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Hip-Hop Rumors: Which YMCMB Star Is Endorsing Chief Keef + Chief Keef On Nightline

Chief Keef got a huge endorsement yesterday from YMCMB birthday boy Drake. Before I get into that, did you see the photos from Drake’s 26th birthday party over the weekend in Washington D.C.? The rapper had a huge blow out birthday bash at The Park Presetned By Hennessy V.S, and as per usual, Drake’s attire ended up getting a lot more attention than he did. The rapper wore a velvet shirt that was pretty bad. Check out the pics below:

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What was Drake thinking? He obviously dresses himself right, a stylist would never pick this out. His style choices are atrocious. Anyway, Drake admitted over twitter yesterday, that he had a new found affinity for Chief Keef’s song “Love Sosa”. Check out Drizzy’s tweet about the track below:

MMG rapper Meek Mill’s seems to be digging the track as well and quoted the track in an instagram message last night:

Are you feeling “Love Sosa”? The Young Chop produced track is off of Chief Keef upcoming mixtape, Finally Rich. The track already has a million and a half views on youtube and it’s only been out three days. Pretty impressive.

Among the good Chief Keef news, there’s also bad. Chief Keef found himself is some more negative press yesterday when he was featured on ABC Nightline’s investigative piece about the Chicago gang life. The anchor highlights Keef’s most popular song “I Don’t Like,” where he talks about not snitching. They also say he was arrested for pulling a gun on an officer. The Chief Keef talk starts at the 5:48 mark.

What do you think is going to happen with Chief Keef? Is he going to be able to sell records or will he not even get the chance to due to his trouble with the law.

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  • therealest1

    Worthless shit.

    • i wouldnt go that far … hopefully the huge mirror dude is holding up towards folks who condone the ish he represents … hopefully it will wake them up …… but seeing that there have been 10 million rappers just like cheef keef prior (yeah im exaggerating lol) i doubt it ……………………………………

      • 57LFC

        exactly is this any worse than onyx when they dropped or schooly d or 50 cent or the father of this style of rap master p? dudes kill me

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    how times have changed

  • MuthaFuka Jones

    Why is this talentless ass-clown still getting publicity?

    • David Gonz

      who jay z?

      • MuthaFuka Jones

        ^^This didn’t even deserve an answer, but I gave in…………….

      • 57LFC

        stop hating bruh

      • BoldSpice


  • hes def gonna sell records … just dont expect the kid to break records … hes gonna contribute more to the downfall of record sales …. as well as the continuous downfall of the black community ……. what am i doing you may ask … educated myself, earning an honest living, being a gentleman (as best as i can females dont make it easy believe it or not lol), staying positive & optimistic … i try to give as much as i can and help as many folks as i can … reflecting as much light as i can and on purpose … i can be a devil just like everyone else but im tired of seeing folks being devilish just cause … @ the end of the day we have a choice ….. and i chose to be positive …. negativity is whats killing the world …. negativity killed rome …. that was left but its true ………. 😉

  • Nigh”T”line

    Chief Keef found himself is some more negative press yesterday when he was featured on ABC Nightine’s investigative piece about the Chicago gang life.

    Hip-Hop Rumors: Which YMCMB Star Is Endorsing Chief Keef + Chief Keef On Nighline


    P.S. Chief Keef = Trash

    • BoldSpice

      Why you reading it then? Can never figure that out about people. Why give attention to something you claim you don’t like?

      • Hoping he announces his retirement.

    • jsk1103

      Lol what a douche!!!! You correct her spelling and then proceed to misspell his name wrong not once but TWICE!!! SMDH. IT’S KEEF. AND KEITH

      • >>>>Cups hand over eyes, squints & scans the horizon….seeing you, the only one who gives a fugg & offers you a job at 4UMF to write about Chief Keef.

        Job is yours if you want it!
        Get paid to ride his nutz, get in shows free, interview, him, etc.

        We need a Chief Keef Writer.
        Get paid to finger surf his bootyhole…instead of doing it on AHH for free.

