DJ Quik

DJ Quik Has More Jewels to Drop on Death Row Demise, Lost MPC and Kendrick Lamar

Hip Hop legend DJ Quik never minces words. So when AHH caught up with the super producer/rapper last week at the Gentleman Jack Whiskey’s 6th annual Art, Beats + Lyrics art and music exhibition at the legendary, Compound nightclub in Atlanta, Quik was ready to talk.

He recently made headlines after offering a handsome reward for his stolen MPC was stolen. “I had all of the drum sounds I used for Eminem, Jay Z, Truth Hurts and 50 Cent,” said Quik. He also touched on his Death Row past and Kendrick Lamar being the future.

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On Death Row

“Death Row was fun when the money was being spent but it wasn’t fun when N*ggas started to get violent and fight, tear up the studio, and come running through there with guns.”

On the Young Homie Kendrick Lamar

“I knew Kendrick Lamar was going to be a beast; I didn’t know that he was going to take over the whole game.”

In this exclusive video interview, Dj Quik calls out a few people, describes  Suge Knight fight, recalls his most iconic moments, and his work with the “youngsters” Kendrick Lamar, Problem, and Dom Kennedy.

  • MadVillain

    lmao jokes interview, love listening to stories from back in the day.
    Whoo Kid got some of the FUNNIEST stories tho, damn if you aint seen his interviews you tube that NOW!

  • maya


  • @Real_SirJamie

    Quik is a legend.

  • dfwricwil

    Lol! Quick is a dam fool…

    • brotha_man

      it was like he was doing stand up…str8 D.L hughley. “how u gonna beat a nigga down and tell him not to tell. hahahahahahahhha”

      • dfwricwil

        Right and then give him a few dollars on top of that. Dam!

  • quik sounding like richard pryor with the jokes !!!!

  • Zino

    Quik is one of the Best coast most under rated and overlooked legends…

  • leftcoast13

    my fav producer period him and Daz dilli

    • brotha_man

      co sign but gotta put warren G in there

      • kushdaddy

        and Johnny J

  • leftcoast13

    he said the nigga who got 2pac chain snatch at the lakewood mall cause the fall of Deathrow that led to 2pac being shot and that was the end of deathrow which led to Big being killed 6 months later and hip hop was over but Quik , Snoop and Cube and E40 held the west up then came DMX and the Hot boys and Master p

    • Terrance Goodman

      They always said it was Danny boy chain not PAC he had his Vegas fight night

  • onehunglo

    west coast hip hop= cb4

  • brotha_man

    black puss*, just like compton, his beef wit mc eiht, dolla’z and sense, tonight….quick still one of the true pioneers

    P.s Gentleman jack some gud ass whiskey. but still a crown royal sipper….and johnny walker (black and blue label)

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    Black puss* classic! That album with tonight was dope! I am an east coast nigga and said yo this is fly!

  • Fredrick”The Truth” Douglass


    • n n

      Quick is great but you are pushing it.

    • Jeffrey Wilson

      Rick Rubin is greatest producer ever. He can do all types of music. From slayer and slipknot, to legends like Beastie boys and Run DMC. But I do think Quik is better than Dre.

  • CooL_KiD_305

    yo real talk dj quick looks like bow wow a lil! but these stories are always good to hear

  • Quik is a living legend and personal favorite. he slept on on the mike and the boards, but he gets his paper

  • I gotta say my fav Quik moment is the way he decimated his Loyal to the Game verse, shit was TOO cold.

  • Eric Cartman

    Come to south park

  • Phillip Holley

    The one that don’t mean nuthin’, so true.

  • speedy37

    I fcks with u quik but kendrik aint running shit

    • fullyautomatic


  • Ronlg1

    Quick is a true gangsta. Snitched out niggas and straight said “what y’all gone do. I ain’t scared of none of you mothafuckas!!!” Even to Suge!!! Now THAT IS GANGSTA!!!

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