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DJ Tim Westwood To Be Replaced On Britain’s Radio 1

(AllHipHop News) For nearly 20 years Tim Westwood has been one of the leading forces in promoting Hip Hop in Great Britain. The 55-year-old DJ has helped introduce American rap stars to audiences in the UK with his exclusive interviews and freestyle sessions on his popular radio show.

It was announced over the weekend that Westwood will no longer be the voice of Hip Hop on the BBC Radio 1 or 1Xtra stations. He is being replaced by Charlie Sloth whose Radio 1Xtra feature with J. Cole in May made news when the North Carolina emcee announced that TLC would appear on his sophomore album Born Sinner.

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Westwood has been a fixture on the BBC Radio 1 since 1994 when he began presenting the first program dedicated to Hip Hop on the station. The station decided on the host change in order to appeal to a younger audience.

“I’d like to thank Tim for the last 20 years on Radio 1. His passion for Hip Hop is legendary. I wish him all the very best,” said Radio 1 Controller Ben Cooper.

Watch two classic “Westwood Freestyles” featuring Eminem and Kid Cudi below.


  • 8Galaxy5

    EM kills that shit!

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  • junj03

    You CANT replace Tim Westwood just like that. The rating will drop Tremendously.
    As much as i dont like him that much, i know for sure hes the main reason every artist came to the radio station.

  • i used to google tim westwood shows here in the states because of those exclusive interviews…. thats when i found out about chris goldfinger… then bbc banned american listeners. i think both of them should just come over to the USA…. since GB dont want em

  • DaHomey6Deuce


  • I don’t think it’s a good idea / but radio 1 is powerful they control most of the airwaves across the world. That’s why the radio 1 fest is packed with talent.

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  • RBG

    tim westwood is not only a legend in the uk for hip hop, but reggae as well. there is a 40 minute audio thats been out apx. 10-12 years where him and lil jon have a reggae soundclash on air. lil jon was a reggae dj before a rapper.

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  • The Legendary Troll

    why do these cooperations always make dumb ass changed? let tim stay until the people get sick of him

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  • Tony G.


  • dehova

    Are you people saying all this American or English? A lot of English people (that I know) can’t stand him. Never have. He’s been a dick rider from day one. Jumps on whoevers hot at the time to boost his show’s ratings. Youtube KRS1 vs Tim Westwood to know wha gwan in these bits.

    • Matt Swan

      I will give him his due, but when I was living in the UK I was tired of him. He is a d*ckryda to the extreme and when he is on tv, he seemed to fake it to seem like he was part of what was goin on. It’s a good thing, he did his, and it’s time to pass the torch! BRING BACK VIDEO SOUL WITH DONNIE SIMPSON!!!

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  • Mas_G

    Didn’t like where he was going with the Hip-hop music today and I agree with what people are saying about him jumping on whatever’s good at the moment. But I still have to give respect where its due, His radio show back in the day, the hiphop videos on night network, and all those times on future flavas with Marley Marl and Pete Rock. He definitely had a hand in me having a greater appreciation and love for the music!!

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