Cam'ron Says Jay Z's "A Sucka" For Solange Fight, Talks 2005 Carjacking + MORE (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop NewsCam’ron has been out of prison for over five years, however a decade ago his luck with the law was consistently tested. During an interview with Tim Westwood, Cam’ron spoke on how Jay Z was “a sucka” for his elevator altercation with Solange, how a 2005 carjacking stalled his career and more:

According to Cam, Solange was cordial to him the last time the two of them were in an elevator four months ago. Cam later admits that Jay Z’s altercation with Solange in the elevator was a “no-win situation” that would leave the Roc Nation boss looking “like a sucka”:

It’s kind of a no win situation. If he would’ve hit her back, he would’ve been a sucka for hitting her back. ‘Aww, he’s hitting women.’ Then, that he don’t hit her back, he’s a sucka for keep getting hit so many times.

On October 24th, 2005, Cam’ron was shot in Washington, D.C. after a man attempted to rob him of his blue 2006 Lamborghini at a stop light. Cam’ron was on probation for a 2004 gun possession charge during the time and explains how the carjacking stalled his career and placed him in jail:

 You know what’s crazy? The [2004] trip that I cam over here, I got permission to come. When I first got arrested I got permission to come over here. They said, ‘as long as you working, you can go away.’ So, when I went to D.C. and got shot, they was like ‘you can’t even be in D.C.’ I was like ‘I got permission to go to London, I didn’t know I needed permission to go to D.C.’ They was like ‘you need permission to go to the bathroom.’

According to Cam, he was placed in jail for violating his probation and could not leave the country for five years after he was released due to a new probation.

Check out Cam’ron’s speak on Diplomatic Immunity, new Dipset album and more below:

  • Camron never called Jay a “sucka”….. Dame Dash is right about you Phuck Boys in the media…. You all live and work to see hip hoppers fight each other.

    • johnblacksad

      False media… we don’t need it, do we?!

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        it’s fake, that’s what it be to ya, dig me?

    • Keith N.

      “he’s a sucka for keep getting hit so many times.”

      Did Cam’ron say this?

      Thanks for reading.

      • RapItUp

        I see what you’re doing here.. And that’s fine. You gotta collect some clicks. Fair enough. However, you can flip it or emphasize certain bits of the dialog a million ways.. Bottom line, you’re fuzzing it up on purpose. Period. Don’t come to the comments defending your manipulative exceprts to justify your tactics, carrying out this websites agenda. It was more of a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” ideology being expressed.

        Thanks for reading.

      • Keith N.

        Why didn’t Cam’ron say Jay Z was “damned if you do, damned if you don’t”? Why did HE choose the word “sucka” instead of just saying “wrong” or saying “out of line”? Cam’ron CHOSE the word “sucka”..I just wrote what he said. I come in the comments to clarify my wording and how it was influenced by THE EXACT QUOTE Cam’ron said.

      • RapItUp

        It’s ok Keith.. I understand, this media firestorm thing you guys do.. Gotta put food on the table somehow.. You’d be better off continuing on with janky car salesman/greasy loan shark tactics, and keeping it moving.. Than defending your heavily biased rhetoric.. Does it look like anybody on the boards is buying that? Just leave it alone man.. And keep hitting submit on the articles. At least yours are hip hop related, at any rate.. Nobody knocking you there. Don’t come in and defend that bs though bruh.. Lol the writing is on the wall, clear as day. You keep turning that blind eye for that paycheck

      • Keith N.

        Thanks for reading. Hopefully we’ll provide more of that “greasy loan shark tactics” that you apparently love to click on.

      • RapItUp

        I’m sure you won’t disappoint Keith! Why else did they give you this platform? Please, give me more water closet reading material.. Whilst I berate the editor who addresses me directly. If only I can get one of the guys over at CNN to bite. Haha Keith all in his feelings.. It’s only Monday big dog! Now, I know your work consists of copy/paste/misinformation, but I have to actually provide an honest, accurate service at mine. Thank you for your feedback, and keep it tight

      • Kweli

        It may have been the exact quote, but the headline is still misleading. You knew what the f you were doin.

      • binary_star

        By the logic you’re using here you just said Jay Z is a sucka as well.

        What Cam was doing was exploring a hypothetical thought process, not his own. If you don’t know this you really shouldn’t be writing articles.

      • Keith N.

        I was quoting someone else so no me, myself, was not calling Jay Z a sucka. By my logic, which is if someone says something without EXPLICITLY mentioning a third party, that is THEIR opinion. Who said that Jay Z would be a sucka if he would’ve hit Solange? Cam’ron said it..even if it is a HYPOTHETICAL situation..HE came up with the hypothetical situation and HE chose those words..not a third party.

        So again I ask you…since Cam’ron was quoting no one else but himself, did he or did he not LITERALLY call Jay Z a “Sucka”?

      • binary_star

        And Cam was clearly talking about the public perception of Jay’s actions in a lose/lose situation. He wasn’t speaking from his own perspective which is obvious to everyone but you it seems.

  • baller187

    westwood be on that BLOW

  • RayStantz

    That title is so misleading

    • I was saying the same thing smfh, but it got us to read it though.

