Chuck D Bashes Jay-Z & Kanye West’s “N*ggas In Paris”

“Got my n*ggas in Paris, and they’re going gorilla.“-Kanye West

(AllHipHop News) Chuck D is not simply watching The Throne, he’s throwing stones.

During a performance in Lyon, France, the politically charged Hip Hop legend expressed his disgust over the usage of the N-word in the popular “N*ggas in Paris” song:

According to the frontman for Public Enemy, a white fan referred to him as a “n*gga”. However, Chuck blames the word’s pervasiveness in the vernacular of Black men for the white fan’s misuse of the word:

While admitting that Jay-Z is a “very very sharp smart dude,” Chuck also asserts that Jay-Z should assume more social responsibility for his actions.

This is not the first time Chuck has been critical of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne collaboration. In a 2010 interview U.K. publication The TimesChuck D questioned the group’s true intentions with their music:

“Hip hop celebrates those who wanna make a killing instead of a living. I like those guys, but they make me laugh sometimes because I don’t get who they’re here for, other than themselves.”

Check below for Public Enemy’s song “Catch The Thrown” featuring Cormega and Large Professor off the group’s 2012 album Most of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear on No Stamp:

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  • DollasTX

    Chuck aint never pulled any punches…

    • scullyson

      Nah…hate him or love him he don’t gaf….he just keeping it 100.

      • necyzyqoxaw

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    • Never missed any either!

  • therealest1

    You tell them Chuck D, give them logical hell!


    Chuck D is a certified Hip Hop Legend & I totally respect him however Jay & Kanye’s song is kind of a way of mocking people who don’t like Successful Black men with money. How many American Black men do you see in Paris walking around with enough money to do whatever they want with no care in the world?!

    • brotha_man

      thats what chuck is saying, there are more social conscience ways to make a point.

    • They may be the only two, while the rest get treated like wild beast on those same streets.


        ^See my reply above.^

    • YaheardSyndicate

      what are you talking about? Paris has plenty of Africans? I walk around Paris and do whatever I want as well. Thats nothing but a plane ticket and a place just like NYC


        I’m well aware of the fact that Africans/Black people are all over Europe in general & actually treated very well. I’ve heard basketball player’s who didn’t make the NBA talk about their treatment in Europe. Some of our older star’s(1920’s – 60’s) used to go to Europe because of all the racism here in the states.

    • Dave Williams

      i see your point i agree

  • RMfag

    Calling themselves niggas is what made the songs push.

    • RMfag

      Id suck Chuck’s D.

      • Sean Taylor

        yeah we know youll suck everyone

  • Mike Swiff


  • EQ

    “calling themselves that like happy ass slaves”..smh,let it go chuck its 2013,enuff with the semi militant bitter attitude..

    • brotha_man

      thats the prob now we chalk it up to the times “things have changed we give up, we will submit”. be aware shit is still the same we need more militant brothas and sistas

      • EQ

        lol let tha pass go man,this aint the 60’s…shit aint the same

      • acapwn

        We aren’t all passive like you.

    • DJ7

      let what go my dude? It’s cats like you that keeps the real ones down…..

      • brotha_man

        this probably a white dude….at least i hope it is

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      Go back to skool gay z gayne. West r both retards n fags

    • Frank

      It aint the word. It’s the idea. Nga’s is not going to paris. Most people won’t ever. So why rap about this luxurious stuff (in general, not just this song) when no one can relate? Chuck said it

      “but they make me laugh sometimes because I don’t get who they’re here for, other than themselves.”

      I still never seen no mason margella whatever the fck they talking about. WTF balenciaga and where would I even get it? real talk.

      • lox

        Then maybe the song aint for those who cant afford it.. think about that?

    • Matt Swan

      2013 doesn’t stop education. if you knew your history properly, then what Chuck was saying would ring true.

  • Jamie Rathbart

    If they want to call themselves ni**a then, I’m going to join in, no more being PC! N**gas!

