Michael B. Jordan Reveals Aaron McGruder Was Fired From "The Boondocks"


(AllHipHop News) By 2014, we should all know that phrases such as “scheduling conflicts” are nothing more than public relations rhetoric. Michael B. Jordan appeared on the first episode of The Boondocks’ new season and revealed how he initially joined on before Aaron McGruder was let go.

On March 20th, Aaron McGruder’s absence from the fourth season of The Boondocks was explained by Adult Swim as as resulting from an inability to agree upon working schedules. In a statement released a week later, McGruder explained how painful leaving The Boondocks was, but did not specify his reasons for leaving.

During a recent interview with Huffington Post, Michael B. Jordan appeared as the Chris Brown-inspired character Pretty Boy Flizzy and shed some light on the situation:

Aaron is actually a buddy of mine. And honestly I forgot. He had to tell me, not that long ago, that he got fired from it. And I was like, “What, really?!?” It kind of caught me off guard, I totally forgot.

Jordan does attest that he does not know specifics of McGruder’s removal:

But not knowing the specifics behind it or whatever … So you can’t really make that call. I’m not sitting in those rooms. But to see my boy pushed out might be a little messed up.

Aaron McGruder is currently producing a new series for Adult Swim called Black Jesus.