EXCLUSIVE: C-Murder Issues Letter From Jail About Troubled Relationship With Brother Master P

(AllHipHop News) Corey “C-Murder” Miller is currently serving a life sentence at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola for the murder of 16-year-old Steven Thomas. Miller was convicted of the crime in 2009, but the former No Limit Records artist has maintained he is innocent and has repeatedly appealed the verdict.

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While C awaits the outcome of the latest challenge to his conviction, he has also suffered through a falling out with his brother Percy “Master P” Miller. The platinum selling rapper recently released the Master P diss track “All I Wanted 2 Be Was A Soldier.”

The song featured C-Murder calling P “unloyal.” C further expresses his thoughts on his relationship with his older brother in an exclusive letter sent to AllHipHop.com.

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Read C-Murder’s letter addressing Master P:

“All I wanted to be was a soldier, like P”

We all must learn lessons before dying. My ultimate lesson was giving loyalty to those undeserving. Yes, I learned the hard way. Incarceration has opened my eyes to see deceit through pitch black darkness. I was taught and raised that your bloodline will be there through thick and thin. Even when the entire wicked world and fake friends condemn and abandon you at your darkest moments. And being in prison for life, means until you die. Until your heart stops beating and your body turns cold.

This is a time to come together and support, unconditionally. Not for finger-pointing and ridicule. Even as I truthfully and passionately claim my innocence, I’m forced to entertain the blasphemy and silly lies of the one I believed in and looked up to the most. Who not only betrayed me but turned his back on my kids. My three angels who keeps blood pumping from my heart, throughout my veins. My sincere message to you as you read this is: Trust no one but yourself. No-one deserves your total loyalty, a smile can be deceiving in many ways. Be your own leader. People change and you can never know someone’s TRU identity or agenda.

I will never change, break or fold. I will always be TRU. It’s my life, my way of thinking. My World!

If my last breath was to come this minute, I’ll be buried as a man among men. Loyal to a fault. But I will rest in peace. Feel Me?

I am smarter and much wiser now. Why? Because I have truly learned my “Lesson Before Dying”

These are the truest words I ever said.


C-Murder will go before another judge in November. Earlier this year, his lawyer filed a post-conviction relief application in the 24th Judicial District Court.

Attorney Rachel Conner is claiming C did not get a fair trial partly because a juror in the 2009 case has stated she and another juror where pressured by other jury members to vote for a guilty conviction.

The Miller team also alleges the trial judge forced the jury to reach a verdict after the 12 person panel originally was unable to come to a decision. The jury later came back with a 10-2 decision to convict. In the state of Louisiana, a 9-3 vote would have resulted in a mistrial.

C-Murder’s previous appeals have been denied.

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196 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: C-Murder Issues Letter From Jail About Troubled Relationship With Brother Master P”

  1. TruthSerum

    It’s not your brothers job to fix all your problems or support your kids, you were suppose to do that, instead you chose to run the streets like a clown even after your were a millionaire and throw your life away over stupidity. That’s on you, not your brother.

    You see this kind of thing all the time from cats in jail. I never been to prison but I’ve sat in county before waiting on a court date over small stuff and heard the complaints from other people. Dudes in their 40’s cursing out there parents for not putting enough money on their canteen and acting enraged because the rest of the world won’t bend itself around their situation.

    It’s one thing to make a mistake, even a big one like this guy did. Things happen. But at least be a man and accept the consequences with dignity.

    • LiL$HiN3R

      tru but regardless if his kids need any kind of assistance and you’re in the position P is in i know he’s not obligated but a nigga like me man that’s family i’d make sure my nieces aren’t hurting

      • OnlyTheReal

        Though I don’t agree with what C did, I can’t argue with that

      • ApricotNapalm

        I dont wish bad on anyone- u suspect ass believe the hype ass nga. He can get out & stay w his kids!

