Dame Dash Says Steve Stoute Is A "Culture Robber" Who Hurt Jay Z's Brand (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Dame Dash has not been shy about sharing his thoughts on fellow businessman Steve Stoute throughout the year. Back in April, Dash called Stoute “dangerous” and “wack.”

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Dame has now elaborated on his dislike of Stoute in an interview with Hip Hop Motivation. The discussion centered around the dysfunction of black businesses, but Dash used the opportunity to explain why he believes Stoute has actually been a roadblock for the expansion of Hip Hop entrepreneurs and damaging to artist’s brands.

Dash said:

You know how many black people I tried to put together to make movies? There always be that one group that just – or because of Steve Stoute or somebody that’s a “culture robber” or doesn’t care about his culture – would break that up. Even other black people break up other black people sticking together, because it would kill their little check. Because they got their connect with white people.

Steve Stoute. That’s what he always do. He always breaks us up, so he could bring us to get robbed. A guy like Steve Stoute would always take the people that are protecting the creative, eliminate them, so he could rob the creative. Just so he could get his money. Even if he kills that black man or that person’s brand.

Like he did with Mary J. Blige. How I was against him putting Jay’s whole name on a $40 dollar sneaker just so they could get a check. How he had Jay doing Budweiser with a confederate flag for a check. That’s not good for your brand… I don’t like that dude, because he doesn’t care about his culture and he’s a liar.

Dame also talks about how Stoute apparently told him about LL Cool J and Nas not “doing well,” how The Notorious B.I.G’s crew put lipstick and a wig on him, and how he had to “run up in his office” to stop Stoute from stealing DJ Clue from Roc-A-Fella.

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Watch Dame Dash’s interview below.

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49 Responses to “Dame Dash Says Steve Stoute Is A "Culture Robber" Who Hurt Jay Z's Brand (VIDEO)”

  1. Troll_E_G

    I need a two hr interview from Dame unscripted or he should do Radio….I would love to do business with this brother

    • Eli Pinilla

      Watch him on the combat jack show….gets into it with just blaze and everything…..he’s a little delusional though, and you can see traits in his personality that kinda shows you why he’s at where he is now instead of where he coulda been….and he’s right on about Steve stoute. He don’t care about the art. Just the money. And how to make it mainstream.

  2. soyhiphop

    Steve stoute must be a rotten apple..50 dislikes him since 2003 diddy hit him with a champagne bottle lol

      • Universe Sal

        “I’m focused man!” “Tell Stoute to holler at me man!” Stoute must have strong connections for Jay to shout him out like that. When he said it and u can tell he meant “he was focused” at the time. He was ready for the big leagues and he wanted to do business specifically with “Stoute”

  3. bigdoe6

    From what i heard from someone who’s well known in the industry is that the reason the Nas and AZ album never happened is because of Steve Stoute. I like and respect Steve Stoute he’s a smart businessman but he got a some skeletons in his closet too. A lot of them. People refuse to speak about it cause he running with Jay. I agree with Dame too, I never understood why they put Jay name on that shoe and it was cheap. Dame has a point.

    • RightOn

      When one is in this industry for as long as Stout has, it’s almost impossible not to have skeletons and people not liking you.

  4. D.White

    How can you trust what Dame says about Stoute? Even if some of what he says about Soute is true, Dame is clearly hurt about losing a friend and business opportunities with Jay, so he’s biased. Of course he’s going to sh!t on the business deals Stoute did with Jay. While some of it may be true, the main problem is that Dame has yet to take responsibility for his part of his split with Jay. He basically is playing the hurt victim role. Yeah, Jay did him dirty to a certain degree, but Dame definitely fu(ked up with the BS moves he was making. He yaps about culture, but was doing ish like signing pop chics to Rocafella. Then he did the ultimate dirty move…tried to make Cam the President of Rocafella…without Jay’s cosign. Why would he do that knowing Jay and Cam don’t vibe like that…Dame was acting like he ran the ROC, like he was the sole reason for it’s success. The fact of the matter is Jay is the reason the ROC was hot and relevant. Yeah, Dame was a good businessman, but good businessmen are are a dime a dozen…especially when you have what many white folks consider to be the coolest, best rapper ever. That’s why Jay has been more successful since the ROC breakup. He’s got a team of good businessmen around him and they play their position and stay behind the scenes. Dame no longer has his meal ticket and it’s clearly been difficult for him to recover.

