Hip-Hop Rumors: Trouble With Kanye And Kim?

The rumors are swirling around Kim and Kanye. There is alleged trouble on the horizon. I don’t know a lot about Kim K, but it seems like she dated one of the Jacksons named TJ Jackson. This young man was her first. TJ is the son of Tito Jackson, the bass player for the Jackson Five. Well, with all the drama surrounding the Jackson fam, is seems that Kim reached out to offer her support. No bueno. The National Enquirer, which is surprisingly on point these days, says KANYE WENT OFF. Here is what they said.
Now here’s Kicker No. 2: Kim phoned old friend/teen-throb TJ, now a married father of three, to tell him she’d help out any way she could with his “new kids” – but that touched off the hair-trigger temper of Special K’s thug/lover KANYE WEST, who fears his big-bootied cutie might rekindle the flames of hot teen love!

Revealed a close friend: “Kanye’s boiling! He told Kim to stay a million miles away from that crazy family, and not to get caught up in their drama – because he won’t stand for it! But his reaction’s made Kim apprehensive. Friends think that more and more, she sees that Kanye wants her at his constant beck and call – because he wants to shrink her life outside of their relationship!”

I don’t know how close they are to getting married, but Kim and Kris marriage will not be settled until next year so any hopes of KimYe tying the knock are going to be held off. They said Kim has already paid $250k to her lawyers already. Now, that s**t CRAY!

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  • Sosa_Limone

    lmao at the source calling kanye a “thug”…anybody that knows anything about hiphop knows that he is the furthest thing from a thug, and he has never tried to be one either. dude came into the rap world game rocking old navy and gap, when niggas was still wearng baggy clothes, and throwbacks

    • true but when it come to these hoes kanye got thug ways lol kim see the signs now so you wont have to worry about them later !! lol 😉

    • nothinlessdenSour

      Lol thats the same shit i was thinking

  • tito jacksons kid?? hahahahahahahaha… u kno that game , six degrees of kevin bacon, well its like u can play that game with kims puss but instead of actors its every rich black man in america thats somehow related to someone who has invaded that hole. hahahahahaha ok im done…

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Damn who hasn’t she boned…

    • King Cold

      you mean who hasnt boned her lol

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  • scullyson

    Uh oh sounds like there maybe Big trouble in little china. protect ya neck..LOL

    • King Cold

      protect them cakes lol

      • scullyson

        right ye got his hands full . But wait I thought he had the “Perfect Bitch” ? lol

      • King Cold

        i knw right? we all know this relationship aint gonna last so idk why hes even wasting his time wifing her…i smell a nas and kelis part two

      • scullyson

        Ah ha ha ha …yesssir….Thats if the marriage even see’s the light of day which i doubt..

  • kstaxx

    Major case of sucker for love syndrome, Kanye West is lame and should have his pimp card revoked. This guy is literally embarrasing himself because of this BOP KIm K, but then again its Yeezy hes use to it.

    • i wonder if kanye said the samething to amber about wiz lol jk jk jk jk jk lol 😉

  • Dointer

    She wants some of Michaels estate.. money hungry biatch..If Pimp C was still around he would be slapping this broad around with his flip flops

  • dominicancoke

    Aint nothing wrong with being a sucka for love especially with a bitch like kim you feel me,? Some of you dudes quick to critisize yet ya suckers for flavor flave in a skirt looking chicks or precious look alikes I seen ya at pollo loco buying 2 buckets of chicken and 2 side orders to satisfy their hunger

    • lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Casor_Greener

      DAMN!!! Some of you boys hurting…

  • Pull up like Billups

    she done fucked the whole team

    • Whydid Youblockme



    He be handcuffin’ he should work for them OFFICERS -Wiz.

    • Big_Cam_da_Killa_Man

      Wiz doin da same shit.. wit his old bitch

  • hoeyuno

    Kanye if your the jealous type why do you date sluts???? Your bootylishis perfect bitch has had more brothers then pinky the pornstar.

    • right he knew that booty had history when he wifed it up … thats the downside to dealing with joints like that … the past is bound to creep up … a bone will def fall out that closet lol … and this one is so deep it wasnt kris, it wasnt ray j, reggie bush and these are just the guys WE know about LOL smh … now out of know she was dipping in the jackson fam too LOL smh

      • hoeyuno

        Exactly.. And he has to deal with her past everytime he walks by a newspaper stand or whenever he turns the tv on. And I’m not gonna front I would wife kim all the way to the bank(no pun intended haha).. But I’m not a jealous dude. I don’t think these 2 will make it to christmas…

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  • man dont read this shit and take it serious, anyone can write shit and say sources said, this shit would be all over the media, this is just an article of something cause they didnt have nothing to write about so they have to write something,,

  • i dont know i guess kayne thinks this is the best he going get white rich celebrity trash. i dont know what has come over him but he is only human hopefully he snap out if and bonce back to normal.

