Hip-Hop Rumors: The Internet GOES IN On Drake!

What happened to Drake over the weekend? I repeatedly asked myself this quintessential question. Why? You may have missed it if you are not on Tumblr or Instagram. The damn INTERNET WENT CRAZY! They spotted a picture of Drake where he seemed to strut with a bit more swagger than usual. And, I guess they called themselves G-checking the Canadian.

And G-check they did, since Drake is walking like a G. Peep it.


It all started with this picture of Drizzy! He didn’t even do anything! HE JUST WALKED FUNNY!

And so it continues.

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They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Synista

    looks like drake went full retard with that walk.

  • Chris

    Drake…the epitome of a clown-@ss ngga. What’s with the DADA suit, bruh? SMH.

    • Eli Pinilla

      Dog, who the f*ck wears striped socks?!?!?! Lol

      • Anotherfakeshitname

        He looks like one of those alternative chick bands from the 90s. They would wear stripped socks.

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  • Hey he was in a wheel chair for years got shot down in the mean streets of Toronto

    • hoeyuno

      Your just straight ignorant if you don’t think there’s ghetto ass neighborhoods in major Canadian cities.

      • Anotherfakeshitname

        Of course there are but its Canada, people in America wont show Canada that type of love for whatever reason. I admit i shit on Canada all day and couldnt logically explain why. Its a good thing anyhow, who wants to live shitholes like detroit

  • Realnaga

    Im straight up gagging over here……but Id suck that niga off so hard that he cant help but walk like a real G again.

    • BossBeaux

      RMfag is that you didn’t they used to call that MAG on this site lmao

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  • justmathoughts

    that last one is too funny

  • Who’sthis?

    not bad internet, not bad

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  • LOL~@ Boyz N Da Hood

  • if i was drake id be walkin like that too…He feeling himself and i dont blame him!!

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    lol swag

  • BossBeaux

    These pics is too funny especially that ATL where he roller skating lmao

    • yep, that was the funniest.

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  • lmfao!

  • drakes feet look like they belong under a house in Oz or sum shit

    • Anotherfakeshitname


  • honestly.. the original is the funniest one lol

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  • WTF is up with his socks?

  • bigmarz

    drake or ross wouldnt have been able to come out in the 90s. shit was too real back then. ross had to wait a full decade before the realness of the 90s died down. in reality ross older then the members of bone thugs. no lie.

    • DollasTX

      MOST of them niggahs was fake in the 90’s – dont believe that hype – with the right amount of promotion push – anybody NOW could have came out then – it aint about the artists its about MARKETING DOLLARS – ie: PM DAWN came out in the 90’s fam!

      • bigmarz

        i was a teen in the 90s not a newborn. wu tang was heavy in the streets showin up 200 deep to award shows, suge was runnin around throwin slappin niggas up, snoop caught a murder rap, tupac raisin hell, mc eiht reppin, spice 1, bg knocc out, master p, c murder, bone thugs, cube dub c and mac 10 in his prime. In that atmosphere no way rick ross or drake would have had a career. pm dawn aint hip hop sucka.

      • DollasTX

        niggah you obviously are not too smart – MARKETING DOLLARS could have GARTH BROOKS topping the HIP HOP charts in the 90’s or could have MILEY CYRUS topping r&b charts today

        and only 2/3 of the niggahs you mentioned really have rep’s outside of a rap song – snoop caught a murder rap for being an accessory – he didnt pull no triggers – similar to CASSIDY catching a murder rap – you’ve been bamboozled, ran a muck, and led astray – mc eiht/cube/master p/bone/mack10/spice1 are all actors – ROSS was actually out since the early 2000’s you dumb phuck – but TRICK DADDY and TRINA was the labels first priority – niggah was signed to SUAVE HOUSE back when Ball/MJG was still on

        and you missed the whole point of the PM DAWN reference cuz you too gawt dayum slow to catch up

        dumb azz niggah bottom line –

      • bigmarz

        texas iz suppose to be g’z khaki suit and lean wtf u defendin drake and
        officer ricky for? u makin texas look bad homie. i am from cali 323 homie green
        zone. aint nobody on yo side lonely boy. check out all them thumbs up lol. no
        use arguing wit a busta. i am gone

