Dame Dash Says Steve Stoute Is A "Culture Robber" Who Hurt Jay Z's Brand (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Dame Dash has not been shy about sharing his thoughts on fellow businessman Steve Stoute throughout the year. Back in April, Dash called Stoute “dangerous” and “wack.”

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Dame has now elaborated on his dislike of Stoute in an interview with Hip Hop Motivation. The discussion centered around the dysfunction of black businesses, but Dash used the opportunity to explain why he believes Stoute has actually been a roadblock for the expansion of Hip Hop entrepreneurs and damaging to artist’s brands.

Dash said:

You know how many black people I tried to put together to make movies? There always be that one group that just – or because of Steve Stoute or somebody that’s a “culture robber” or doesn’t care about his culture – would break that up. Even other black people break up other black people sticking together, because it would kill their little check. Because they got their connect with white people.

Steve Stoute. That’s what he always do. He always breaks us up, so he could bring us to get robbed. A guy like Steve Stoute would always take the people that are protecting the creative, eliminate them, so he could rob the creative. Just so he could get his money. Even if he kills that black man or that person’s brand.

Like he did with Mary J. Blige. How I was against him putting Jay’s whole name on a $40 dollar sneaker just so they could get a check. How he had Jay doing Budweiser with a confederate flag for a check. That’s not good for your brand… I don’t like that dude, because he doesn’t care about his culture and he’s a liar.

Dame also talks about how Stoute apparently told him about LL Cool J and Nas not “doing well,” how The Notorious B.I.G’s crew put lipstick and a wig on him, and how he had to “run up in his office” to stop Stoute from stealing DJ Clue from Roc-A-Fella.

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Watch Dame Dash’s interview below.