Lil Wayne Gets New Face Tattoo That Resembles "All Seeing Eye" (PHOTO)

(AllHipHop News) Lil Wayne may be in the middle of a public feud with his label Cash Money Records, but Weezy still took the time to get some new body ink. LWHQ reports Tunechi met with a California based tattoo artist named Spider, and the Young Money boss added an eye and “Mumma’s Boy” in Arabic to his face.

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The new eye tat on Wayne’s chin resembles the “Eye Of Providence” or “All Seeing Eye” that is found on the U.S. dollar bill. Conspiracy theorists contend the image represents the Illuminati’s New World Order, but the Eye of Providence has also been connected to the ancient Egyptian (or Kemetian) symbol known as the “Eye Of Horus” which embodies wisdom, protection, and good health.

Eye Of Providence - Eye Of Horus

The Eye Of Providence + The Eye Of Horus


Besides wanting to leave Cash Money, Wayne has gone through other major changes recently as well. Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest announced that the New Orleans native has joined the Universal Zulu Nation. The UZN was started by legendary DJ Afrika Bambaataa as a unity organization centered around Hip Hop culture.

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Check out a picture of Lil Wayne’s new tattoo below via LWHQ.


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27 Responses to “Lil Wayne Gets New Face Tattoo That Resembles "All Seeing Eye" (PHOTO)”

  1. WeakSauce

    No words for this anymore! Lost it after the the tatt in between his eyebrows lol I guess his attention was going away and need this to get it back

  2. Judah Nazayar

    Google… All seeing eye of Horus is the Anus.. and watch what comes up..
    oh yeah..its true. Osiris is the Penis, Horus is the anus.. and isis is the vaj.. and Set basically stands for the homo..and transgender/eunuch. These are things the *kemetic* and masonic community wont tell you. Oh..Google aliester crowley and egyptian gay sex rituals.. and he will even tell u the all seeing eye is the BUTT HOLE!

    • ghettogov

      I like your passion but you way off homie all seeing eye represents the pineal gland and Egypt and Israel heavily borrowed from each other’s cultures…so it doesn’t make sense to put one over the other…all the cultures got they spiritual paths that worked worked for them long before the Bible was thought of…stop spitting on people’s culture man that is not cool

    • ghettogov

      Do you honestly believe the Hebrew Israelites are the only ones who got spirituality right? Lmfao your intentions are good but you are hurting more than helping….

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