    • Be careful though, if you say it in the wrong circumference, the next day, you might have to pay to get your fronts fixed.

    • lox

      Yea, behind your CPU screen.. Cause in real life you know you would get tha shit beat outta u.. and that lil dog in your pic will get skinned, made into sum fly ass J’s, the remains will be bar-b-qued and fed to u bitch

  • hoeyuno

    Hahaha what white kid would walk up to chuck d and say “what up n**ga”????¿¿¿¿¿ that kid probably got the earful of a lifetime. You know that kid learnt his lesson. He’s in wal mart right now looking for the censored version of the ni**az 4life album.

    • brotha_man

      i was thinking the same either unaware or the boldest white boy in the world. just wait till him and v-nasty conversate, now that would be epic

      • Matt Swan

        V nasty needs a high five….in the face…..with a chair. I’m from the hood I’m from the hood, I’m from the….B*TCH please. She got on messing with a coon named Gucci and she got street creds all of a sudden? And she was rollin with that BS “White girl mob”, but it was all dudes, and the funny thing was they were all black.

    • acapwn

      lmao @ that last sentence.

  • hoeyuno

    Large pro making a come back

  • Celz

    I gotta side with Chuck on this one.. I use the word personally and have no issue with those that do.. But to use it to publicly label yourself is too far.. Using it among ourselves has stripped much of the negative power away but that doesn’t mean you should title yourself as a “Nicca in Paris”…

    Alot of old folks say you shouldn’t use the word because you don’t understand the pain associated with it.. And they are right but that’s a good thing.. Our grandchildren will never have to experience that particular aspect of racism that our grandparents did..

    • Matt Swan

      I agree with you to a point….if we condone the use of the word in casual convo, our kids and their kids will continue the use of the word, and over time the meaning would be lost. If we are going to make a difference stop now, and educate the youth personally about the word. It’s not going to be taught the right way in any school. But one thing I find weird is that folks will listen to the music, quote it word for word, around their seeds no less and then get on someone else’s case when they are bumping it.hmmmmm…….

  • Carlos

    hip hop done went backwords, in the eighties nineties, we were starting to have our own identities and it was cool to be like chuck and to not do drugs. I dont know how it happened but we took mad steps back.

    • Celz

      NWA even had songs that were against using drugs.. SMH shyt is pathetic.. I only bang KDAY on the radio in Cali.. Drake is a worse influence than Eazy-E.. One is soft Canadain actor and the other is an L.A. thug who died from aids.. And if I had kids I would let them listen to the thug with aids first.. WTF is up with that?

  • Observant123

    Wow…Real Talk!


    I agree with him, but it’s not Jay-Z & Kanye’s “single” job to educate people about what has taken place in America & the world when it comes to the treatment of black people. They could research this info on their own with a little encouragement from Chuck. They do whatever you tell to, so this would be a good time to flip it on them. #imjustsayin #UseYourPowerForGood

    • steven dabney

      If Jay Z can make a song getting back at the Repubs for his visit to Cuba then he can speak on some police brutality or something to uplift the race. I don’t expect him to do it, but he can use his power to do something. The devil has many by the balls scared to say anything on a conscious level thinking that our money and prestige will be taken away. Jay and the rest of these clowns won’t stand for shit unless something happens to them or their boys.

      • Stacie

        You must of never own his albums. Listen to beach chair.


        that is one song in an entire career. and post “retirement” mind you.

      • steven dabney

        You’re right. I don’t.

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      Fool its always ur job to educate the ppl thats hip hop rather krs one public enemey nwa too short tupac spice 1 they all educated the ppl

    • Frank

      Yo there’s a video talking with Styles P about if his son came home wearing some Kanye skirt. And how he would just lose his mind for a min.