    • Keith Eades

      You make a true statement here as well! At times it did seem like Dame had his own interest at best. Maybe because Jay started moving in another direction and he believed he wasn’t going out like that but he ended up going out like that! lol…IDK but like you said some of the statement is true about how they take these weak ass endorsement deal and be a face of a product not their own so we can make other corporation richer which means more power. that’s why I understand why Kanye left Nike, he knew his worth. Also, Dame and Jay both needed each other to get on! They were the perfect team but money and fame destroyed them like every other group! I just hope they can really see eye and have a friendship once again.

      • D.White

        Dame has proven to be a smart dude. No one is disputing what he said about keeping everything in-house and within the black/hip-hop culture. That would have been great, but again the problem is Dame hasn’t taken responsibility for his role in fu(king up those relationships. I mean why the fu(k would other groups of successful black folks like those he mentioned in the video want to work with an arrogant, egotistical maniac that can’t keep his mouth shut and talks/treats people like sh!t? We’ve all seen the way he treated Kevin Lyles in that famous (infamous) video. Kevin is one of the most successful black music execs and Dame treated him like sh!t on video for everyone to see. Yeah, so what Dame may have been right about the situation, but when you handle your business the way he did, that sh!t rubs people the wrong way and no one wants to continue to do business and be tied at the hip with a dude that will treat them like that…especially when they can go somewhere else and get money and the other folks at least pretend to respect them. Once again, that’s Dame not taking responsibility for his actions. He fucked up his relationships….people let him slide for a long time because he had Jay backing him, but he royally fu(ked up when he miscalculated that Jay wouldn’t bail on him and when he thought he was the main reason behind the success of the ROC.

      • Keith Eades

        I concur sir! He killed himself in this industry for that reason alone! you can bit the hand that feed you and you don’t burn bridges! He did both! Allowing Cam to disrespecting Jay should have never happened, no matter if Jay was wrong or right!!! Spazzing on Kevin Liles and other executive in the industry was killing every relationships he had! He was naïve to the fact that one day he will need them because he thought ROC-A-Fella would never break up!…. To be honest I thought they would never break up! lol

      • RightOn

        This is how an exchange of ideas/views/opinions should look like. Thank you for your insight gentlemen (sorry for assuming you’re both dudes)

      • D.White

        He tried to negotiate with them and make them choose between their portion of Reasonable Doubt or Rocafella, Rocawear, etc. They decided to keep their portion of Reasonable Doubt and Jay disassociated himself with all other business ties as well as their friendship.

      • D.White

        None of us know the entire story, but as I understand it, Jay asked Dame and Biggs for their share of Reasonable Doubt in exchange for everything else (Rocafella, Rocawear, etc). They declined and Jay took everything he tried to give to them. While that may seem like a fair business deal, I think it’s fu(ked up that he tried to negotiate with them in the first place. I get business is business and most good businessmen are shrewd, but if Dame and Biggs were really your man, why even put them in the position to make them choose? That’s why I said it’s fu(ked up when you look at it from that perspective. However, in Jay’s defense, Dame already started fu(king up the business once he started making bad decisions like trying to make Cam president of Rocafella. I can see it both ways. Both of them share some responsibility of the crumble of the ROC and from what I’ve seen, I don’t think either of them have accepted that.

      • Raheem Classick

        Here are some irrefutable facts on some of the problems that caused the breakup. #1 Dame was signing other acts to the label without A cosign from Jay. #2 Dame was stealing money from Beanie Sigel witch in-turned prompted the Beanie Sigel beef with Jay later on down the line, #3 You say > They declined and Jay took everything he tried to give to them. < Wrong, They all agreed on an even split of the label and they also got money form the Rocawear split, It just so happens that Jay flipped Rocawear to the tune of $235 Million and he was given an advisers role in the company that he sold the brand to. But I think Jay-Z was eventually gonna make A move away from Dame, But that Cam'ron thing made it happen faster.

