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Michael B. Jordan Reveals Aaron McGruder Was Fired From "The Boondocks"

(AllHipHop News) By 2014, we should all know that phrases such as “scheduling conflicts” are nothing more than public relations rhetoric. Michael B. Jordan appeared on the first episode of The Boondocks’ new season and revealed how he initially joined on before Aaron McGruder was let go.

On March 20th, Aaron McGruder’s absence from the fourth season of The Boondocks was explained by Adult Swim as as resulting from an inability to agree upon working schedules. In a statement released a week later, McGruder explained how painful leaving The Boondocks was, but did not specify his reasons for leaving.

During a recent interview with Huffington Post, Michael B. Jordan appeared as the Chris Brown-inspired character Pretty Boy Flizzy and shed some light on the situation:

Aaron is actually a buddy of mine. And honestly I forgot. He had to tell me, not that long ago, that he got fired from it. And I was like, “What, really?!?” It kind of caught me off guard, I totally forgot.

Jordan does attest that he does not know specifics of McGruder’s removal:

But not knowing the specifics behind it or whatever … So you can’t really make that call. I’m not sitting in those rooms. But to see my boy pushed out might be a little messed up.

Aaron McGruder is currently producing a new series for Adult Swim called Black Jesus.

  • MrNoName2K

    sh*t crazy, its like firing Diddy from Bad Boy.. how tha hell does that happen

    • Troll_E_G

      Not reading the contract

      • MrNoName2K


      • public_domain

        aaron was probably holding back the production when enough time elapses they can remove you from a project even if you the star, the creator, the director shit dont matter that’s a clause all companies put on every contract you push back production they push you out he probably took the money to go into syndication (80 episodes) then was taking forever to deliver

      • Mr. Semaj

        About as foolish as the constant delays was when he tried distracting everyone with that live-action Uncle Ruckus thing.


      So he don’t own the cartoon strip in the newspaper either? Seen him in a couple of interviews, he be talking sh*t. LOL!

      • MrNoName2K

        hell yea lol that good ol cash money shit too

  • nikki

    Wait a minute, so he doesn’t own any part of that series? That’s like being a rapper and not owning your publishing. That’s crazy

    • But it wasn’t that long ago that this was the norm…

    • brotha_man

      like every artist on bad boy and cash money?

  • STFUUIgnants

    wow, these fools still signing their creations away taking a big L in the long run

    • metaxzero

      In this industry, you don’t really have much choice when it comes to getting shows developed. It’s rarely “this guy will produce your show in exchange for the rights and this one won’t” and more “this guy will produce your show in exchange for the rights and everyone else will too”.

  • digitallife

    He’s still getting paid and he’s still acredited for every single episode to ever come out without him so he ain’t hurting..

    • He getting money but Boondocks was more about political activism. Imagine is some white owned company worked with Dr. King, then told him, “go home, we own the rights to your name” and started doing there own thing under his name. Not a perfect metaphor but basically what happened.

      • digitallife

        I get that but he made that choice man, he took that money and didn’t think of the what if’s, sort of like chapelle. At least he walked away with enough money to freely invest in his own creations, bet you his new deal ain’t got no holes that allow him to get fired tho.

      • Yeah, but nobody goes into a deal planning to get screwed over. He thought it was fair, he was wrong.

  • Terrance

    I thought he SOLD it and came back on as an advisor or something to that effect?



  • Weedras

    so if Jordan doesn’t really know the story why is he speaking on it…

  • jacksjus

    McGruder is getting the Steve Jobs treatment. How can he be fired from his own creation? Didn’t he design the characters? These guys will sign their hard work away for a dollar in a minute. No way Boondocks should continue without him. Smh!

    • metaxzero

      To get Sony to produce the show, he more than likely sold the rights to the characters to them. Happens all the time in the business.

