Awesome interview with the infamous Big Meech…. This interview caught my attention and thought I should share it…. Big Meech in his own words, Exclusive interview with

  • You can always tell when blacks are posting comments: Nothing that makes sense is posted.

    • Angelo Brooks

      see it this makes sense shut up

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  • melissa

    First and for MOST the nations and the United state’s government are the kingpins in the dope game.THEY take the threat off the streets once they get to the top and then take all the money and assets and pocket the shit. When I say the the threat im talkin about they take the BIG player’s off the board so they can collect. And even tho I Kno jehovah dont agree with the drug trade only for the fact it destroys family’s and lifes but most importantly kills kids and the abuse and neglect children receive from drug use and their parents being in prison the man acknowledges God and I kno for a fact God acknowledges him and not in a bad WAY. He’s got some things to answer for but he’s accepted in THE New way of things. Signed THE HOLY SPIRIT. …

  • melissa

    And its the United nations and the United states government that Satan has authority OVER bcz THEY OUR HIS servants ..look at the sentence dude GOT when u got old ass dudes rapen their grandchildren for years sodomizing oral sex all that fucked up nasty shit and that piece of shit got a 20yr suspended sentence and never seen a prison sale i think THE ones in charge of sentences and determineing them OUR fuckn child rapists. They just made a robot to treat child pedophiles.they give the sick fucks toysto molest and lock up many makers so they can take the MONEY now that some sick shit that God is about to handle. ..on another note..much LOVE to this dude and his movement ..

  • melissa

    Money makers smh…out this bitch