Papoose’s Baby Mama Claims He’s A Deadbeat Dad

Photo via Papoose’s Instagram

While Papoose and Remy Ma have been celebrating their marriage, and Papoose has been looking like a great father and husband, his baby mama (@Ahmillah_camillah) paints a different picture. She got into an argument with a woman on Instagram. In the back in forth, she claims Papoose doesn’t take care of her kids by him. She goes on to say she doesn’t even know the last time he has even seen his kids. She says,

“He don’t do sh*t for my kids & I don’t know whens the last time he even seen his f*cking kids. Let him play step daddy mines great.”

Another source claims that Papoose hasn’t ever been a loyal guy as he allegedly cut off all of his old friends in Brooklyn and left his baby mama and four children to be with Remy. The source also claims that Papoose was still messing with the mother of his children while Remy was locked up. Hmmmmmm. What are your thoughts?

  • hoeyuno

    ^^^^ Remys tata’s though!!??

    • disqus_lcLBazVyTd

      only reason i clicked

  • TMillz74

    Sounds like none of my damn business

    • DR.WHO?


  • Dark Matters

    You f*cking rap blogs are disgusting – trying to break up a man’s marriage with your BS. If your relationships aren’t going well, there’s no need to project that BS onto other people’s relationships.

    • Phillip Fuller

      If he Take care of his kids this wouldn’t happen

      • Dark Matters

        So, you know he doesn’t take care of his kids?

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  • Sean Power

    i don’t think his dead beat. i just thing doesn’t have it. why you think his doing love on hiphop

    • J Burn

      He picked her up from prison in a Lambo.. Ijs

      • Sean Power


      • J Burn

        you might be right homie.

      • Knickfan4life

        I doubt he ran thru his money

    • Phillip Fuller

      I don’t have it but am still there for my kids

  • Flea

    you see those tig ole bitties. Poose knows whats good

  • DR.WHO?

    I love how social media/WEBSITES says “thoughts” GTFOH it’s none of our business or the truth/rumors imagine if u are around people in real life………..fuck it I give up.THOUGHTS??? I give up


    I wouldn’t doubt his original BM was the stereotypical hoodrat b!tch. Threatening him in all sorts of ways, making him jump through hoops to see his kid, fvcking other dudes disrespecting Pap. Probably couldn’t even go to court for visitation because she threatened to put his street business out in front of the judge. He had no choice but to say eff it and move on from the whole situation.

    Sad and unfortunate but something that happens all too often.

    • Myleage

      craziest thing is, even if all the above is true, she’ll still blame HIM for not seeing his kids.

  • Truth Hurts

    Any man that doesnt take care of his seed isnt a man at all! Any female that supports this foolery is a basic bi**h IMO.