Dame Dash Ends Beef With Funk Flex; Addresses Hot 97/Chuck D Situation

(AllHipHop News) Dame Dash’s one man mission of calling out “culture vultures” in Hip Hop has ruffled some feathers. When Dame decided to take aim at former Def Jam president Joie Manda, Hot 97’s DJ Funkmaster Flex came to Manda’s defense and threw a few shots at Dash in the process.

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Dame later responded to Flex’s on-air statements on Instagram and during an interview with Combat Jack. The issue between the two music industry veterans seems to now be settled. Dash spoke about the situation with VladTV.

“I’m living a good life, and I get to take care of my kids. That to me is all that counts. Indie rich is what I want. Slave broke is wack. That’s Flex money,” said Dame. “And you know what I’m not even mad at you Flex. I’ve decided I’m not even f**king with you no more. You my n***a. Beef off. I’m not gonna let them have us mad each other. Joie’s a herb, but I’m not mad at you dog.”

During the interview Dame also mentions he wants to have a conversation with another Hot 97 personality – Ebro Darden.

“I was looking forward to having an intellectual debate with Ebro, but he just quit. He threw the white flag out,” said Dame. “I wanted to have a conversation with him, because when no one’s in the room he has a lot to say. I’m not going to speak on another man’s business, but I definitely think it’s disrespectful to be trying to talk to Chuck D any kinda way. He needs to blindly just listen to Chuck D. I know I would.”

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41 Responses to “Dame Dash Ends Beef With Funk Flex; Addresses Hot 97/Chuck D Situation”

  1. Eli Pinilla

    Agreed about chuck d. Even if you don’t agree with his opinion, you gotta respect chuck enough to let him talk. And never call him a troll……but dame?!?! He thinks the wackest thing you can do is talk about people money but then he calls flex “slave broke”. Contradictions are rampant with this dude….and of all people that would be called a “culture vulture” dj Vlad would Def be up there. But that’s who he chooses to do an interview with. And shit on combat jack just for getting both sides. So it ain’t all about indie rich and support cuz the minute that indie does something he don’t agree with, he turns his back on them…..

    • Nyga07

      Think Dame is referring to it as slave broke in terms of working for a major/big company following an agenda that you may or may not agree with because you feel it gives you a certain wealth/power. where independent rich being him basically doing what he wants, being his own boss, and doing things the way he feels and being comfortable with that even if he isn’t making the same big$$$ … I feel him in a way bcuz Dame gave a lot to Def Jam talent wise , and just as far as keeping them relevant. Then they just strong armed him out the game and fucked with Jay bcuz jay knew how to kiss azz a little better, and knew how to play the game a little better as far as not ruffling feathers( Jay is my favorite rapper btw so no hate). Def jam just saw him as a big mouth who always wanted not only him but ALL of his ppl to eat, where as with Jay it’s like we know he for self (nothing wrong with that) , but he in all just easier to deal with. SO i kind of feel his salty attitude in ways… Bigger picture is idk why there isn’t not 1 all black label by now, like no not a venture deal or no shid like that but a label i mean damn how long has it been and all this balling they yelling about!!!!

      • Nyga07

        ahhhh gotcha i may(did) have worded that in correct, I’m trying to say why we don’t have the Distribution, appreciate the help dog… If that wasn’t all the way on point what I’m trying to say is why don’t we have the whole damn plug without having to make money for 13 other ppl first?

      • Terrance

        ‘Cause kats are SCARED to find out what would happen IF they did…

      • Nyga07

        Ha ha feel you on that, I was thinking along the same lines when the NBA ish popped off, like dam do we have a team??? How these ma fucca’s been hooping all these years and haven’t got together and just owned a team flat out?

      • Nyga07

        smh, always good going back and forth with someone with a working brain, appreciate the discussion fam

      • EDOGZ818

        We do it for the yute (Youth) that don’t know any better because they lack guidance.


      • EDOGZ818

        There are only 5? distribution licenses in the U.S.
        The Israelis have the ‘chet on lock!

      • Nyga07

        dammmmmn talk bout on lock, i see i see well glad i know now, so I guess its just a part of the GAME that has to be accepted!!!

      • EDOGZ818

        Nah, they want us to accept it!

        We do because thier plan is to keep the Blackman ( & all Americans now, since the 14th amendment nationalized slavery ) a child like Peter Pan.

        The truth is, we need our own, & until then, we will never be free, because we haven’t reconized slavery!

      • Eli Pinilla

        So in other words, he means slave broke like being an employee?!?!? There’s no way around saying that without being offensive or hypocritical to you saying talkin about other people money is wack. And again, by him saying he’s indie rich and being his own boss, he’s also saying in the same breath that not being a boss and being employed makes you slave broke……I respect Dame for all he did. And he’s a legend in the game. But I just can’t cosign the stuff he says coming from him. If he could’ve gotten a new deal with the majors he would. ….to me, and I’m a fan, it reminds me of 50 cent talkin about numbers. When you were on top, you shitted on everybody that ain’t sell, now that you in that position, you champion indie and low sales…..

      • Nyga07

        I smell you i smell you, it does have that sneak diss undertone…Sorta like a hustler would say to a working 9 to 5 dude… I feel you and point well proven bcuz dudes do be positive and realize shit, then they get back on and be like man fug dat everybody for self

  2. Ipullcards

    Now watch everybody agree with dame. These new aged hiphop heads don’t know truth when they see it, someone has to tell it to them, and if thT person isn’t as relevant than it’s just deemed lies. Facts are dames an arrogant loud mouth, but that doesn’t make him a liar! He wasn’t lying at all. He just realiEs he has to go one on one not one on 5 or what ever

  3. Markus

    I’m sure Dame isn’t in dire straits like some people believe because they don’t see him in the spotlight anymore. Being in the public eye was a drug to him I’m sure and it must be tough dealing with the fact that it’s over and not coming back.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      him Cam and Jimmy got the clothing lines pumping, he has Dash Motor Oil and is now involved in the art world. he is not getting jay Z money anymore but he is not broke

      • Markus

        I agree. I just believe he misses the flashing lights. It’s an ego thing when no one wants to take your picture anymore when you used to take them all the time before. I don’t think him being out of the public eye is a choice. I think the powers that be don’t think he’s news unless it’s something negative.

      • Jason A. White

        This is my point. Dame is a hypocrite. Everything that he is talking about can be refuted by his history in the business. That was Flex’s point. People got a short-term memory.

      • El Dogga

        No, Jay-Z, Dame and Biggs owned 33% of the label. They all owned the masters.

  4. RightOn

    Finally Dame. This is a fight we can back you up on. Tell that irrelevant Ebro not to ever even mention Chuck D again.

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