Cam'ron Says Jay Z's "A Sucka" For Solange Fight, Talks 2005 Carjacking + MORE (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop NewsCam’ron has been out of prison for over five years, however a decade ago his luck with the law was consistently tested. During an interview with Tim Westwood, Cam’ron spoke on how Jay Z was “a sucka” for his elevator altercation with Solange, how a 2005 carjacking stalled his career and more:

According to Cam, Solange was cordial to him the last time the two of them were in an elevator four months ago. Cam later admits that Jay Z’s altercation with Solange in the elevator was a “no-win situation” that would leave the Roc Nation boss looking “like a sucka”:

It’s kind of a no win situation. If he would’ve hit her back, he would’ve been a sucka for hitting her back. ‘Aww, he’s hitting women.’ Then, that he don’t hit her back, he’s a sucka for keep getting hit so many times.

On October 24th, 2005, Cam’ron was shot in Washington, D.C. after a man attempted to rob him of his blue 2006 Lamborghini at a stop light. Cam’ron was on probation for a 2004 gun possession charge during the time and explains how the carjacking stalled his career and placed him in jail:

 You know what’s crazy? The [2004] trip that I cam over here, I got permission to come. When I first got arrested I got permission to come over here. They said, ‘as long as you working, you can go away.’ So, when I went to D.C. and got shot, they was like ‘you can’t even be in D.C.’ I was like ‘I got permission to go to London, I didn’t know I needed permission to go to D.C.’ They was like ‘you need permission to go to the bathroom.’

According to Cam, he was placed in jail for violating his probation and could not leave the country for five years after he was released due to a new probation.

Check out Cam’ron’s speak on Diplomatic Immunity, new Dipset album and more below: