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Warren G Says He Supports Gay Rappers That Want To Come Out + More

(AllHipHop News) Warren G’s propensity to regulate surfaced in a recent interview when addressing homosexuality and gay rapper.

According to Warren G in a recent Huffington Post interview, he has a gay cousin and “I don’t have no hate toward any of that. If a person’s gay, they gay!” Before stating his support, Warren G revealed that there are secretly ” artists out there who are– who want to come out and rap.”

If they is another artist out there that’s like that, ain’t nobody acting funny with Frank Ocean. He still do what he do and ain’t nobody trippin’ or acting funny with him because he’s gay.

Warren G does not discriminate based on sexuality, but he does on skill. Later in the interview, the 20-year rap veteran stated that the easier accessibility to releasing music has caused the quality of the artform to suffer. The culprit that caused this shift? According to Warren G, its one of the oldest mediums of consuming music:

There’s good records that don’t even get spinned because [radio is] spinning stupid cheese — then you’ll hear some bullshit get spinned in heavy rotation,” he says, “We’ve to get back to a place where there’s a line drawn with quality music

  • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    I wouldn’t listen to an openly gay rapper if he were on the mic rapping about gay sex or being in love with another man. Its not that I’m intolerant, I could care less about gay people or what they do, live and let live, to each his own etc etc, but I just can’t relate to that lifestyle or train of thought, it holds no interest to me whatsoever.

    Of course in this overly sensitive world we live in now I’m sure that statement is considered homophobic and offensive

    • La’shaun Saint Claire

      I just wanted to say that you have a nice picture and I agree.

      • elpinchemayate

        what that mouth do IJS

      • Terrance

        Even though it was funny, that could be your sister or relative someone else says that to… IJS

    • #SS

      if you listen to 1. Lil Wayne2. Kanye West
      3. Chief Keef
      4. Lil B then you listening to Gay rappers @ Negrito de Queens #African

      • Jonathan Bacher

        Good to know you’re so well informed about these rapper’s private lives.

    • John Q. Public

      I might have agreed with you a couple years ago, but after Frank Ocean came out I still listen to his music.
      Music will outway a persons persona. If its good it wont matter if the artist is gay or straight.

      …unless they are the “super-gay” “extra” type. IMO

  • I_AM_Houston

    I cant support songs about a man and a man but if he wanna rap fine. I dont believe in discrimination considering im black and know all about it first hand and on a regular basis.

  • La’shaun Saint Claire

    Well people don’t want you talk about nothing anymore accept this subject. I have seen alot and heard alot in my short period of life, i FOR ONE don’t support what is going on in America on this subject, but it will be. I don’t want to hear your love for the same sex and then on the other hand, Where are all the fathers? I see that most of them want to be with a man.
    Can this be explained? Yes, but who is listening who is really caring for people souls…this ain’t the end once you leave here.

  • digitallife

    Ya’ll listening to fruity dudes already, can’t nobody look at danny brown and say that dude is straight, can’t nobody look at some of the dudes in asap mob and say some of those dudes ain’t gay, hell I think School Boy Q got sugar in his tank too. As long as the content matter is gender neutral it shouldn’t matter, now if you come into hip-hop as a gay person and try to turn into hip-hop’s version of lady gaga you are going to have some serious problems. If the percentage of homosexuality amongst men is 1 out of 4 then there’s at least two gay rappers in the top ten if the odds are correct.

    • MrsOno

      1out of 4? That’s news to me. Can you point me in the direction of this statistic? I would really like to know some facts about this one.😨 Thank you

      • digitallife

        It took you more time to type that request than it would’ve taken you to find these facts…upper right hand corner, click it and search…

    • Calico Joe

      If you believe them numbers, you a fool. I’ve been working consistently since the age of 16 and I’m 29 now. I’ve had 3 drivers licenses in 3 different states and never once in my life have I filled out an application or a survey that has asked about my sexual orientation. And I know if I haven’t then countless other people haven’t either.

  • #SS

    I’ll name the gay rappers I know about.
    1. Lil Wayne
    2. Kanye West
    3. Chief Keef
    4. Lil B

    • Killuminati

      riff raff….danny brown….baby….lil twist

  • I respect what he is saying, he supports gay artists who wants to come out…I just don’t support the ones who are still in the closet and lying to their fans. Like Drake who loves to sneak into locker rooms and get stopped on camera….lol

  • Montezuma1

    He supported Snoop and Dr. Dre. He’s consistent.

  • Killuminati

    he should talk to ross and wale and tell them to come out

  • DC King Of Hearts

    For real, if they have skills, let them shine. Not everything is going to be catered to everybody. If there are gay people who listen and love Hip Hop, then dammit there needs to be more artists like Cakes da Killa, angel haze, L1ef, Nicky da B, Amplify Dot, and RoXxXan. As long as they don’t bring trash, I damn sure ain’t complaining. So what if it ain’t catered to you or me? Bars over bullshit

  • The Legendary Troll

    smh you by yourself with that nigga

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  • sassy

    If they have been with a women or have children with a women i would not support that. That is crazy and nasty smh. Personally who would be there audience. These dl men are destroying america. They should be burned at the stake for there filth.

    • Jonathan Bacher

      “These dl men are destroying america”
      Lol. Youre an idiot if you truly believe that.

  • Franky Babylon

    Some of the old school R&B, Soul, etc greats was/is gay. The thing is their music was great and the content was in the form so everyone could relate.

  • Markus

    Rap is one of the last forms of entertainment that will offer up resistance to the idea of a gay artist. Although Frank Ocean is out there, someone much more popular and more importantly hardcore would have a bigger impact. Someone along the lines of a Lil Wayne or Rick Ross coming out if they were indeed gay would be huge.

    • Taiana Aubrey

      very true

  • hoeyuno

    Meh…I have no problem with the shyts but im not supporting shyt I dont like and will not be blasting rupauls rap album out the whip..make all the gay rap you want but that shyts not sneaking into my playlist. .

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  • ihatefaggots

    Burn them