ASAP Nast & Ian Connor Believe Travis Scott Jacked Their Style

ASAP Nast & Ian Connor are accusing Travis Scott of jacking their style. They said they have been killing the game for a while. They said they don’t want beef and they “f*ck” with his music, but they said his style is not original. Everyone was the “first” to do something huh? Nast said,

“Travis, we don’t want no beef with you bro. All we’re saying is please stop stealing our swag bro. Find your own bro. That’s all we want. I actually fuck with your music. Your music is fire. I ain’t no hater. I don’t want n—as to think I’m salty. I ain’t salty. I fuck with his music. But his style! That doesn’t belong to him. It’s mine.”

“No, I’m not the first n—a rocking Stone Island, the first n—a to throw Nike, I ain’t the first nothing. But I am the first East Coast rap n—a to ever be wearing Stone Island fo sho that anybody knows and gives a fuck about. That’s for the record.”

“Yo, just for the record, only n—as that was rocking Stone Island before me was London n—as and Paris n—as, And them my n—as, I salute.”

Ian also called Travis Scott out for blocking him on Twitter! ASAP Nast wants Scott to stop riding his wave!

Check out the rant below! What are your thoughts?

  • Dox

    The same Ian Connor stole hella money out some chick purse on twitter? The same male groupie who follows rappers around all day and doesn’t really DO anything of his own? That black gremlin is not relevant in any way.

  • trilltalk1

    but dam ASAP MOB yall stole the whole Houston Style. shit Travis Scott from Houston maybe he was getting back all the Sauce yall stole from here.

  • Anthony Mason

    Travis writes for Kanye and Rhianna. Who is this nigga? A$aP mob is a bunch of followers and the only rich nigga in the clique is Rocky with his b**** a**. That nigga is a shady MF….


      A$ap Rocky is Cool why the animosity? At least he’s a Real Hip-Hop artist you gotta appreciate that. Its rappers out Right now who cant even spit a decent 30 second freestyle.

      • Anthony Mason

        Ok. I just don’t like how he did Rita Ora and the stuff to get publicity… I don’t like disrespect towards females when these niggas are dogging hoes left and right acting like they are rap Gods….

        That crew needs to clean up their act and become respectable men….

        These niggas are mostly weak. If you are on and have a platform and don’t have the mind capacity to spit a 30 second freestyle you need to practice….


        ASAP can Freestyle for 4-5 Minutes no problem. You dont know what kinda slimy Shit Rita Ora did to him to make him do that, and hoes puttin niggas on blast left and right these days why not put one on blast? Rita Ora got her Titties and Twat hanging out every photo u see her In so her Thotness was gon come out after while anyway. I feel like people Hate on ASAP because he has an Attitude but thats what got him this far.

      • Anthony Mason

        You are right . I shouldn’t have given that hoe sympathy because she might be a total b****….

  • KashIsKlay

    Drop a record not a rant.

  • Obi Won

    WTH do these corny dudes be talking about?!?!

  • Golgo 13

    he looks exactly like smokey the crackhead from the pjs





  • that dude

    Embarrassing……I think he swiggin’ that Molly juice outta that Tropicana, smh…


    Niggas arguing over clothes now?

  • JerZeBoy

    how do the say they aint mad as they diss repeatedly?

  • Markus

    This is ignorance at its finest. Whoever the manufacturer of those clothes didn’t make them for one group of people. Anybody can wear whatever they feel. It’s crazy to think someone would have to be told that. You may want to do research on whoever makes these special garments. You never know if they may feel the way Timberlands and Tommy Hilfiger felt about black people purchasing their products. Just saying.

  • Papi Peligro

    Fighting over expensive knock off Northface and Spiewak. Ninjas think they did something cause its British. No fool they copied off us.

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