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Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Meek Mill Get Dropped By Previous Manager?


This is an interesting rumor that I just picked up off the streets of Philly. Now, this is something I didn’t know. Charlie Mack, a Philly legend, was the previous manager for the young bull before he got down with Roc Nation.

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So, for those of you that don’t know Charlie Mack – from what I know – got his start as the bodyguard for Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff. Well, since those days, he’s grown into a positive pillar in the local community and remains to be well respected to this day. I heard that at a community event that he was doing, a girl asked Charlie Mack how he could manage a rapper such as Meek Mill that is seemingly opposed to all the positive things he does in the ‘hood. It was told to me that Charlie Mack had no response to the query. About a week or two later, he stepped down as the manager for one of the hottest rapper in the game. Shortly thereafter, Meek got down with Rock Nation.

What do you think of that? Crazy.

And with that, I present: “1st Out The Limo” in all of its corny glory! LOL!!

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  • ladynamor

    Young bull? Suspect. What man refers to another man as a young bull?

    • That’s common Philly slang

      • ladynamor

        oh ok, my fault. still sounds suspect though. i wouldnt want my man calling a dude a bull thats all.

      • I don’t hear what’s suspect about calling a dude a bull.I don’t associate bulls w/ gay shit

      • Kevin Farley

        thats my youngboul

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      It’s a play on words, yo. Calm down. In Philly they say “boy” a certain way and it sounds like “bull” or “buuh”. You digging too deep LOL. Just read the stories and stop looking for something to complain about.

  • TheBoxcarHobo

    Can’t even be mad at that…gotta respect the man for his conviction

  • This Meek person has not learned the in’s-and-out’s of the music business…He had a great buzz for a minute, but he clearly is on his way to failure.

    • Abrasive Angel

      and I still haven’t bothered to listen to a song by him to see why he is even on this site so much.

  • He didn’t get dropped. The manager just realized how hypocritical it was to manage an artist like Meek Mill.

  • That’s some O.G. Throwback ‘chet.
    Especially the way it was handled, low key, smooth, with no hard feelings.

    Meek = Winning $$$$
    Mack = Winning Soul

    Fresh Prince was clean Hip Hop fun…commercial…but still proper & jazzy Jeff had skillz….different era. Not like DJ Khalid shouting “We they best!” or some old white lady in a Hick bar calling herself a DJ…with “LITTERALLY” no WAX. Couldn’t change a needle on a Technic 1200, let alone know where to get one locally.

    ( Old White Lady in Hick Bar playing blends on CD >>> DJ Khaled )
    @ #I’mJustSayin’

    Chuck D won’t do Malt Liquor Commercials & you know they would have loved to have Chuck D endorse St. Ides.

    Eric B & Rakim did.
    Ice Cube did.
    ( Used that “Bird In a Hand” ( Boyz N Da Hood beat, when they pulled out on Tray in Red Hyundai with Double B )

    Hottest Track on ( Death Certificate ) Album that was a certified banger.

    EPMD / Snoop DoGG
    *Not equating the two, except as MC’s who don’t portray a conscious style

    Nate Dogg
    MC Eight

    Love > Money
    Love Of Money = Fail Spiritually …even if it’s a win business wise.

  • mrgibson

    That’s how you’re supposed to handle business

  • Negro Peligro

    Can respect not being a hypocrite.

  • SDS_Overfiend

    Meek Millz… Mixtape Rapper.. Mack did the right thing.

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  • BilderbergSuperstar

    Charlie Mack is an informant..He has since changed his life to do positive things in the community..