      • TruthSerum

        It’s not really “Believing the Hype” when their is a video tape of the incident lol

        Some people can find a way to excuse anything tho. Dude could be found at the crime scene, foaming at the mouth with the murder weapon in hand, standing over the body screaming “I’M GLAD I KILLED YOU” and dudes will still find a way to keep hope alive and plead innocence. In some ways, I admire the dedication in that. If only those same people would dedicate themselves so fully to a cause that actually mattered, society would be in much better shape.

      • regalpimp

        It’s that “nigga mentality”..Respect goes out to the one that causes the most damage and harm in the community…We’ll never progress until we change that mentality…

      • Ipullcards

        Two different incidents. That shooting his gun jammed. The one caught on camera. Those are 2 dif cases. The 16 year old that was murdered wasn’t caught on camera. That’s the media confusing and jury tampering…

      • TruthSerum

        Sorry, I lost track of this guys many arrests and wrongly assumed one gun incident was the other. I honestly thought the video incident was from this case, so seeing how I’m wrong I’ll retract my statement about that.

        Stand behind every other part of that post though.

      • Black Avatars

        You idiot. There is NO VIDEO of the murder of the 16 year old kid. There is a video of his second case when he shot at the Club manager for not letting him in. Damn you niggas need to learn how to read.

      • El Dogga

        Post the link the where he “Shoots a 16-year old kid on camera”

        He tried to shoot up the front of a entrance going into a club and it jammed. Two completely different things!

      • EDOGZ818

        Correct, people convicted C just because he was caught on camera trying to murder people for not letting him in a strip club for free.

      • made4music012

        just like i said to dude above the video is not of him killing anyone it was just him shooting a gun in a lobby not hitting nor killing anyone if you or anyone else that be up on shit like this you would know what your talking about people need to stop blogging or commenting about street shit when they are not from the streets or come from that perspective of understanding man like C-Murder and what he is trying to say and i believe he is innocent because of the true facts which are police not having no evidence linking him to the crime no one in the jury thought he did minus one or two people that i felt was not PAYING ATTENTION and a few other things that im not going to get into but not believe things with no supported facts okay

      • ApricotNapalm

        ngas believe anything they hear bro….but cant spell or read good- smh. wise man said dont argue with fools

      • ApricotNapalm

        Bruh….*there* is video -What cause are YOU dedicated to? I got an appointment w Teach for America tomorrow -dedicated to helping elementary kids learn the basics of reading and comprehension skills, like the difference between there, their & they’re -Real Talk though

      • TruthSerum

        I wasn’t aware that my posts on a rap message board, of all places, were being graded like a term paper. Pardon the improper grammar. Admittedly, since graduating both high school and college years ago and moving on in life, the simple things like spelling & punctuation might not be as fresh on the mind as they once were. I promise to try harder though, just for you.

        On a side note, I can’t help but find the irony in being chin checked about my basic English skills while on a message board discussing the fate of an incarcerated rapper who dropped out of high school and would have likely died on a street corner years ago had his brother not succeeded in life and given him a free ride. There has got to be a candid camera around here somewhere.

      • ApricotNapalm

        I mis write stuff all the time on this bs- BUT I couldnt help but notice that a guy talking about how ppl need to do better dont know the difference between their (ownership) there (place) because it was High School-Yet you remember bogus facts about this nga case-which happened when you were in high school (SUSPECT)video tapes from the murder…&ur wrong- (BELIEVE THE HYPE)& i wasnt discussing his fate. I just stated that i hope he gets out…. and that u a suspect ass believe the hype ass nga…& u’ve proven me right-

      • ApricotNapalm

        This whole shit is silly though- I do hope he get out regardless of what anybody say. But i shouldnt have wrote anything demeaning concerning u- I apologize-I honestly try not to be that nga online bcuz theres too many of them clowns. I write my little bars when i’m “board” (see i make mistakes too) and i’m trying to do better in life. Salam

      • Judah Nazayar

        no cameras bro.. this is definitely real. scary huh? like the twilight zone …smh..

      • Enlightened Jamison

        Fam, you got your facts twisted up. You’re combining his two cases. HE DID NOT shoot anybody on camera. He tried to shoot someone on camera and the gun jammed and he walked out the club. There is no video of the murder he was convicted for.

