Lil Mouse Accused Of Threatening To Kill Third Grader, Slapped With Assault Charges

(AllHipHop News) The 13-year-old rapper known as Lil Mouse stands accused of slapping and then threatening a third grade child for snitching.

The Chicago rapper has gotten quote the reputation in Chicago, but now he has fallen under far more intense scrutiny than before.

According to reports, the slapped and threaded to kill and 8-year-old boy for snitching. The family of the boy fear that Lill Mouse may actually hurt the boy has have requested that the student get permanently transferred away from West Pullman Elementary to aanother school.

According to Fox 32 in Chicago, the family is looking to leave Chi Town for good.

“I wanna pack up and just go,” the boy’s grandmother said. “I’ve already lost one child and I don’t want to lose another one.”
Furthermore, the threats have continued.
“The students, the eighth graders have grouped up together…made a phone call and said he’s snitching, He need to get killed for snitching,” she said.

Lil Mouse has been charged with assault, according to reports, but these have not been made official by authorities.

Here’s “Get Smoked” by Lil Mouse

  • therealest1

    Immature ignorant shit.

    • Guest

      blame for all this sh#t falls in the lap of black welfare mothers – starting from about the 80’s and on – the invisiible people in the media, and blogs – they get the Only thing they care about, the next check and housing

      • greenhouse records

        how are you gonna assume his mother is on welfare.

      • MrWow

        If she ain’t on welfare she is on something that ain’t healthy for her family.

      • Guest

        greenhouse records – re-read my comment -“ALL” this sh#t – not just “his” – it’s coast to coast – that’s no assume – that’s decades of city-to-city proof – 1) when America tore down housing complexes and spread welfare mothers thru out American cites and suburbs about 20 years ago – the result is the rise in killings that used to be confined in the complexes where they were – I got so much proof that we gotta change e-mails because I will type you so many ways it’s black welfare girl’s fault – and as I said – you’re with everybody who’s wrong for ignoring their major contribution.

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        check your self with that black welfare girls fault and no mention of the absent father but his seed growing up hearing thug life stories about this supposed nigg thats may or may not be their daddy?

      • Guest

        KingsCountyCrooklyn – and Who chose this person to have BABIES with ? – yeah, now you seeing my proof.

      • Guest

        KingsCounty Crooklyn – black welfare mothers have friends and relatives to learn from about bad fathers – and having no ability to raise kids on their own – but that’s what they want – once again, the child’s purpose is only for welfare and housing, the father’s purpose is baby donation, having a baby is the only way to get housing – then let the streets babysit them, take em off their hands, because they have their welfare.

      • greenhouse records

        If you gonna blame the mother. you need to ask why she on welfare in the 1st place. Also i know people who come from two parent households with good jobs but still in the streets.


    Bad ass lil nigglet

  • Dwayne Nvo

    dumb nigglet

  • Child abuse….Lil Mouse’s parents should get charged.

    Where will he be in 10yrs?

    Rap mogul like Weezy ( * >>Joke) or in prison with Spigg Nice.? (* >> Broke)

    • Brian Andrew Smith


      a few weeks back the kid had a show at some night club on the southside.on a wednesday night. The kid went on stage after midnight. WTF is a kid doing out on a school night, at a fcuking night club, after midnight. DCFS should have starting looking into his family life then.

      Now here is the kicker…seven people were shot in the club.


      Its pretty disgusting, and the weather is starting to get warm here which means its going to be scary walking around the streets of chicago. There were three murders yesterday. Over 100 since the beginning of the year, which is actually kind of low, but it was cold as fcuk all winter.

      Somebody better step in and save this kids life.

    • the parents of the snitch should get charged too & investigated for child endangerment…

  • Well it’s seems as if he was educated from listening to Hip-Hop lyrics, and this is a perfect example of how Influencial Hip-Hop really is.

    • Troll_E_G

      He was educated from the gd’s of roseland not hip hop

      • MrWow

        You don’t think Hip Hop has influence on the lifestyle kids are living? Culture of any kind has influence.

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        him and his most likely young mouses parents were influenced by hip hop and the many artist that make that I’m not a role model speech know damn well they lyrics is raising these wild ass kids who barely know or talk with their own parents/elders.

  • KC The American Pimp

    be-be kid at it’s finest

  • Lamar Star

    The most f*cked up, and absolutely rediculous thing about this whole situation is that I am willing to be that there are grown ass men standing behind lil mouse encouraging this type behaviour. Got damn shame.

  • PeoplePlease7

    Hopefully him and his supporters get shot in a drive by. It sounds harsh, but the Black community would be better off..

    • BossBeaux

      Wow ….that’s the solution

      • MrWow

        Yes it is…

    • Lamar Star

      Dumb ass then you’de just have the niggas who did the drive by to worry about, just more n*ggas killin n*ggas as far as the black community is concerned. You just re introduced the f*cking problem and called it the solution what the f*ck type of sh*t is that. You sound just as ignorant as lil mouse, his excuse is that he’s just 13 years old and mis guided what the hell is yours dumb ass n*gga ?