  • bleadze

    Kanye is not trying to control her he knows she’s a slag and if she bangs another person or get involved with the Mj family that every one would know she did it for fame and attention and he wants people like me that believe Kim can’t change to see that she’s a good person which she’s not

  • Dointer

    This guy has lost more respect by being with this hoe opposed to when he made the step over to rapping instead of producing.


    Who gives a shit this is hip hop

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    i couldn’t be with a girl knowing all the men she been with i mean even lil bow wow got in there

    • toreal

      I only know of about 7 men she has been with. That’s average for a girl her age.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        seriously…in what city and state, i mean i know some hoes that got ran trains on fo show…but never known a girl that individually been with more than 4 guys that i know.

      • dominicancoke

        One time I dated a bitch who slept with 3 dudes I knew I trusted this bitch since I was naive and young lol came to find out she was still sleeping with all 3 plus 2 behind my back lol kickef her to the curve

      • Bumpy Johnson

        LMAoooooooooooooooooo , you cracked me up dawg…i know this one girl i dated, i think onthe low she smashed niggas bro real talk ..that F#ckin Slut

      • toreal

        That’s all they tell you about. I live in Houston. (Spring)Tx.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        no what i mean is that i personally know…well i dont hang with a lotofpeople coz u know ni&&as wreckless down in houston texas, but …wait okay hold up. yea there is probably a couple of them actually when i remember high school…coz everybody screws around the same hoes…i take my whole statement back.

      • toreal


  • Jonathan Cephas

    Just wanna clear up.. Tito plays the lead guitar, Jermaine plays the bass. lol

  • churchboy2

    The multiple grammatical errors (including “tying the knock” instead of “tying the knot”) tell me that this is a genuine illseed article. LOL

  • toreal

    I would do anything to find out what Kim K vagina smells like.

    • Heartless_Bajan_Bastid

      It smells like fish. She’s been ran though many, many, many, many, many, times, so it’s not gonna smell like roses…

      • toreal

        Come on now.

  • mike malarkey

    hey illseed… u forgot to log this story under your alter ego sydney lace….

  • ChinotheJet

    So Kanye is a “thug”now? White people kill me…

  • Weedras

    this works for a music website and doesn’t know TJ jackson was a member of the r&b group 3T’s…smh.. plus all them grammatical errors… and to sum it up this shit shit is something that should be left for media take out and perez hilton.. smh…

  • MarquisCarter

    Why is their life any of our business?

  • Ya’ll tripping!

    Don’t think Kayne won’t start thugging…with his pink & yellow, ostrich feather, bikini thong on, wearing flip flop sandals, screaming ” aoWWWwww!”…. He will scratch your eye out!

  • Slaughtr


  • D_Ably

    Kanyes just wants his own slave he can poke from time to time. The mans a a twat of epic proportion.

  • jsj23

    I can’t wait for this generation of pathetic, soft-core, wannabe acts to hurry up and go! This include Kanye, Rick Ross, Drake, Beyonce, and I am too mad to continue to mention the rest. Damn, they need to hurry up and go! Tired of the bitchy drama with these losers.

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  • The Gemini way!

  • First of all who is Kanye West do be so disrespectful to call the Jackson Family “Crazy”….Just the other day when Micheal Jackson died he clearly stated that he is the next Micheal Jackson….Kanye fooled us by allowing us to think that he was one of those conscious, pro black rappers through his breakthrough in Hip-Hop…But now he is showing his true colors that he is nothing but a house negro, that is too busy getting fucked by the master in the house oppose to the rest of the negros that’s picking cotton in the field.

  • immackulate

    kanye dont know how to control his broad – he couldnt control AMBER either
    his reverse psychology game sux – i dont even think the broad love’m as much as he FEELS like he loves her cuz chopping it up with yo EX is a no-go in most guys books
    not outta jealousy but just because it gives the EX a false sense of security and a 1up on her new beau KANYE – now we starting to see who really running the relationship from a outside looking in type situation – bet TJ thinking YEAH SHE ALWAYS GONNA LOVE ME – what kanye shouldah did was take a step back from KIM until she either come back baring gifts and crying eye shadow or til she had enuff space to phuck up again – you dont ever supposed to physically, financially, or verbally TRY to control a female – you supposed to control her heart and mind and the rest gonna follow


  • Thee_Gooch <—- Twitter

    Michael’s in Heaven right now singing “Crew Love” for Kim K lol

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