        Link Up!

        *Fixed it 4 you

  • Black Exodus

    THIS IS NOT HIP HOP…THIS IS HIP CRAP…this is mindless death music. This is the shit the raising our youth and you wonder why the community gets no respect. Murder, Murder, death, death, guns, guns, money, money, money and absolutely no power. What is it gonna take to wake from this madness. Our rap music is gutter drivel. We will continue to be in last place as long as this energy is guiding us that way. Shame on the entities that push this death down the throats of the blind, weak and meek. Music is suppose to inspire not devour.

    Black Exodus “Most Hated”

  • As much as I hate Chief Keef I got to admit that Love Sosa is pretty catchy.

    • johnblacksad

      Yeah that beat go hard… the boy is subpar with the rhymes tho

  • SMDH @ Bottom Drake pic!

  • Abrasive Angel

    Ratchet Rap Sucks

  • this little rascal in gonna end up in a ditch.

  • Richard Savage

    What is that Drake got on? Some kinda gay surrender shit?

    • BoldSpice

      Shirt probably cost more than your life. Just saying.

      • That makes it all the more cornier!

      • johnblacksad

        You sound like you’d wear the shirt… with Drake’s sweat all over it

      • Be sucking the sweat out of it like it’s a velvet catcus and he’s walking across the Sahara & ‘Chet.

      • Richard Savage

        they probably would wear it… closet cases

      • Don Wann Cook

        That dont mean ish just bckz it cost alot dont mean it look good u sound foolish

      • Richard Savage

        And you’re probably right… doesn’t take away the faggish look though… money covers up sexuality now???

    • That ‘chet was funny!

      Looks like a beach towel!

      That ‘chet look like a curtain.

      Still, props to Drake for putting that DNA vs Dizaster battle together….for that, he gets a pass in my book.

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  • Drake literally wore my grandma’s heavy winter velour drapes to his birthday bash…that’s one of them shirts I expect one of my playa uncles to have worn in the late 70’s with a gold medallion…trying to be dolomite..Chief Keef’s wordplay is city dump in a heat wave..pure hot trash..I wish the source was still legit..he’d get negative 5 mics..

  • brotha_man

    shit sad….maybe my grandkids will see change cuz i wont see it in my lifetime

    • johnblacksad

      sad is the word… sh!t left me speechless

  • Flidado

    im all for a black man making money or a legal level..God knows i am..BUT i will be so damn happy when people start saying ” do you remember that guy, i cant think of his name he had a song called i dont like or something” i mean lets be there honestly a place for this nigga chief keef in hip hop? the first time i ever heard this nigga i thought he was waka…i triple dog dare anybody to tell me that “I Dont Like” doesnt sound like a waka track..i thought the nigga was from the A..just to come to find out he from the Chi?! wow…if this nigga drop a album it will be his first/only one to be in a store..the label will be kicking there self in the ass once it drop..cause its gonna flop like clown shoes..or a fish out the the words of jada “i dont see how a record company could pay yall”

  • mademan3000

    That shirt Drake has on…THAT’S THE SHIT THAT I DON’T LIKE!!! Pun fully intended!!!

  • Darren Myt Collins

    yeah drake cosigned Kreayshawn also….we see how that went

  • Bumpy Johnson

    didn’t he call Wayne gay? YMCMB having some loyalty issues???

  • RevrendIke3x

    Drake shirt looks like a Fingerhut bedspread. Or one of Rollo’s, from Sanford & Son, going out shirts. Ya Big Dummy.

  • MildManneredReporter

    is this nigga seriously hot right now? All his music trash…he makes lil b look like mos def.. who dick is he sucking to get all this press, chris stokes?

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  • drake likes that figure skater look… smh… and keef still ant got no bitches in his vids lol… and he saying boy alot… ha… pink mafia ninjas takin over… LoL

  • Rick D.

    Drake like them shirts like Furio Giunta from the Sopranos… LMAO

  • if your name is CK then i will not be supporting u