      He said that as an artist you want to say the most outlandish stuff, but you got to remember your’re a figure head in the culture. So kids are gonna listen and do what you do. So that’s when the responsibility comes in.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    exactly. im glad a real O.G. can see passed the d*** riding of people bank accounts. I mean if its all about money Vanilla Ice gets more a show still then lets say Royce da 59 or someone like that. It is a slave mentality. When i see the radio dj’s giving an interview its like they are so star struck, just cause someone has a chain on, or a big net worth. its laughable. Black culture in America in General we lost all our integrity.

  • Jay-Z has never really been socially conscious. At least not on the level that Chuck D would want him to be. So why single him and Kanye out? I don’t see Chuck D calling out Talib, Common, Yasiin Bey, The Roots, Lupe, Immortal Technique, The Coup…or whoever you want to label socially conscious. All of them say nigga in their rhymes.

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      All of them got game in their music n u get something out of i can tell u from nyc true dik ryders u love the attention

      • I’m not from NYC but where I’m from shouldn’t matter. You seem like the “dik ryder” in this scenario. It’s unfortunate that you couldn’t comprehend the question.

        I’m not bashing any of those artists’ music. I’m just posing a question about Chuck D’s true motives. Is he trying to advance the culture or is just and old hater. So, again…why wouldn’t he call them out?

    • yesanditcounts

      I think it’s two reasons he called out Jay-Z.

      1. All the other rappers you mentioned don’t have the same stature as Jay-Z.

      2. It’s one thing to say n*gga in your song, but it another thing to have the word n*gga in the title.

      As far as hating, Jay-Z and Chuck D. are close in age. The youth of today is quick to call an older person a hater because it convenient, but it dangerous to be that dismissive. It’s hard sometimes to watch someone travel the same road you have and not try to help them avoid the potholes.

      • jay


  • The Brain

    Yall always co-sign all the “N*gga, n*gga,” dumb shit until an O.G tells yall its stupid, then yall notice it’s wrong..

    • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

      Or until they hear a white person say it.

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  • Chuck Mission

    This is what I don’t get, Cats say it’s culturally acceptable to use the N word, but anyone that is not black would get bodied?!?! But then again these same cats tell me ni**a isn’t the same as ni**er.

    • greenhouse records

      its like its okay for females to call each other b*tch but not okay for a man to. Or you talking about your family member and its okay but others who are not family cant talk about them.

  • Guest

    I don’t think it was just about throwing the N word out there like n*gga, n*gga, n*gga. I believe it was sort of poking fun at the concept. Like “omg n*ggas in paris!” I think they created it for shock value and to provoke thought. Hence the snippet from Ron Burgandy if you get what they’re trying to do with that. I think they just wrecked the song so hard that people took it so literally.

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  • KLewis

    I think Flavor Flav has done more to set back black folks more than this song.

    • RMfag

      and then some

    • thatzlife

      no because no one really takes Flav seriously.

  • dehova

    Respect to Chuck. I hollered at a few rappers on Twitter about this. Busta, 50 I think, Styles P. None of them responded. What I think is crazy is this word came into popularity with Blaxploitation movies, something which is not good for us as a people but gained the sellouts that did them a reasonable amount of money and fame whilst encouraging the degradation of their once mighty race. This word should surely be played out now. I hear you Americans say it and I just think you sound stupid. Now you have pricks over here (UK) using it.

  • Frank

    “but they make me laugh sometimes because I don’t get who they’re here for, other than themselves.”

    I ask myself that same thing. When you listen to these dudes dropping names and stuff you don’t know…what am I listening for?

    • DeeWilli_85

      great quote

  • When Chuck speaks, you listen!!!