      • DollasTX

        aye niggah who said i was defending DRAKE or anybody for that matter – niggah phuck a thumbs up niggah – that just confirm its a lot of dumb niggahs running round posting comments out they azz – like i said LEARN THE BUSINESS and then you’ll understand that MARKETING DOLLARS could have CBO back on top again in 2013 – could have CELLY CELL doing numbers in 2013 – it aint the artists OR the music – ITS THE MACHINE behind the marketing and promotion

        aye i thought CALI produced riders, stand up/alone niggahs wtf you jumping up and down for like you won some money cuz some mf’s gave you a thumbs up

        ole weirdo azz niggahs – er’ phaggot azz nigga that “thumbed you up” prolly had that same thumb up they own azz before they tapped that ENTER key

      • bigmarz

        u makin texas look bad homie. i bet u security guard walkin around wit a YMCMB t shirt an a wood MMG chain tellin on ningaz. this cali homie WLA Citrus Ave Hustlah Crip 1200 Blocc

      • DollasTX

        ole fake kelly park cpt still live wit my grandma dusty ben davis cut off dickie jheri curl drippin crip hoppin to the l.a. metro bus stop riding never been passed pico aint never been active but my BIG HOMEY thats locked up iz azz niggah

      • bigmarz

        smelly marks is from compton. pico iz active dont get it bent. westside LA

      • DollasTX

        – west l.a. aint shyt til you hit the wood – or cross over la brea/centenella – nigga you from airport drive somewhere – matter fact you prolly a WESTWOOD nigga lol

      • bigmarz

        u a off brand any way fucc what u talkin bout this aint odd future funnystyle ladera heights. mid city schxxl yard crip gang movin STROOLERS

      • DollasTX


      • Anotherfakeshitname

        Yeah i think people switching up the fact that the 90’s were way more violent, and the 80s (crack) was even more so. Dont ever think that rap isnt promoted through violence. Also rolling deep isnt tough, its the opposite. Having fame and money could have fortune 500 company executives rolling 1000 deep and would that make them gangsta? Course not so thats a dumb argument. If anything cats were stupider in the 90’s. Snoop risking his entire future and family over being an accessory to murder. Snoop much smarter now doesnt keep the same crowd around him. Also was Cube really gangster? Other than where he came from? DIdnt he talk shit at a stop light and get knocked out and his chain taken? Cube has a brillant lyrical mind and obviously can expand himself to make even kids movies, but what did he do that was so gangster? And again i think this gangster image takes away from all these people, at the end of the day they are making music so who cares about anything else (minus blatant lying).

    • 2012Industry1

      So what was Q-Tip?

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  • hoeyuno

    some ppl got way too much time on there hands. if I was in drakes position and had the paper he’s been getting I would be pimp limpin my way around town to.

  • OSBKE3000

    Drake .. its the socks .. real men don’t do that shit there .. with boots too .. smh

    • Anotherfakeshitname

      Yeah something about them being with the boots that makes it worse.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    lol. that last evolution pic is too funny..lol

  • Guest

    Ross looking at that nigga like I thought I was the only one tryna be something I wasn’t.

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  • Negro Peligro

    That negro got on the Ali G hardcore Kit. THAT junt hilarious. Man don’t let the internet get you.

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  • all of them were funny as FK!!!! I loved it.

  • wow this writer couldnt have it any more backwards. obviously u arent anywhere near the streets & never have been. 100% opposite is what g chekin is. so let me explain, g chekin tha canadian means he got g cheked , not he had extra swagga in his step.. retard wana b….

    did u hear the new styles P album? bitch ass mfers love to gossip

  • dee

    no fu*k all that this fool got a dada shirt on come on drake dada bra that crap played out when yes dada the same company that made spreewell shoes with the spinner on the side then the rims spin when you walk or run lmao