    • Keith N.

      Titles are only misleading when you have preconceived notion and don’t factor in multiple ways of viewing certain things.

      Thanks for reading.

      • binary_star

        In journalism the title of an article isn’t supposed to be subject to interpretation. It was misleading.

      • Keith N.

        FACT: Cam’ron said “he’s a sucka for keep getting hit so many times”

        FACT: He didn’t quote someone else saying Jay Z was a sucka, he was speaking for himself.

        Where in the title was it misleading? Did it imply that Cam’ron was beefing with Jay Z or was that your interpretation of an ACTUAL quote?

      • binary_star

        He was speaking hypothetically from a general perspective – what do you not understand about that? At this point I can’t tell if you’re not being honest with us or with yourself but you can clearly see from these comments that nobody’s buying what you’re selling.

      • Keith N.

        “From a general perspective”…how do you not understand that Cam’ron CHOSE to use the word “Sucka” when he could’ve easily chosen another word to say the same thing. Also a “general perspective”…who determines what a “General perspective” is? When someone speaks “in general” that is THEIR idea of what “general perspective” is..that does NOT mean that it is not their own opinion. I don’t know if you understand how quoting works. Cam’ron made a statement about what HE THINKS the general perspective is…not that he HEARD PEOPLE saying this or HIS FRIENDS told him..HE..himself..believes that the “general perspective” is Jay Z is a sucka for not hitting her and a sucka if he did hit her.

        He…and ONLY him..chose those words. How that is not CLEAR is beyond me.

      • mike1994

        im thinking your the one who wrote this article because you seem to be the only one agreeing with this

      • binary_star

        He is. And he’s trying to defend himself using semantics which is really sad.

      • Faceda59

        I’m smoking my blunt reading this shit laughing my ass off,cause I was thinking the same thing.

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Cam been done. Hang it up breh


    Cam is a NOBODY, a HAS BEEN that NEVER ‘Happened’! JAY-Z is an ICON & an industry INNOVATOR on several levels! Jay’s a sucka?! Cam would have swung on the girl?! This LAME will say ANYTHING to get ‘in the press’, because Lord knows his ‘music’ isn’t making any ‘news’! F*ck DIPSH*T!

    • hoeyuno

      Read the article. Cam was more stickin up for jay then dissing him..

      • disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

        Cam one of my fav’s and he always do that tho in that type of fashion. Sneak diss jay wit the allusion that he’s supporting

  • Escobar

    Westwood is considered a pioneer in this shit. He’s BEEN on this shit since way back when.

    • hoeyuno

      Hes interviewed everybody. …I know underground cats over there diss him but hes probably responsible for a shit load of UK ppls becoming hip hop heads.

      • Escobar

        You done know too. This cat was interviewing other artist when the majority was roc’ing Pampers and shit.

  • Tyfromthechi

    He didnt call jay a sucka yall be trying start shit

    • Keith N.

      “he’s a sucka for keep getting hit so many times.”

      Did Cam’ron say that? No matter how you interpret it..did Cam’ron say “he’s a sucka”?

      Thanks for reading

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM


      • Keith N.

        He actually did say “he’s a sucka for keep getting hit so many times.”

        But thanks

      • heavyboy

        He himself never called Jay a sucka….. it’s about comprehension.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        no he didnt but thanks for spreading the lies …

      • RightOn

        Out of cont….eh never mind you’re not an honest person. Misleading means nothing in your book.

  • Qaadiru Rashaad

    That headline to get people to click is why hiphop journalism is failing miserably in todays market. that headline is totally inaccurate but all for a click of the mouse and to create interest and controversy you’ll lie. smh S/O to Cam & Tim Westwood

    • Keith N.

      “he’s a sucka for keep getting hit so many times.”

      Did Cam’ron say that? No matter how you interpret it..did Cam’ron say “he’s a sucka”?

      Thanks for reading.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        that not what he said @ all … he was in hypathetical mode … he never called jay a sucker directly … he was explaining why its a no win situation for him … smh im an allhiphop guy all day but i still keep it 100 ….

      • RightOn

        Read it again moron. “It’s kind of a no win situation. If he would’ve hit her back, he would’ve been a sucka for hitting her back. ‘Aww, he’s hitting women.’ Then, that he don’t hit her back, he’s a sucka for keep getting hit so many times.” #honesty

      • Keith N.

        Do you know what a no-win situation means? Means either way he would’ve been wrong, right? Now..what did Cam say? Cam said Jay was in a no win situation being that if he hit her he wouldve been “a sucka” and “he’s a sucka for keep getting hit so many times” what does that mean?

        That means, by Cam’s own words…no matter what Jay Z did he would’ve been “a sucka”. Or is that not clear?

        I hope someone with enough intelligence to claim someone else is a moron can see how causation works in sentences.

      • C Black

        I aint draggin you under the bus cuz, but it don’t seem like you have or had, in the past, conversations with niccas mane to be able to determine when something is coming directly from a personal point of view vice something thats coming from a person, but it is meant in genera consensus terms, like what the masses are gonna say.