  • atlantahiphopshop

    I find it amazing that all these new rappers are making coon music that gets the new fans and labels support, and Public Enemy makes so called “radical music” and gets inducted into the Hall of Fame. Keep listening to this social media rap generation and see how far that gets you. Most of these artist today wont see a dime of publishing in years to come let alone a Hall of Fame consideration. They may end up rich, but they will be truly forgotten, and probably will be made fun of. We was on our way to knowledge of self and black pride with PE and Native Tongue, got diverted and lost ourselves when MTV promoted NWA and BET/VH1 dropped us in a sludge pile of materialism and reality TV. We went from ghetto kids who had a music that educated the less fortunate accompanied by slick beats and new dances, to a music that promoted violence, sex and materialism driven by YouTube views. If you follow the advice of these kids listening today, you are stupid. They dont care about what happens to ANYTHING let alone care about what happens to rap music. It would take the older generation to save hip hop. With the new “fans”, anything goes, and go it will! “Its whatever whatever man, let the sh*t die” (In Chief Keefs voice)

    • Matt Swan



      • thatzlife

        just to name yourself Kanye West Jr. says it all. We have never seen a more b*tch made rapper ever!! And u name yourself after him? See, this can only be a generation Y kid. Look at Kanye, crying and kisses the ass of every female he messes with. Catchin feelins all in public. Just a disgrace to manhood! And here is a little boy wanting to be his Jr? ….man this world is all screwed up! lol….smh

    • Nothing to do with grandpa. If somebody’s IQ is a bit higher, blackman thinks, either he must be old, gay, something white or associated with the illuminaty.

      Stay stupid, if you want but don’t be jealous if others make it.

    • thatzlife

      This is a new mindless generation. Generation “Y”. Its really sad. They dont know ANYTHING! They dont really care about being a coon, or having a slave mentality. They actually CELEBRATE coonish behavior. Thats the most shameful thing.

  • Finally something positive!!!!

  • I Was Sent To Prison for some shit is didnt do

  • Sun Jack

    Everything They Are Saying Is Positive and true. But The Music Is So Wack That No One Wil Listen. No Dis. Bigg Ups To The Legends.

    • DocSamson

      I didn’t think the song was wack. It’s definitely not in line with what we’re being fed though.

    • steven dabney

      Check out their last two albums re
      leased last year. Good stuff.

      • Sun Jack

        I Just Checked Some Of The Most Recent Stuff. I Didn’t Like Any Of It. Im Only 23. I Dont Think Im Old Enough To Appreciate The Style They Kickn. But I Do Understand And Appreciate The Angle of Their Lyrical Content.

  • Tron

    Chuck D is a Bum, no hits… He talks shit about Kanye & Jay, but his own hype man take Blk ppl back like 30 yrs!!

    • Matt Swan

      Go kill yourself…seriously

      • DeeWilli_85

        Thank U

    • jay

      you don’t know ish youngin

    • DeeWilli_85

      I can enjoy Watch The Throne like the next man, but clearly Tron u dont know what ur talkin bout. Even Jay & Ye know of PE’s contribution to the game. In your attempt to defend Jay n Kanye, u’ve made a great misstep.

    • johnblacksad

      some call me a jigga warrior, which i’m fine with… but i still think you’re… uh… i’m not gon call you names… like someone said, you’re too young!
      Holla at an OG around you so he can school you on PE! P.EACE!

    • True Dat

    • jd

      Neither one of those artist would have the balls to make a song like “911 is a Joke” or any other PE song Flav was involved in. And no hits?!? They’re in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame! C’mon little fella.

    • God Body

      who let this child on the internet unsupervised?

      • Tron

        Why don’t you GFY, You want Beef come to TX, You fucken Punk ass Loser….Chuck D has Zero relevance in today’s music game. So STFU.

      • God Body

        Seriously. You’re going to tell me to STFU When most people on this forum disagree with your statement. You’re either a troll or not very.bright. Entertaining nonetheless. You must be one those teenagers who knows everything lol. Thing is. This conversation will still be online when you grow up up

      • thatzlife

        Talk to that kid! Preach! These young sissy brats dont know the first thing about being socially responsible. smh

      • greenhouse records

        yeah hes not a gay, tight jean wearing bitch.

