Hip-Hop Rumors: Ma$e Is An Official Coke Boy?

What in the world is going on? Now, I know that Ma$e is definitely, uh, trying to make a comeback. And we all know that he’s very cool with French Montana. But, this is outrageous this rumor I am hearing! I am getting the good word that Ma$e is officially now one of French’s COKE BOYS! Remember this:

But that was April, and not a lot has changed for Mason Betha. Sure, there are rumors, but mostly nothing. Meanwhile French Montana is surging in popularity. The beef with 50 Cent may have consummated his epic year. There are hit songs and there are massive collaborations with the likes of Drake, Wayne and Rozay. AND, he’s illseed’s person of the year!

By the way, people forget that “illseed’s person of the year” is an unlikely winner! And it seems like folks think I should take my job “serious” – AS IF…!!!! Anyway, the point of all this writing is that I heard that Ma$e is now an OFFICIAL COKE BOY! All this sounds weird considering Mason Betha is still a pastor, as much as we know. Anyway, I guess French is rapidly becoming a business man. He’s executive producing Trina’s comeback album. And he’s now apparently about to spearhead Ma$e’s comeback as a Coke Boy. Those cats in NJ are going to go crazy over this one.

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Illseed, Out.


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  • Crappy rappers are made for one another.

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  • John

    Wouldn’t that mean that Ma$e is signed to Puffy once again?

    • Was he ever unsigned….or just on the shelf!

      • OnlyFaDaReal


  • johnblacksad

    Coke Boy Pastor Mason Betha.. smh… more comebacks than MJ23!

    Next thing you know he gon jump on that 50cent tweef like he never was in that Window Shopper vid… (still LMAO at M.O.P. in that vid… ninjaz lookin lost in Monaco/Monte-Carlo like “damn, i miss Brownsville… when do we go back?!”)

    Back to Betha… how you join/sign with French Montana when it should be you next to Diddy signin young Harlem ninjaz… looks just like a fail

    • Hahahahaa! Them ninjaz was like WTF do we do here?

      Mase = Bugging!

      • hoeyuno

        yea I don’t think its a coincidence. I think this was his only option. I think the contract he got puff to sign last year was just so he could do songs with other artists. this is the closest ma$e will ever be from being off puffs plate. puff owns that kid.

      • Diddy = The Don King of Rap

  • Bleek

    He should have been off’d along time ago, Harlem niggas, Smh RIP to rich porter

  • therealest1

    This clown seems to have an identity crisis since he came back in 2004 on who to align with. He was trying to go to G-Unit, months ago he was thinking about going to G.O.O.D. Music, now this ignorant crew?

  • ya boy

    From Jersey And aint gon go crazy over Mase comin to write French shit

  • Every few years MA$E gives us a reason why he should listed as the dumbest rapper alive…..All this back and forth Church and Hip Hop business is proves that both Hip-Hop and the Church is nothing but one big cash machine–No realness at all.

    • Celz

      Naw it proves the Hip-Hop and Church Mase is associated with isn’t real and you haven’t bothered looking

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      How is the Church tied into what ONE man does?

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  • Bout IT Bout IT!

    2 clowns

  • ghost pen, cant have him on the credits so heres some change and you just sign to my label,………………no mas no mase no more…….. music from the suckers.

  • Alf Capone

    nigga should just stick to being a fake pastor and picking up trannies……… nigga

  • mosestobymcgeethree

    just last week in the rumours u gave a blind item basically saying mase was being extorted and had to abort his comeback, now u are saying he is part of the coke boys. which one is it?

  • Terrance Goodman

    A rapping preacher creflo dollar ass nigga smfh mase give it up

  • Oknas

    Mase is running around in a maze

  • this dude will gimmick and use anyone for a little fame.. went from Cam, to a pastor to gunit cams rival and now french who is 50s rival LOL this dude has no loyalty..goodbye

  • Bryce13

    What happened to the Preacher’s wife? This sucka has no morals, what a sellout scrub.

  • TruthSerum

    If there is a hell, god has a special place reserved there for Ma$e

  • brotha_man

    mase + coke boys = he is ghost writing

    • hoeyuno


  • JustUs Samuel

    this should have been posted under ” Signs the world is coming to an End “

  • Johnny Sanchez

    Yo is it me or does Illseed’s article read like a female wrote it?

  • dayleedumped

    honestly french montana got some HITS with helps of others, but i dont
    think his album really gonna sell, id be fucCing surprised if he breaks
    100k. Who’s here copping that be honest?

  • justus182

    Is it still being swept under the rug about Mase getting caught picking up transvestites that one time? Funny how there’s never any mention of that anymore..

  • King Cold

    Smh… I guess he wants to be a gangsta rappin pastor. Fail of the year

  • toreal

    I think Mase is going to Hell.

  • Jeff Payne

    I would never give to the collection plate at his church

  • hoeyuno

    so in the end puff is still gonna make a dollar off of him. good thing he fought for 10 years to get away from puffy

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