      • El Dogga

        Right! I hate when people be speaking on stuff and don’t know what the hell they be talking about!


      • Judah Nazayar

        when the Gun Jammed..that shoulda woke the simple ass nigga up..like* what am i doing?*..
        Now the nigga in the Booty House for life.. when he coulda been making music.. and seeing his kids. Nigga fukk a Goon.. Fukk the Hood. Fukk keeping it Tru. Niggas are simple as hell

      • El Dogga

        That definitely should’ve been a wake up call. I think that was a sign to show him to slow his role. He didn’t get that Omen though.

      • Judah Nazayar

        lol.. that nigga was like..*Voice of Reason…get the Fukk outta here..Imma keep it Tru!*

      • EDOGZ818

        Exactly, people think C Murder is a bad person just because of his name & the video of him trying to murder people at the strip club for denying him entry.

      • Judah Nazayar

        u know? man, alotta of these niggas just need to be beheaded.. straight up/. these niggas aint worth shit!!

      • Ain't No Future In Yo Frontin'

        So if an 16 year old threatens your life you won’t shoot him because ”he’s a kid”? Fck that.

      • Pope Chuck Paul

        ok the 16 year old threatened him so he couldnt just beat him up? so what george zimmerman did was right? thats pretty much the same thing. wrong is wrong. oh so because the gun jammed its cool? yo yall some real dumb ass niggaz for real. reads what you wrote out loud. please. this is why some dont take our race serious. you should do the time for him. it isntr like he was in the act of self defense. granted thta kid shouldnt have been at the club, but it doesnt mean he deserves to die.

      • Ain't No Future In Yo Frontin'

        This ”kid” knew what the consequenses could be stepping to C. So why defend him, we’re not talking about C running up on some 10 year old boy with a lollipop. He wanted to act out, well you can end up dead because C-Murder felt most comfortabel in his old surroundings with his old habbits. That’s all he knew. So fck those prejudice people saying he should have done this or that. They don’t know what it’s like coming from a certain envirement and having to adapt to a whole new one, it’s not easy.

      • EDOGZ818

        Yeah, but if it was self defense, he wouldn’t have gotten life.

        Apparently the kid was shot while being stomped by C’s goons.

      • Judah Nazayar

        thats all he knew? Boolshit! this nigga had money and opportunity. The nigga was touring n making money..seeing different shit. Doing shit alotta young brothers pray for. But these niggas get money..and still act like lo life niggas.. That NIGGA IS MENTALLY A LIL BOY!!

      • El Dogga

        “reads what you wrote out loud”

        Take your own advice champ. Horrible English!

      • Pope Chuck Paul

        ok that went over your head. the point of me saying read what you wrote out loud is because sometimes when you hear what you’re saying or see yourself on video doing something stupid you say wow that was pretty stupid. horrible english because i typed an s after… riiiiiggghhhhhhttt. anyway c-murder got locked up for shooting somebody. point blank period. start a petition and make some tees.

      • El Dogga

        No you nimrod. The point I was trying to make is if you are making a suggestion for people to “reads what you wrote” that shows you don’t follow your own advice. You further showed your lack of manipulation of the English language by not realizing your second and MOST important error.

        The proper way to say that sentence is:

        “READ what you WRITE” not Reads what you Wrote!

        Or to break it down take the “s” off and say your sentence

        “read what you wrote out loud” you have a past/present conflict in your sentence. You aren’t smart. Don’t chastise others like you are.

        El Dogga 2 Pope Chuck Paul 0!

      • Celz

        His grammar may be off but he’s droppin more knowledge than anyone else in here..

      • MLB44

        Lol. Real talk! This “ain’t” no English grammar online class nor are we trying to impress anyone with our grasp of the King’s English. I got exactly what he was saying and it made a lot of sense.

      • Celz

        I’m all for proper grammar but homie just fronted like his whole point was moot.. FOH lol

      • Judah Nazayar

        hahahaha… im not trying to diss that dude.. but i had a hard time understanding what he was trying to say

      • El Dogga

        Delivery is everything man. We as a people need to learn how to articulate correctly or anything you say will be negated.

