Chuck D Bashes Jay-Z & Kanye West’s “N*ggas In Paris”

Chuck D Bashes Jay-Z & Kanye West’s “N*ggas In Paris”

“Got my n*ggas in Paris, and they’re going gorilla.“-Kanye West

(AllHipHop News) Chuck D is not simply watching The Throne, he’s throwing stones.

During a performance in Lyon, France, the politically charged Hip Hop legend expressed his disgust over the usage of the N-word in the popular “N*ggas in Paris” song:

According to the frontman for Public Enemy, a white fan referred to him as a “n*gga”. However, Chuck blames the word’s pervasiveness in the vernacular of Black men for the white fan’s misuse of the word:

While admitting that Jay-Z is a “very very sharp smart dude,” Chuck also asserts that Jay-Z should assume more social responsibility for his actions.

This is not the first time Chuck has been critical of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne collaboration. In a 2010 interview U.K. publication The TimesChuck D questioned the group’s true intentions with their music:

“Hip hop celebrates those who wanna make a killing instead of a living. I like those guys, but they make me laugh sometimes because I don’t get who they’re here for, other than themselves.”

Check below for Public Enemy’s song “Catch The Thrown” featuring Cormega and Large Professor off the group’s 2012 album Most of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear on No Stamp:

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