  5. Keith Eades

    Dame Dash keeps it 100%….HipHop needs him!…. I’m a huge Jay-Z fan but what they do sometimes does not help the culture. We are not building we are robbing each other then saying ” Look at me, I’m the American Dream. If I can do it you can do it too!” Reminds me of Roots when they sold out each other tribes and at the end of the day we all LOSE so what’s to gain from a check a little protection until they catch you slipping! I miss those ROC- A- Fella days, they were so THORO in there movement. The game will live on but it has change for the worst! It’s so watered down it ridiculous!

    • D.White

      The only problem with this theory is that Dame was one of the dudes rubbing it in everyone’s face when he was still on good terms with his meal ticket Jay. That’s a fact. Dame was right beside Jay stunting in all the videos, screaming look at me and is well known for being an a$$hole.

      He talks that “let’s stick together sh!t more than ever now because he’s the one on the opposite end of things. karma is a b!tch!

      • Keith Eades

        Hahaha….. Hell Yea! He was letting everyone know I”M DAME DASH!! however, I remember him saying he wanted to do the firm album and how they reached out to NAS and AZ to be on Reasonable Doubt. They had Nore and MOP on Streets is Watching soundtrack and Keep it Thoro was the lead song for Backstage Soundtrack when Prodigy was in the heat of the Beef with Jay-Z. I believe he flaunted too much and he let his biggest asset go because he thought Nas killed Jay and the DipSet movement was building momentum. To be honest I think a lot of people thought Jay wouldn’t recover from Ether and they scattered. Remember Lyor and Kevin would make “you got me” Mariah Carey lead single for her Def Jam debut and chose the “oh Boy remix with Cam’ron which flopped! Then they left Def Jam after bring all them acts over there and Jay and L.A. Reid cleaned up there mess.

      • hoeyuno

        That is the flip side though. If dame never fell out of the Hamptons would dude still be portraying this backpacker here for hip hop image???

      • therealwayno

        Asshole yeah, but Dame was always on that unity and power shit.

    • hoeyuno

      Dames becoming a great hip hop representer. These stories are important to keep young artists away from snakes..fif said similar ish about stoute saying dude was telling him not to “sign with the white boy”..even though eminem was the hottest thing on the planet at the time….

      • Raheem Classick

        I believe 50 made A lot of money at least 70% of it from other ventures. Those first 3 albums were split primarily 4 ways, Interscope Records, Aftermath Entertainment, Shady Records, And then 50. I say Stoute was only giving 50 some business advice, But even though 50’s record deal ended on a sour note, I think he made the right choice to sign with Shady.

  6. Elayorx El

    “Oreos”, are a dime a dozen, and it is highly plausible that Dame leans on the side of truth on this one. If true, it is no different than what happened during the Trans Atlantic. “Selling out”, for a check, or some type of satisfactory compensation. However, when one actually takes the time to see how deep, “the rabbit hole truly goes”, it leaves one(at least me) sort of understanding about how someone can come to terms with doing things, that have profound ill-effects, and how the cover of neutrality often puts this in it’s proper perspective. No allegiance, equals no responsibility. Path of least resistance, and that’s fine, but if it’s ok, why hide? I can truly say I respect 50 for that, because he is similar, but he pulls no punches, and wears no sheep’s clothing. Enticing, but REAL men move much like the “Creator”, and know that nothing great comes without the cooperation of other REAL participators. Dame is a true boss, and maybe one day, we will get the TRUE unedited version, void of any emotion, about what happened with Rockafella. #samegamedifferentplayers

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      we already know what happen to the roc ?? its hard for any relationship to last cause people start to grow apart … and thats what happen with the roc … dame and jay grew apart …. its obvious to the day due to the fact they aint doing anything together …..

      • Elayorx El

        I personally have not witnessed Jay, and Dame, especially, or anyone else from the Roc get together, and chop it up about those times. I am one of those that tries to garner as much information as I can about something, not to mention if it’s something that seems to happen continuously. I saw someone on here ask, “why is it we can struggle together, but can’t be wealthy together”? Saying that they, “grew apart”, is not enough for me, but it may be for you, as I respect your position on that. That’s all.

  7. Clondyke Classic

    Somebody needs to get in that nigga ear and try to convince this nigga to stop talking about Jay Z. The shit is really kinda sad. Just live your life and get your money man. Let that shit go cuh. Please believe Jay aint talkin about this nigga when he out doin him.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      he is … its the people who interview him that ask the questions … he is just providing an answer

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