      • made4music012

        you are wrong my brother you don’t know or have the facts you probably seen this on TV you can’t say he shot and killed someone on camera i don’t believe he would kill at that kill a kid i know he would defend his self but you or anyone else can’t say he is a killer because he name is C-Murder think of how many rappers say one thing and do another and as far as P he should of did more not in the sense like he had to hold his hand i mean just look out for the kids if you know a great lawyer that can help the situation link em up but P knows he was wrong and i still listen to all my OG CD Copies of my No-Limit Collection that i must add in im still short that first C-Murder album ima re buy that shit cause ima fan first and a dick suck NEVER cause im not with that hop on wood shit i just show respect when it is due

      • D!ck4BrAiNS

        The Reason Some Not taking the black race seriously,because blacks don’t support each other.

      • D!ck4BrAiNS

        Well how does someone shoots another with the gun being jammed..? Mixing two different cases is illegal.Some Lawyer lol.
        Witnesses said C-Murder didn’t pull the trigger..So hows that’s Justice my friend..?

      • Judah Nazayar

        exactly!! a blackman outta know better.. the way we slide in to prison..
        its like we got vaseline on the bottom of our shoes.. its easy as hell for a nikka to go to jail.. they outta know better

      • Mr. Bang Bang

        Exactly people dont realize where this “Teen Club” was located it was in a bowling alley and if you go 3mins to your right its this 16yr old neighborhood Mary Poppins where its Bloods so not saying lil dude was looking for trouble but who really know but his partners… all you going to see on the news is Rapper kill teen but them niggas in N.O aint teens at 16 its a lot of robbers and killers at that age out there so not saying he should be dead but shit them lil niggas be the worst ones.

      • Mr. Bang Bang

        Hum bruh dude 17 at the time with more than one body murder for hire…. Im from that area where the lil dude got killed and been to that club when i say a fight broke out you seen every nicca from that neighborhood swarm like bees against like 3 dudes and 2 females so i could just imagine a nigga who was famous at the time like C going in there. Again im not saying it right buut you got to treat some lil dudes like adults out there.

      • ApricotNapalm

        Let God judge & forgive that man- I hope he get out to spend time with his kids. YOU wicked, i want a better situation for a nga & you like “Nah fck that”

      • Judah Nazayar

        Gods judgement is also in effect in THIS LIFE..not only when u die sir

      • ApricotNapalm

        Bruh….. fall back, u too animated about this man life. Let God judge AND FORGIVE that man. Aint got sht to do with me other than I hope he get out& spend time w his kids-

      • Judah Nazayar

        and scumbag.. Im not there acting like a nigga failure. Its called.. get a job..or do ur music. get sum beer..sum bud..and sit back and think about how good it is to be free. Kiss your woman and kids..and be grateful.
        Im sure we all can sit back n reflect on a situation that if we woulda got caught ..we woulda been hemmed up..killed or in prison. The Most High saved yo ass… Look how many the Most High didnt save.. cuz they wasnt grateful

  2. Dadon850

    Sit down and do your time C. You was on that powder and nobody could tell you sh!t. You pulled that pistol while high on coke and did something you have regretted even to this day. You are not innocent. Your brother should not give all his money to lawyers when it’s clear as day you are guilty. Sit down brother. Sit down.

  3. Obi Won

    “My ultimate lesson was giving loyalty to those undeserving”
    Look, I’m no philosopher but that was of the first lines in the letter. Its true, giving loyalty to those that were underserving. But I think C has the people mixed up. Your brother helped get you and your younger brother out the street with No Limit records. Many people don’t get a chance to put out ALBUMS for the world to hear, whether gangsta ish or backpack. The disloyal ones were the ones that tried to keep C in that life instead of working on TRU records or making better music.

    Classic case of when keeping it real goes wrong. When people choose the path to remain a “real ni99a” versus a free one, that’s the choice you made. Cant get mad at other people for your gun going off, whether you hit someone or not.

