Lil Mouse Accused Of Threatening To Kill Third Grader, Slapped With Assault Charges


(AllHipHop News) The 13-year-old rapper known as Lil Mouse stands accused of slapping and then threatening a third grade child for snitching.

The Chicago rapper has gotten quote the reputation in Chicago, but now he has fallen under far more intense scrutiny than before.

According to reports, the slapped and threaded to kill and 8-year-old boy for snitching. The family of the boy fear that Lill Mouse may actually hurt the boy has have requested that the student get permanently transferred away from West Pullman Elementary to aanother school.

According to Fox 32 in Chicago, the family is looking to leave Chi Town for good.

“I wanna pack up and just go,” the boy’s grandmother said. “I’ve already lost one child and I don’t want to lose another one.”
Furthermore, the threats have continued.
“The students, the eighth graders have grouped up together…made a phone call and said he’s snitching, He need to get killed for snitching,” she said.

Lil Mouse has been charged with assault, according to reports, but these have not been made official by authorities.

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