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  • Got damn shame, can’t do it to my craft. That money is tempting I bet but the long run of selling it would ether my soul

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  • Immortal

    It’s a vicious cycle; the Wayans went through it, Chappelle went through it, and now this gentleman is going through it. Thing is each one of them had hit shows and the year following the departure of them the shows tanked. Boondocks was fun….

    • beastwork

      when you say the wayans went through it, what situation are you talking about?

      • hlawulekani mangwani

        i think he means scary movie

      • Immortal

        The Wayans owned “In living Color”. It was supposed to be slapstick comedy poking fun at current events and stereotypes. After a few years of success the jokes took a more political tone and weren’t the way they were intended to be. The Wayans left, and the show went on, but it only lasted another season or two before it finally went off the air.

      • beastwork

        Ah never realized that’s what killed the show

      • metaxzero

        The difference here though is more than likely Sony got impatient with Mcgruder taking several years to get a new season out. Over the course of nearly 10 years, this show has only had 4 seasons and 47 episodes. Pretty paltry.

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    He created the boondocks from the cartoon in the newspaper. Steve Jobs treatment as someone said. WTF! How can you steal my own work and kick me out. I won’t support the new season because of this. Aaron is the creator.

  • deframon

    thats what happens when shiit sits on the selves for 4 years

    • PrinceLeo

      it was Aaron’s full creative intention not to do a season every year it’s was completely mapped out like that b/c Aaron wanted time to grow artistically and give us a season every few years and not every year. but the network did push hard to come out with more seasons but they really had no say so b/c of how Aaron negotiated his contract. he really really was the HNIC when it came to that show

      • metaxzero

        And that more than likely pissed off Sony over time since that’s alot of time going by and money not being made.

      • PrinceLeo

        guess they should have thought of that b4 they did the deal

    • Mr. Semaj

      He did these ridiculous delays with the comic strip, which was probably why THAT was cancelled too.

  • Ryan Cole

    His input was definitely missing from that first episode of the season. That was the first time I didn’t laugh during an episode, and I’ve been watching and reading the comic since the beginning. If the season debut is a hint of what the rest of the season is gonna look like, I’d rather it not even had come back.

    • Eno Har

      I don’t know man, I thought it was still pretty funny. I think the show could survive McGruders absence. Still plenty of good writers and funny concepts out there. Star Wars does better without George Lucas. I’ll live in hope.

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  • AlbertoRipRon

    Yea that was apparent, especially when I watched the premiere of the new season. The way the show flowed, you can tell AM wasn’t a part of it. Well damn, another show gone. Boondocks was about AM’s views America. You can’t recapture that because guess what…you’re not Aaron! It was good while it lasted…like all black revolutionary shows.

  • J.C.

    looking forward to his new show, “Black Jesus”

  • YesCubanB

    Sooo… He’s still with Adult Swim? Interesting.

    • Ryan Cole

      Adult Swim is just the channel that his show will be on. Sony was his boss and who he has beef with over “Boondocks.”

  • PrinceLeo

    It sounds like to me it was more of a mutual decision though. He’s has to have some type of healthy relationship with the network b/c he is producing a new series with them. they probably gave him a one sided choice. maybe something like…either produce another show for us or work on the boondocks with less creative control. and he probably opted to do a new show since his plans wasn’t meant for the boondocks to run long term anyway…

    • HipHopSays

      It’s not about the channel (adult swim)….but rather Sony. Aaron has had a tense relationship with Sony for some time and even in the audio commentaries of the previous seasons’ dvds you get a sense it wasn’t all wine and roses…also, Sony wasn’t a fan of the controversy the series stirred up. there was the BET beef in season 1-2, Tyler Perry in season 3 to name a few.

      • PrinceLeo

        Sony or the channel. or whatever. the relationship wasn’t TOO strained b/c he’s doing a new series i don’t doubt they had hiccups and i already explained wihat my theory was

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  • Hello

    Lawd, I love me some Michael B. Jordan. Yet he has a very big mouf, not mouth. Did the actor really have expose McGruder “situation”???

  • Jaynicia

    I knew it…

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