  4. Slaughtr

    None of you niggaz are in his shoes but always have some negative bitych ass shyt to say. In reality c is in his darkest time and what bugs me the fck out is the rappers who get locked up it seems get respect and more record sales when they out in some cases. Look at really who the fck you throwing criticism to because it all falls down to no matter what the fck any of yall think nobody can take away the way this man feels. Peace to all my brothers locked up the bad decisions lead to either a serious perspective on life or a negative effect. One thing for sure none of you niggaz are loyal with that bullshyt you speaking. his shoes are not yours only him and the Creator know the truth so shut the fck up about it.

      • OnlyTheReal

        Now you know the victim and his family are supposed to always be forgotten for the sake of the rapper’s fans. C-Murder’s victim wasn’t a criminal or killer. He was a teenager whom he got mad at for what he felt was being disrespectful during a battle rap. But you know……your entire family & friends are supposed to go through hell with you behind some shit YOU did. Smmfh. I swear for all these No Limit fans you would think these niggas heard Ice Cube’s song on the “I got the hook up” soundtrack called “Ghetto Vet.”

    • Judah Nazayar


  5. El Dogga

    My man C-Murder just need to shut up and wait for his trial to come up! He ain’t shoot the kid but he did jump him and knows who did it! He ain’t snitch so they went with the “celebrity” that was there.

    The question is…..do you keep it real and do 25 to the L or do you DROP THAT DIME???

    What would you do??

    • hoeyuno

      thats exactly how I see it. and P wanted Cory to to take that easy way out so P didnt have to come outta pocket….When P was asked about it a longtime ago he said some ish like “he knows what he needs to do”..

      • El Dogga

        Yeah I heard that. He said WAYYYY more than that. He said something along the lines of “that man ain’t kill nobody…but he caught up in this keep it real thing and tryna protect people”

        Pretty much P was like take the deal and squeel! C said I’m tryna fight it in court. P said whatever and stopped funding him. C took the fall for Goon X.

      • El Dogga

        By default the person that got served a lifelong L is the dummy! lol

      • Judah Nazayar


      • Nyga07

        LOL that way>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
        son get in the car we leaving

      • Judah Nazayar

        oh so ur sayin..the police coming to pin u down for sum shit..u know u didnt do or was involved in.. u just gonna go to prison and let a degenerate nigga stay free? nigga fukk you! yo ass going to the booty house. the degenerate nigga wouldnt do it for me!!

      • El Dogga

        LOL! Unless I called the hit…..I’m not taking 25 to L for noone!

    • Brindle

      I can’t lie, there was a day when I would’ve fought it without snitching much like C did, I’ve had a few situations that made my life difficult for a short period due to me not saying what went down… but now, nikka please, I got a job, car, 3 dogs, kids, Kendrick new album coming out…. I’m snitching on everything moving, tellen on all the witnesses too and the non-snitches, I’ll tell what I saw and tell what they saw from their angle… I will never take the rap for another man unless he can and will take care of mine better than I can…

      • EDOGZ818


        It’s about snitching though, what if you CHOSE to do whatever & got caught, would you snitch or set up 5 friends to keep what you have??

        Why go to the pen, when you can tell on a friend?

        But when you appreciate what you have, you won’t put yourself in the position to have to make that choice.

      • hoeyuno

        true….and thats a real topic. these rappers and athletes become rich just to put there selves in situations they dont need to be in…Chris Brown rollin around LA with real gang bangers..what happens when one of those real gang bangers does something real gang bangerish..they gonna lock the kid up for the rest of his life as an accessory. ..

      • Brindle

        if I chose to do the crime, I’m not snitchen if I get caught, now that’s a different subject all together and I’m not setting no one up either…

      • EDOGZ818

        Right, that’s the way it should be, so my point is…C chose that life.

        “Not my lifestyle, so I made a U turn” Kool G Rap ~ Road 2 The Riches

      • hoeyuno

        double dapz! My oldest boy started kindergarten this year im not lettin him down like that…

      • Nyga07

        lol man i almost passed out, never lied tho. We as men especially black men have to learn to do better and show a better way. ALL that cool shyt i mean its alright but its a time to grow up and face reality like wtf!!!!

