Warren G Says He Supports Gay Rappers That Want To Come Out + More

Warren G Says He Supports Gay Rappers That Want To Come Out + More

(AllHipHop News) Warren G’s propensity to regulate surfaced in a recent interview when addressing homosexuality and gay rapper.

According to Warren G in a recent Huffington Post interview, he has a gay cousin and “I don’t have no hate toward any of that. If a person’s gay, they gay!” Before stating his support, Warren G revealed that there are secretly ” artists out there who are– who want to come out and rap.”

If they is another artist out there that’s like that, ain’t nobody acting funny with Frank Ocean. He still do what he do and ain’t nobody trippin’ or acting funny with him because he’s gay.

Warren G does not discriminate based on sexuality, but he does on skill. Later in the interview, the 20-year rap veteran stated that the easier accessibility to releasing music has caused the quality of the artform to suffer. The culprit that caused this shift? According to Warren G, its one of the oldest mediums of consuming music:

There’s good records that don’t even get spinned because [radio is] spinning stupid cheese — then you’ll hear some b####### get spinned in heavy rotation,” he says, “We’ve to get back to a place where there’s a line drawn with quality music