      • benoriginal

        I normally don’t do this but you know full well that wasn’t the context in which it was intended. You’re playing semantics. I understand the hustle of it all but you are definitely reaching. If it’s intentional, it’s a draw to generate views. While unethical, it’s commonly done lately in urban media. If you honesty don’t know the difference which I’m sure you do (Chuck and Greg don’t let just anyone write for them) then maybe news articles aren’t your thing.

      • I dunno bruh, from the looks of it they DO let just anyone write for em (word to Sydney Lace)…there’s no such thing as reasoning or logic with this Keith cat whatsoever though, I’ve learned from experience that he’ll grasp at any and every straw he can and repeat the same thing over and over (and OVER) in a sorry attempt to justify his bullshit. In Keith’s world it’s everyone else who’s crazy, not him. He needs to go on and pull his skirt down though, gettin all defensive and emotional like a female just cuz he’s bein criticized. Hell even Illseed got more class than that, a cat gotta REALLY be comin at his head for him to respond…but look how many comments ol Keith done left, sayin the exact same thing in damn near everyone. Prob. copy/pasted the shit like they do the articles around here.

      • RapItUp

        Ding ding ding!!

      • Qaadiru Rashaad

        Peace Keith, Point taken but what I think Im trying to say is, it’s a whole different headline if it states ” He’s a sucka for keep getting hit so many times.” compared to >>>” Camron Says Jay Z A Sucka For Solange Fight” it’s somewhat misleading and makes you think somewhat differently. I would have clicked if it said Camron gives his thoughts on Jay Z / Solange Elevator Fiasco b/c at the end of the day Im clicking to see what’s up with Killa. There is a certain responsibility that writers and journalist have that spawn back to the beginning of time. Thanks for reading.

    • scullyson

      Totally….I concur…

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  • heavyboy

    Whoever titled this article needs to be shot in the a$$ with a pellet gun*

  • Ronlg1

    So Cam was a Sucka for watching his homies get jumped on that basketball court back in the day. Better yet, he was a Sucka for RUNNING while his boys got jumped on that basketball court. Wait, here is another one, Cam is a Sucka for dry snitching on the Roc talking about after he got shot at, they threw up the Roc sign. No wait, how bout Cam is a Sucka for starting a beef with Ma$e just because Ma$e didn’t want to be in his video without being properly paid. I can think of more “Sucka” moments for Cam and it Includes a lot of “pink”. When asked about Jay, Cam should really say “no comment” and keep it moving. Wasn’t that Junior Mafia that got at them? Can’t remember.

  • Elayorx El

    I can see how this article title can be misleading, but if one were to analyze how the heading actually matches Cam’s context, technically it can excuse the writer of being confusing on purpose. Cam did not call Jay a, “sucker” per say, due to the way he worded it, similar to the way the words, “a sucker” in the caption can denote that very same thing, due to the “quotes” used. Most writers know this going in, and use that “play on words” all the time. Still suspect though. The system, not the author.

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  • RealSpit

    Cam just let it!! It’s OVER!!!

  • hanssmith

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  • GP

    Damn ya’ll doggin cam for sure. but I bet 9 out of 10 of ya’ll was bangin cam back in the day. I mean most of these old rappers doing stuff to stay hot or some type of fame

    • Frank

      Cam is my dude. I love when he spit that Killa shit.

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  • Swagavelli

    Hey Cam what’s up with Dipset and also Jay Z in the elevator with Solange cause we clearly don’t have anything else to talk to you about….

  • fasho

    Cam’ron has never been to prison. Jail maybe but prison and jail is far from the same thing.

  • Brindle

    so basically, he didn’t call jay a sucker, who titles these?

    • scullyson

      Same thing I peeped. smh

  • scullyson

    Cam aka alpo

  • illbop

    Very provocative and misleading title, i thought ahh was better than this

    • Which AHH you been goin to fam? Cuz this one’s been notorious for this shit for quite awhile now…LOL Done went from the “World’s Most Dangerous Site” to the “World’s Moistest Gossip Rag”.

  • Jovaughn

    I’m with the rest of the folks on here. This title is definitely misleading!

  • $18916246

    Media spin….AHH is reaching and to Dame’s point culture vultures are in affect here. It’s not like Cam couldn’t call Jay a sucka as a matter of opinion…but the truth is Cam didn’t call Jay a sucka. Cam did say “It was a no win situation” and went on to explain what he meant by that. So AHH in an attempt to get hit’s on the article/blog, AHH is willing to rehatch an old rap beef.

  • foshow38

    My only issue is that he didn’t want to speak on J.R Writer…

  • shoon1

    A white person must have wrote the headline

  • Keith’s the sucka for insultin our intelligence as readers, like we don’t know the meaning of the word CONTEXT…smmfh

    • RapItUp

      Straight sucker for real.. Something told me to come back and check this page out.. This guy deleted my comments! Because his faux editorials get lambasted online and when he got called on it, resorted to back and forths with the readers like a blogger.. This guy’s a joke

      • Keith N.

        I didnt delete your comments. Someone else felt they needed to be deleted.

        Thanks for reading.

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