      • William Witherz

        I feel u… still lol at “3 dogs, kids…”
        1) said number of dogs, not number of kids
        2) listed kids after dogs

        Quick Snitch or Die Tryin!

      • El Dogga

        LMAO at Kendrick new album coming out!

        That’s apart of growing up though! Let’s say 2000-ish……we going to trial like a gangsta!

        As a man/adult! If you did something stupid….it’s on you and I’m beefing with you for doing it around me without giving me the heads up!

        I’m on my “Yo, doughboy…..let me out man” Cuba Gooding in Boyz in the Hood ish now! lol

    • EDOGZ818

      C is still guilty, no one to snitch on. You & your homeys rob a store & knuckle head caps old man Quinllin for making a move….guess what, you’re just as guilty as the shooter.

      • Judah Nazayar

        and they got the degenerate nigga on tape…dumping a machine gun inna club. I know niggas like C murder.. Just a waste o space ass nigga. Them niggas always talking that TRU shit..Until the Most HIGH gets tired of the Coonery and sends another wicked ass nigga to kill em..or get the whiteman to put him in a cage

      • greenhouse records

        That video is not from that night tho. That was from another incident.

      • El Dogga

        LOL! Love the juice reference! I wasn’t even gonna speak on that but in most states (Louisiana is one of them) if someone is killed during the course of a felonious act EVERYONE is charged with murder!

        So snitching or not. He was involved with the jumping of the kid which is assault (felony) which means the murder could’ve got on him too. The thing is if he snitched he could’ve gotten off the murder charge and maybe did 3-5 years for assault if anything but he didn’t.

      • EDOGZ818

        Nah, that’s felony murder, but yeah, snitching on the shooter could have gotten him a deal, but then everyone ends up snitching on each other & the prosecution doesn’t need to make any deals now, since they all incriminated themselves.

        Legally speaking, if he didn’t cap “old man Quinllin with his BS gun” ( Hahahaa! ) and ran out the store, gat in hand, and got shot by the cops…you are guilty of your homey’s murder, even though the cops killed him.

  6. chicagostyl

    sad….this is what happens when brothers practice the “no snitching” movement…you get life in prison and now he at the mercy of the state all because he wanna keep it real and keep it hood…sry I dont feel bad for dude but I do feel terrible for his kids who dont have a daddy cuz he too busy keeping it hood in a 8 x 10

  7. Brindle

    OK, I’ve been reading the comments, doesn’t the video prove C killed dude? Isn’t that the same video on this case, where he come into the club dumping? Unless he’s got 2 different cases, that I’m combining as 1, then he needs to sit right where he is. I have a cousin, love him, but he’s doing life for multiple murders, extortion and witness intimidation, the things my loved one did to that witness shouldn’t be done to no man but he got caught, it is what it is… That kid shouldn’t have been talking sh!t to C, and paid the consequences, now C gotta pay his…

    • Mac7504

      I don’t believe it was the same incident…He did that shit when he was out on bail too… As much as I pumped that hardcore shit back in the day, he really lived that shit in the N.O. and it can’t blame nothing on no one…I will say P spoke on some shit about C that he really shouldn’t have…

      Miss the days of Soujla Slim, C, and Mac…

    • Dan_Tebasco

      “That kid shouldn’t have been talking sh!t to C, and paid the consequences” He dissed him in a battle, that’s what a battle is for…

  8. Faceda59

    Even if he didn’t kill that kid ,he has nobody to blame for this but himself.C had like four aggs at one time.One on camera and the gun jammed those people see you acting like a monkey in the streets they put you in a cage.P might be guilty of not taking care of his kids but still thats your fault because you in jail for acting like a monkey.

  9. Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    Silly assed jail house nigga talk. YOU are the reason that you are in jail. It’s no ones job to serve your time with you. Dumb ass. You had it all but you wanted to be another mans soldier. Soldiers are nothing but pawns you silly ass negro.

  10. WeakSauce

    You know for a fact if he was to be set free, he would be back behind the cell in no time! This ain’t his first time behind bars, what took you so long to learn from it? Knowing you ain’t going to be set free? Com’n man!