      • PeoplePlease7

        The point is that the fewer ni**as like him and his supporters that we have around, the better off the Black community will be. He and his ilk are setting up 3rd graders for murder. Their wake up call needs to come in the form of a bullet, because treating them like civilized Black people obviously has not worked. Stop making excuses he is more than misguided. They are a cancer in the Black community and need to be rooted out before they spread and take down the whole neighborhood.

  • Lamar Star

    A thirteen slapping an 8 year old, what kind of punk shit is that ? . This nigga looks about 8 himself, but regardless at thirteen you know you’re not gonna get any stripes off that

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  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    How did Chicago become just this fxcked up city? I can’t recall the last time I heard anything positive about Chicago. It seems to just continuously get worse.

    • its bcz they restrict residents from owning & carrying guns. people trying to fight hard now to stop restrictions.. recently the courts found their gun restrictions on law abiding citizens violate the constitution but now they tryin to stall even more & maybe going to appeal to higher court to try to keep the guns out of law-abiding citizens hand & prevent them from carrying for protection.

      & also they rank 90th of out 90 federal judicial districts in annual Syracuse study released for 2012 that studied where the districts rank in prosecutions of federal weapons crimes per capita.

      here is couple other facts from the study if your interested:

      The Syracuse study also showed that nationally federal gun crime prosecutions hit a decade low in 2011.

      The number of federal weapons prosecutions fell from about 11,000 in 2004 to 7,770 in 2012.

      Also from FBI statistics, gun violence has dropped 49% since 90s but about 55% of people think its waaaaay up bcz of all BS in the news.

      Its just up in places like CHI were nobody can carry guns for protection.


      • Nemesis_Enforcer

        So this explains why a 13 year old is already putting out poisonous music and threatening 8 year olds?

      • yea in the sense that the government has been brainwashing everyone for so long to rely on the government now they dont even know how to raise their own kids or handling a gun to protect their family’s lives

  • Matt Swan

    damn shame, all to get a fake ass rep, then get sued as soon as one of your songs “make it”. You’re about to take a big L lil homie

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  • Soulgasm

    Ok, I’m truly convinced……………..Stevie Wonder must’ve proofread this article. Smh,…

    • it was written by stevie wonder’s son who is in 4th grade w/ lil Mouse… he thought he included that info but he omitted it by mistake & didnt realEYEz it

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  • Profitz Beatz

    shit hard tho lol

    • BossBeaux

      Dude WTF is wrong with you at 8 and 13 that shit ain’t cool, cute, what’s up or whatever terminology you so called street people use I have a 7 year old and if she came home and told me this sh*t I would go Ape sh*t and if they had the balls to call my home I’m coming straight at his parents this a shame he should be worrying about after school dances and what girls think he cute at 13 not playing a grown mans game because if I was his older brother and really bout that life and less intelligent the rules would be to blow his little top off before he touch my blood. Reprogram your thinking this is not something to celebrate

    • Lamar Star

      SMH. Dumb ass

  • Dointer

    ”'””””According to reports, the slapped and threaded to kill and 8-year-old boy for snitching”””””” AHH you really have to be joking dont you ?????

    • its real in the 1st grade in tha CHI when you witness another kid’s lunch money being stolen U KNO…
      lucky they didnt kill him already for just for being there & the possibility of him turnin federal

      • Dointer

        Im talking about their inability to spell. I know and am saddened by how real it is in the Chi….I thought AHH would at least take the effort to make sure they were reporting on such a serious issue in a serious way.

      • oh lol i thought threaded was new slang
        but yea, no, AHH is not serious about much xcept what is the latest news in the gay community & exclusive rumors on who might be gay

  • dayleedumped

    wow do they not proofread this shit at least once? lol i usually dont complain about type o’s but goddamn

    • it was written by 9 yr old that plays on the swings with lil Mouse at recess

  • MrWow

    Wow. what label put this shit out? Where are the hip hop journalist at when the community needs them? Expose these adults putting this shit out.

    • redcons

      Yea right with all that violence who would want to even do an interview with these young clowns. Farrakahan and Obama need to gather all the men of Chicago like he did in Washington.

  • Synista

    Reading or attempting to read some of the articles on this site is funnier than an episode of the chappelle show featuring charlie murphy and ashy larry.

  • Sydewayz Soundz

    wtf is wrong with these lil young chi town niggas? smh

  • lil mouse dope rapper tho, hopefully he writin his own shit & hopefully learns its only bout the color of $$$$ & aint tripn off BS

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  • DollasTX


  • Chicago…

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  • brotha_man

    “reflection of my parents, fourth grade when i called my teacher a hoe”

    -young Dolph, I survived-

  • Cap Steez

    dam someone give this kid a time-out