  • Tron ur just too young to know…

  • jay

    90’s babies are wack. im out


    Chuck D is the OG, gotta respect his words…he’s been in the game when it was about a movement and fighting the system, speaking on what’s wrong with society, to have self-respect and unify. Granted you don’t hear their stuff on mainstream nowdays, it’s the real deal. Minus Flava Flav doin some dumbass shiet…PE is legendary. While Jay and Ye cakin up, doin what they do and we all eatin it up…ain’t nothing positive coming outta “N*ggazs in Paris”.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    dope track been a while since i heard a nice chuck d track


  • Chuck’s right. We have to be more responsible with what we say, because words have power. And Kayne/Jay are not babies where they have to learn this..they in their 30;s and 40’s!

    • OSBKE3000

      Jay and Kanye won’t take the responsibility and we can’t afford to allow them to lead the way on this either .. otherwise they will market and exploit a new movement all for the sake of the their name, their glory .. there have got to be other rappers who can reach the masses

  • Choppaliss

    Black americans like talking for all blacks worldwide ….. different struggles by far, so we in the caribbean cant really relate to racism like yall but we have more of rich and poor kinda struggle

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  • Slaughtr

    Racism is all over the world wether you are in the states or not my mother to traveled Bermuda there is a wall they errected to seperate the poor from the rich which equals racism.So don’t bark about there isn’t any racism in the CARRIBEAN BS.Every artist needs to be social when it’s all over but feel it.

    • OKC-DOTD

      Poor and Rich are not “races”. And I also live in the Caribbean and I can cosign Choppaliss. So there!

  • FREEfromslavery

    first off, tron you cant be that stupid of a hip-hop fan to talk reckless about a hall of famer like CHUCK D. its the equivalent to some idiot not respecting MAGIC JOHNSON as one of the greatest ever to lace them up, ridiculous. like chuck said jay-z is a very bright individual but in my eyes and ears he has always upheld his crown on the throne as a capitalizing coon. with the death of PAC and biggie and the retirement of the hardcore legends of the 90’s, this chump jay-z took over the top spot by default. when these particular individuals i named earlier were doing their thing, i didnt really hear a peep out of this punk. he wasnt even on the radar screen of real rappers. jay-z & kanye along with the other STEP&FETCH rappers of this generation will never be socially conscious when it comes to the plight of the SLAVES from africa, which are these two idiots ancestors. these soft batch black males have made the word NIGGA something pleasant and delightful to the world. not caring that ridicule and death has accompanied that powerful word. 70% of us blacks cant stop using the word nigga because every single generation that came before us has been traumatized severely by the word nigga. PRAY for us and pray for irresponsible coons like jay-z and kanye who capitalize monetarily off our genocide.

    • AK

      retirement of legends of the 90s?? who retired… bunch of 40 years olds who were at their prime in the 90s still make music… maybe you just dont check for them

    • OSBKE3000

      I’m not black but it kills me how Jay talks about his love for black folks .. but PAC LOVED black folks .. he inspired within the community .. not by stage and interviews and new deals .. look back and was PAC really that bad??? I think Pac was WAAAYYY ahead of the curve on this …

  • I still can’t get over the fact that we live in a world where “Niggaz In Paris” get’s a grammy over “Daughters”, a song anyone could relate to whether they have kids or not.

    • OSBKE3000

      this is our society now my friend .. in the words of Chuck D

      “Hip hop celebrates those who wanna make a killing instead of a living.”

  • AK

    all this bitching for no reason maybe instead of sleeping on your fav artists and upcoming talent you should give them a shot and GO FIND their new music cause its out there, instead you keep listening to the radio/tv/ and mainstream websites for music… COMON NOW EVERYONE KNOWS THE MAINSTREAM AGENDA. Real Hip Hop with a message is still being made to this day you just need to look in the right places.

    • So it’s bitching when he is making a clear point? Why do you have to refer to each other as N***A. Shouldn’t we abandoned the word letting it die and evolve as an ARTFORM? Is it really that hard to make music that sounds great without using the word N***A?

      • AK

        Im not even talking about all that im talking about people on here talking shit on hip hop every chance they get no one is forcing them to listen to kanye or anyone