  11. therealest1

    This letter shows C-Murder still has street mentality in him and hasn’t really learned based on the wording and context. He basically showed he won’t change because he’s too real to do so which is what got him life in prison. Adults don’t change logic will always reign true.

    As much as I hate Master P for polluting the rap game with stupid garbage in late 90s, he was a man with common sense to not assist someone with no common sense or precaution with his ignorant choices and decisions.

    C-Murder defeated the purpose of what was supposed to be a heartfelt letter by ignorantly stating “All I wanted to be was a soldier, like P”. It’s that soldier mentality that got him where he is and will be the rest of his squandered life. He was old enough to know by then who to associate with and who not to. Although it’s unpopular with lots of people, it’s definitely better to be a U.S. military soldier than a street soldier, at least there’s benefits and credible respect involved instead of recognition in the streets fighting a meaningless so called war in the streets.

    C-Murder can’t change because he was successful and old enough to know by then what he shouldn’t have gotten involved in by the time his troubles manifested.

  12. Nyga07

    Damn not C and P!! i THINK murder in his feelings bcuz he is doing life, i’m SORRY anyone would be pissed wtf!!! I get P trying to help while not drag himself down also. we saw the video of the other club shooting we know murder was about that life, so he was judged. We dont know if he did the killing or not, but his name and the video did not help!! was the trial in N.O? bcuz if so he never stood a chance who wouldn’t know him and associate him as being C fugging murder? Shyt not rocket science

  13. Sy

    “My three angels who keeps blood pumping from my heart, throughout my
    veins. My sincere message to you as you read this is: Trust no one but
    yourself. No-one deserves your total loyalty”………Is he telling his daughters that they shouldn’t trust one another……

  14. Montezuma1

    You fukked up fool. It’s a wrap. You made your bed now lie down in it and do your time. Your brother can’t help you. Your brother didn’t put you there. You thought it was a game. Now the game’s over. Man the fukk up and shut the fukk up.

  15. W.E.B. Du Bois

    from what I understand – his 2 charges of shooting the kid in a brawl, and shooting in that club had nothing to do with loayalty to P

  16. ZUBU

    I don’t know the details of what is going on internally with P&C, but I do know the crooked ass cops and DA’s in The Boot framed C. They cleared the records for a few witnesses to get them to give false testimony against C; suppressed evidence that would have helped C.
    Poeple even P say that C didn’t do it but he knows who did and he didn’t tell. Everyone has their view on him not snitching, if you have been in the lanes like him you understand why he didn’t tell; if you have not been in them lanes then you probably don’t understand why he made the decision he did.
    I’m not here to judge anyone just stating the facts. If you’re essentially a “L 7 Square” then you’re gonna tell and nobody will fault you, but if you’re about them streets then you better not tell cause you will get killed next……….

    • Brindle

      street nikkas snitch all the time, most snitches are street nikkas… you’ll notice they mom’s moves a few months before that get out of jail then you never see them “keepen it reall a$$ nikkas” again…

      • ZUBU

        Maybe I should say “Real Street Brothas” don’t snitch. True the police get the weak so-called street cats to snitch, hence why they trying to move moms out the hood. Yet listen to what you’re saying bro, if you snitch you prolly won’t make it out of jail/prison unharmed. It is easier to touch you in jail than on the streets. Reason why they transfer dudes to other prisons, but the snitch jacket follows them. Before they get to the new prison folks already know they were snitching…….
        I got people in my family who have been to prison and people who work at prisons. Got an aunt who just retired from the state of Ohio prison system, and my aunt even understands that you don’t snitch or you’re gonna die/get hurt seriously…….
        Once again if you claim to be in the streets you don’t snitch, if you’re not a street dude then tell nobody will fault you. If you claim street and you tell you are a lame bnitch…….

      • Brindle

        I get what you’re saying, I did 2 months back and forth from LA county to Wayside for court dates and didn’t snitch but 2 months aint nothing plus I knew it wouldn’t stick so I had an advantage, my homie did 9 months without talking, I’m just saying no one knows who will snitch and at some point you gotta be about your kids… especially when you got them

      • ZUBU

        I understand what you are saying totally bro, I caught a case and didn’t snitch same thing just a couple of months. It’s just (and I’m sure you concur) if a person can’t handle the weight of the crime then don’t do it. About 10 years ago I had to back out on a lick with the homeboys, one of them understood the other thought I was scared I told him fukk you, you can do it but I’m not.
        I was not comfortable with the lick and I let them know I’m out. So brotha I think you and I are prolly on the same page, and as you said the kids being involved that’s why we don’t do certain things anymore… Peace.

      • ZUBU

        I agree Brotha EDOGZ…. I enjoy Choppin it with brothas where we can express our views, without the stuff some of these dudes resort to. I love it, thats what G’s do bro……

      • EDOGZ818

        Yeah, but you know how it go, not looking for a fight, but quick to jump on any chump that tries to spoil the night!

        Ya’ll both G’s & like you said, that’s what G’s do!

        >>Passes L & goes back to skybox seats

  17. Vinsanity

    C’s kids are probably little pricks who think that theyre are in entitled to P’s grind, i mean just by going off of C’s vibe the apple probably doesnt fall far from the tree. C killed a couple kids, he deserves to die in prison.

  18. Guns3000

    C murder turned his back on his kids when he decided he was going to be in the street doing dumb shit. It’s a typical entitlement mentality. I wreck my life and everyone else should have to clean things up. And if they don’t they’re disloyal? C murder you made good music but your actions put yourself in prison.

    • Dan_Tebasco

      There is still a chance that he really is innocent, if he’s not then I’m all for him doing the time but if he’s innocent it’s a messed up situation

      • Guns3000

        Him being innocent or not is besides the point. The lifestyle he was living contributed to him being in his current situation. Now he’s blaming his brother for being disloyal after his brother paid millions of dollars in legal fees already. He needs to look in the mirror.

      • victoriaknighten@ymail.com

        Nobody don’t really know what happened but, the ppl that was there and these systems mess up done it are not what goes on with him and his family in the end they are family and if he did what he did GOd will answer and not saying its right but what was a 16 year old doing at a club?

  19. R.O.B

    Shows how Louisiana’s justice system is different. Usually to convict someone of murder and giving them life in prison would require a unanimous decision by the jury. Louisiana’s laws are written specifically to make it easier for ordinary citizens to get caught up in the system.

  20. OG MACK

    That No Limit shit was real. He was hit niggas with new shit every week…. And them blinged out covers. Niggas ain’t never seen the Army and though they was soldiers

  21. dajudgementday .


  22. kwimby72

    He should have took the deal if he wasn’t going to say who did it…..the other incident with that random club shooting was just stupid and just seemed to help discredit him more on his murder case ( the club shooting was 2001 )( murder case 2002) but that just shows how his mind works which he pled no contest to attempted 2nd degree murder . Im sure whatever reason P stayed away was internal but business wise not associating with his brother publicly means a better chance of not being sued for liability….ppl cry keeping it real but you should try keeping it right (Posdonus)

  23. g5803

    People know a lot of shit for them not to be at the club that night all of them killers in new orleans yall dnt know who killed that guy so get off that man dick. The same motherfuckers talking shit probably be the same ones jamming when dwn for my n’s come on. Yall know that man got the best street music stop fronting

  24. Coldbloodedtruth

    Out of the 11 times I’ve been to jail, I can honestly say I only did something twice. Failure to appear in court, and much later a D.U.I. These 9 times I went to jail for crimes I did not commit, shows you how inaccurate our judicial system can be. We have prosecutors, and judges who are so eager to get a conviction, that they are continuously locking innocent people up. Choosing unfair jurors. I once went to jury duty, for a murder trial. In which I was the same age, and same race as the defendant, unlike anyone else in the court room. But, I was the first to be dismissed. So, I can completely understand where C-Murder may be coming from. If he didn’t do it, or get a fair trial I pray that he is free soon. He was always the best rapper out of the 3 bros in my opinion.

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